Penny's P.O.V

I had just come home from another boring drama filled school day and I was ready to take a long cold shower and go to bed; I walked in through the door and Rhino was on the coach watching T.V. as usual so I walked down the hall way and into my bedroom. I entered my room and took off my jacket, flinging it to the floor, then I took off my grass stained pants and they soon met up with my jacket. My skin instantly felt vulnerable and I liked it; no one was around to see me in my underwear and tank-top and even if there was the only people living in the house was me and my Mom, so there was no one to see me and care. As I walked back out through the door, I expected to see Bolt or Mittens on my bed, but my bed was empty; it was as neat as I had left it, which meant that no one had laid down on it. Something was up.

I hurriedly ran towards the kitchen and as I neared the kitchen I started to hear moaning, panting, and the floor squeaking, something was definitely up. I crouched down on my tiptoes and snuck behind the kitchen counter to get a better view of what ever was going on; I peered to the left of the counter and my brain was instantly bombarded with images of throbbing cocks, juices, orgasms, moaning woman and blow-jobs, I was watching Bolt and my pet cat Mittens having crazy sex right in front of me.

Bolt was ramming her hard with his cock and her pussy was already overflowing from him ejaculating in her. Mittens was in heaven, her eyes were closed and her head was drooping from the sheer intensity and pleasure that Bolt was giving her. After Mittens climaxed, her juices coating Bolt's inner thighs, they both collapsed onto the ground in a heap of cum and pleasure. They both laid on the ground panting and soon after they fainted.

I hid behind the counter, my face felt hot from the excited blood pumping into my face. I tried to close my eyes and forget what I had seen, but instead of forgetting the event that occurred, I viewed them again except with more detail. I saw a zoom in of Bolt's cock and how large it was, I saw the river of cum that was dripping from Mitten's pussy and I saw the pleasure-filled face of Mittens as she was being fucked by Bolt. I twas too much. I tried to get up to go to the bathroom, but as I did I felt something very wet and cold touch my pussy, it was precum, I had actually become excited from watching my dog fuck my cat. What am I doing! This is Bolt, the dog I love, my most loyal friend and family member. Am I going crazy! To get happy from thinking of Bolt's large, big, hard cock......entering my pussy....STOP! Stop! Stop! I need to calm down and get this over with...... I slowly tiptoed back to were Rhino was watching T.V. and sprinted passed him, covering my panties until I was safely behind the bathroom door. This is have to finger myself in order to get over fantasies of being with my dog. "Damn it..." I slowly turned on the light and the AC and finally I locked the door. "Okay so this is nothing different, just like you did with every other guy you got horny over." I verbally coached myself on what I was going to do. I sat on the toilet-seat and lowered my panties to the floor and undressed, leaving my clothes in a heap on the floor. I scooted back as far as the seat would allow and slowly reached between my legs, my fingers shaking with anticipation. I slowly traced the outside of my opening with two of my finger tips, sending a chilling sensation down my spine and a squirt of precum out of me. I bit my lower lip and slowly pushed my finger into my pussy, as I reached my dick I gasped with pleasure. I closed my eyes, leaned against the toilet seat, and spread my legs out before pumping my fingers inside my pussy at a slow speed. "Bolt, good boy, go fast Bolt, zoom zoom." I started pumping faster, I could feel my walls tightening and more of my juices leaking out of me. "Faster Bolt, faster!" I yelled as I quickened my pumping. I pictured Bolt's hard dripping cock thrusting in and out, in and out, I bit my lip together and felt a trickle of liquid, I was bleeding.

Rhino stared at the T.V. Trying to focus on the screen, there was a race going on and one of the cars had Bolt's old Thunderbolt symbol on it, that of course instantly caught the hamster's attention. However seeing Penny run past him, covering herself in an unusual manner and the fact that she had left a new scent in the air had peeked the hamster's curiosity to no end. Something is not right, should I tell Bolt or check for myself? I got it! If I find out what's wrong then I can tell Bolt! He will be so proud! 'Good job Rhino, I knew I could count on my number one fan to find out what was wrong, you really are my best friend.' Rhino bounced around at the mere thought of Bolt saying these very words to him. The energetic hamster happily scurried after Penny and soon came to the bathroom door.

"Oh this is my chance! Finally I will hear, with very own two ears, praise to Me from Bolt, The Super Dog!" Rhino quickly scurried under the door and into the illuminated bathroom; as he looked around he saw Penny on the toilet seat and he watched her finger herself, moaning Bolt's name,

"Bolt faster Bolt faster! Just like you did to Mittens I want to feel the pleasure of having you in me, please Bolt I can't hold on much longer, I-I'm going to CUM!"

Just then Penny's juices gushed out of her as she arched her back from the pleasure. and onto they leaked on to the toilet seat as well as the floor. Penny sat on the toilet, panting, her fingers still inside her pussy, covering themselves with her juices.

"I have to go tell Bolt!" Rhino hurriedly ran under the bathroom door and started his search for Bolt.

Penny lifted her head from and looked at the consequences of her self pleasuring. Not only was the toilet covered in her juices but also the toilet lid and a small bit of the mat surrounding the toilet. Great, now I have to clean that up as well. Penny looked at her dripping pussy, and slowly pulled out her fingers out of her entrance. I wonder if I taste the same as Bolt... Penny hesitantly pulled her dripping fingers towards her face, but instead of putting them in her mouth, Penny smeared her cum onto her B sized breasts.

"Bolt come her boy, you want to taste?" Penny asked herself, as she imagined Bolt licking her breasts. "Good boy, good boy." Penny slowly cupped her breasts in her hands and started massaging them slowly, then she went a little harder until it looked like they would fuse in to her chest; by this time she was arching her back in pleasure as wave after wave hit her. Finally as she teased her hard nipples, her legs quivered, as she orgasmed for the third time. Exhausted and drained, Penny leaned against the toilet seat and waited until her blood pressure returned to normal.