Sapphire Midnight: "Hi every one! I'm used to writing my stories on paper first but I realized that this saved paper AND time! Cool huh? I'm going to write this story (type it) because I have been DREAMING about it and I did not get a WINK of sleep last night! I really like the title so far though. It kinda catches your attention. Don't you agree? The Melting Of A Stone Heart… I wonder who's heart that will be. Ha ha ha… NOT!!!!! We ALL should know that!"

Syaoran: "Humph."

Sapphire Midnight: "What are you so mad about?"

Syaoran: "You didn't even finish the other story yet… I don't know what is going to happen… and… let me see… your already told people about ANOTHER story you've written! And those are just the first three things on my list!"

Sapphire Midnight: Getting angry. "It's not MY fault I have too many ideas and too little time! And don't you DARE raise your voice at ME Little Wolf!"

Syaoran: "Awww, do you HAVE to call me that? I mean…"

Sapphire Midnight: "Yes I have to call you that. It's my right. So there."

Syaoran: "Then I could call you an Inu, a minikui buta, a…"


Syaoran: "Okay! Okay I get the point! Is this one of those things were I'm supposed to stop while I'm ahead?"

Sapphire Midnight: "No baka, it's one of those times where you are supposed to shut up while your behind. WWWAAAYYY behind."

Syaoran: "Gomen ne, Sapphire Midnight, Gomen ne."

Sapphire Midnight: "If it's alright with YOU, Syaoran… I would like to begin my story."

Syaoran: "You better make it good then. You just using up the time you could have used to type your other stories you know."

Sapphire Midnight: "I know, I know." `-_- "But, hey!" ^_^ "Look at the bright side… this will be sssooooooo much fun!!!"

Syaoran: "Ya, ya, just get on with it."

Sapphire Midnight: "Sounds good to me!"

The Melting Of A Stone Heart


I wandered around in the garden for some time now. The sun was shining brightly above my head, a perfectly hot summer day. It was so peaceful here… so calm. You wouldn't believe that it was possible that our kingdom's people were starting to rebel. Well… one person anyway. He was the one who started this whole thing! Tokurashi. That was his name.

For some reason or another, he gathered many other people to rebel against the Kinomoto Kingdom. [AN: Sakura's mom is still alive at this time. Just for this story anyway. Yes… she is a Princess.] He wants my father dead, although I don't really know why. There is no rhyme or reason for that… unless of course he wants to steal the throne, but that's impossible! The people adore my father! Why would they try to hurt him? Why would they choose to follow an evil, twisted man like Tokurashi?

"Sakura! Please come in dear, it's time for our midmorning meal."

I turned around at the sound of my mother's voice. I see her standing in the doorway of the palace, a little smile playing about her lips. I also noticed the concern in her eyes though. There was something that she knew, and none of us did. What was it? Why did she always look so sad all of a sudden. Every day she puts on a fake smile just for us. How come Touya and I are the only ones that can see it?

I walked inside and smiled at my mother. I didn't want her to know that I knew something was wrong. It was hard to do that since I was usually so cheerful and then something like this happens, but some way or another, I end up being my normal self with no worry in the world.

I walked serenely into the dining room and saw my dad and brother already seated at the table. Mom sat down, elegantly as always, and I just plopped right down. I blushed at my rudeness, but didn't really care.

"Hey there squirt," Touya said as dishes were being placed in front of us.

I stuck my tongue out at him.

"That wasn't very Princess-like," he commented.

"Be quiet," I said, picking up my fork and placing the linen napkin on my lap to prove to Touya that I could act like a Princess if I really wanted to.

"Speaking about Princesses," father said, turning to Touya, "Princess Nakuru requests your company at an upcoming Ball Touya."

"I'm not going," Touya said flatly.

"That reminds me," now it was mothers turn to speak. "Sakura…" I looked up questioningly at my mother. "There is a… well… not exactly a Ball, but you get to go there and stay there for the summer or even longer… It's at the Li Kingdom. You can learn about court affairs, train on your manners… but it definitely is not finishing school… and learn about the history of other Kingdoms. It sounds kind of interesting."

"I'm not going," I said, mimicking Touya on his flat voice. I went back to picking at my food.

"Now, Sakura. It really does sound like fun. You would be able to get out of the castle for a while. It is a perfect opportunity to see new things," My dad said, agreeing with mother.

