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She was either going to die or she was going to lose everything. I felt my heart drop into my stomach like an anvil.

"You have to do something I can't watch her die Derek I just can't. I know we broke up but she cannot die on me." I looked at him in pain. I left then, I went to see her. I watched her through the window. She was still sleeping and she was smiling in her sleep. She was Lexie but she wasn't my Lexie anymore. Yet that beautiful girl on the other side of the window was Lexie all the same.

I couldn't be in there when he told her. I would be there after but I couldn't have him say the options I knew them very well but I couldn't hear them said by the biggest Nero surgeon in the country I just couldn't. Once he came out he motioned for me to enter. Lexie had her head in her hands.

" I don't want to lose myself."

" I know."

" I don't want to lose you either."

" I know."

" you have to tell me what to do. You are the one that has to live with it. Either me who has no identity. Or me dead. You have to choose."

" I can't do that Lexie."

"I know but things just happen."

"Lexie please don't talk like this, its morbid you are not going to lose who you are."

"Then I am going to die?" this time it wasn't a statement but a question.

"I will do everything to make sure that doesn't happen."

A tear made its way down her porcelain young face. Her skin was smooth but wet with tears to the touch. I wouldn't be able to watch her die. She was so young, so fragile. Lexie Grey couldn't die on me. I can picture Derek telling Meredith and her falling into his arms like dead weight. As she cried over the last blood relative that she had left, even her absent dad was dead. This couldn't happen to Bailey's Five, or I guess its four now that George is dead. I don't think Lex ever got over that. I turned away from her not wanting to see the pained expression on her face.

"Look at me Mark Sloane." Her voice broke signaling to me that the tears were far from over. He had to be there for her, other than Meredith she was alone and no one should ever be alone.

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