I stared at him in disbelief. Not only did Touya get his way and I didn't, but now they were trying to get rid of me for the summer. What next?

"Your father is right dear. Besides, it sounds more like a place to make friends with the other Kingdoms. You will enjoy it."

"And," father said once again, "Tomoyo is going to be there."

"Tomoyo?" I asked. I hadn't seen her for ages! I missed her so much! She wasn't only family, she was my best friend ever! I DID want to see her again. And I wouldn't have to worry so much by being here, and my family knew that they wouldn't have to worry about me either. If Tomoyo was going, then it couldn't be TOO boring. "Alright," I groaned in defeat.

"Great," dad said, smiling.

Mother looked at me from across the table. She too seemed happy… and also… releived? Relieved of what?

"You leave in the morning," father said, breaking my train of thought. It took a while for those words to settle in. When the did, my eyes widened three times there normal size.

"W- what?" I yelped. "Tomorrow morning? I still have to pack! Excuse me!" I said, getting up from the table. The chair fell backwards but I didn't have time to pick it up. I ran out of the room and up the stairs before anyone could say a word.


I ambled to my mother's study, thoroughly depressed. I knew that she did something and I knew it would be something that I wouldn't like. Why did mothers have to be like that? They SAY it's for the best, but is it? I don't think so.

I entered the study to see that it was occupied with not only my mother, but my sisters also. I narrowed my eyes at them as I slowly sat down in a chair. "What is it?"

My sisters giggled and my mom just shushed them with a wave of her hand and then smiled herself. "We will be having guests here very soon Syaoran, and you are to be very polite to those guests."

"Guests?" I asked. "What kind of guests? How soon?"

At this my sisters burst out into uncontrollable laughter. I glared at them and them at my mother who was ignoring them. "Young men and young ladies, Syaoran. They will be staying with us for the summer and possibly even longer. You are to behave and mind your manners. Think twice before you talk and think thrice before you act. I know you my son, you are not the type to take this lightly. I also know that you wouldn't mind a fight here and there to show them who's boss."

"What! There are all coming here?!? How come? Who's WONDERFUL idea was that? I don't WANT company! It's bad enough that I have Meiling following me around where ever I go! Now I have to put up with a bunch of people that I don't even KNOW?!? What is the world coming to?!?" Well, she's right that I don't take these things lightly, THAT"S for sure!

"Syaoran, they are coming here whether you like it or not," Fuutie said, breaking the silence that filled the room.

"Ya, besides, how else are we supposed to find someone perfect for our ba- by bro-ther," Fanren said, pouting while pinching a glowering Syaoran's cheek.

My eyes nearly popped out of there sockets when I heard this. "W- W-WH- WHAT?!?" I yelled.

"Fanren, you weren't supposed to TELL him," Femei said, nudging her sister in the ribs.


"Girls, enough," mother said, giving each one of them the famous Li Kingdom death glare in turn. "Syaoran, they are all Princes and Princesses that are coming to learn and meet the other future rulers and heirs to the throne. You will respect them and be curteous to them and do as I tell you."

"BUT MOM…" I started to argue.

"You are dismissed Syaoran."



I glared at them and rose to my feet. I don't think I've ever been this mad since my sisters hid my sword from me and made me play dress up with them to get it back. [AN: Ohh! Blackmail!!!! I evil! And it's soooooo fun too! ^- ^] I stomped up to my room, determined to never forgive any of them for as long as I lived. This was NOT going to be fun!

Don't you love it!!!!! I know, I know, you probably think you know what's gunna happen… BUT I BET YOU DON"T!!! HE HE HE! I am so incredibly evil! And I think it's fun too! Isn't this great?!? I sure think so! Well, did ya like it? Did ya, did ya, did ya?!? I sure hope so! This is so KAWII!!!!! And they didn't even meet yet! How incredibly sad!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gunna cryyyyyyyy! Not really though! I think I'm WWAAAYYYY too tired. I didn't get ANY sleep last night because I was dreaming about THIS!!!! I have to baby-sit in a bit too now. I AM GUNNA CRY! NO MORE WRITING FOR TWO WHOLE HOURS! Oh, well. Please don't be too mad that I wrote this okay? R&R!