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Grace Van Pelt watched as the elevator doors closed, trapping her in the elevator with Lisbon. Lisbon was standing awkwardly beside her watching her sob, but she didn't care. She wanted to go back to last week when they didn't know that Hightower knew and they were together without having to make heartbreaking choices.

Teresa Lisbon had no idea what to do except kill Jane later. She vaguely remembered Jane slightly calming her down by rubbing her arm. She tentatively reached over and said, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine!" Van Pelt sob yelled as she pulled away.

Lisbon stepped back stunned.

"I'm sorry." Van Pelt whispered, exactly the way she had done to Rigsby less than 5 minutes ago.

"It's okay." Lisbon said meaning everything was okay, but she knew it wasn't. Her youngest agent had lost the sparkle that had been in her eyes that had been so visible just such a short while ago.

Van Pelt looked at Lisbon and she could tell things were far from okay. Van Pelt's face and eyes were red and puffy.

The two women rode the elevator in silence as Van Pelt replayed the breakup in her head.

She knew all about resentment and hatred. She already had it from her family but she couldn't bear to have it from Wayne too. But she felt it for herself now.

She couldn't bear all of the responsibility. She was already responsible for her sister's death and she knew that Wayne would've found out and hated her just like her parents and brothers did.

Luckily the elevator doors opened before she could think about her sister. She couldn't move. She was sobbing and her knees felt like they had turned to jelly. She just wanted to lie down and cry.

"Come on." Lisbon said gently grabbing Van Pelt's arm and pulling her towards the parking lot.


Patrick Jane was currently hiding just outside the door of the bullpen watching Rigsby.

He was just sitting there. Jane had a feeling that Grace was the one who had ended it. He knew that this was the final straw. He was going to find a way to fix this. As he was in Lisbon's office he called Cho. He figured Cho could get Rigsby to leave.

As he was grabbing the CBI rule book off of Lisbon's bookshelf his cell phone rang.

"Hello?" He answered cheerfully.

"Don't hello me!" Lisbon sharply whispered into the phone. He could hear Grace sobbing in the background. "Get your ass down here and do something."

"Okay woman, calm down." He said as he walked out of Lisbon's office and closed the door behind him.

Several seconds later he was in the parking lot. He saw Lisbon standing helplessly by Grace's car and Grace was sobbing in the front seat.

"What am I supposed to do?" Lisbon asked frantically.

"I'll handle it." Jane said.

"This from the man who ran from the elevator?" Lisbon retorted.

"If you'd rather handle her…." Jane said.

"NO!!!" Lisbon yelled. "Just do something. Hightower is frustrated enough with me and that's before I have two suicidal agents on my hands."

"It'll be okay." Jane said flashing Lisbon his million dollar grin and putting his hand on her shoulder.

She nodded uncertainly. As he walked towards Grace's car he chuckled at how Lisbon still looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

He opened the door and slid into the front seat of Grace's familiar Jeep. She had insisted on keeping it instead of the CBI just get her a new car.

Her sobbing hadn't calmed down at all. She silently handed him the keys.

As he started the car he said with a chuckle, "I'll try to drive better than I did last time."

It had no result. He glanced at Grace before he started to turn out of the lot. He had seen spouses and parents of murder victims less heartbroken. And her eyes, the eyes broke his heart all over again. Though they were filled with tears and were as red as could be, they were empty, lifeless.

He pulled out of the parking lot, he saw Cho pull in. They both knew where he was going. This caused Grace to sob even harder.

They drove in silence to Grace's apartment. Just before Jane turned the car off Grace sobbed loudly, "No! Please don't make me go in there. I can't, I just can't…" She trailed off again.

"Okay, you wanna spend the night in my guest room?" Jane asked her.

Grace nodded.

About ten minutes later, they entered Jane's driveway.

He got out and led Van Pelt to the door. Her sobs were gone but now she was just shaking and she looked like a lost child. As he walked to the door, he was glad he had recently put a couch in the living room and furniture in the guest room after Lisbon had nagged him about it.

He sat her down on the couch and asked if she would like some tea. She nodded quietly. There were tear tracks covering her face and she looked like a mess.

"I'll be right back." He said before walking back.

"Jane." Van Pelt said softly.

"Yes, Grace?"

"I made a huge mistake didn't I?" She asked him.

"Grace," he said coming to sit beside her, "I can't tell you that. Only you know."

He started to get up before she spoke again, "I told him that… that… it was because he would hate me, he said no, he wouldn't, but I know he would. I mean we haven't even been together for a year. I don't want that kind of responsibility. When he asked me if I was sure, I told him I know who I am." She said, her eyes filling with tears ago.

"Do you know who you are?" Jane asked.

"I don't know." She said, silent tears falling down her face.

"You will." He said before standing up. "So, how about that tea?" He said smiling and walking towards the kitchen.

"Jane." Van Pelt said again.

"Yes, Grace?"

"Thank you."

"No problem." He said before walking into the kitchen.

When he walked back out of the kitchen, Grace was asleep on his couch. He put the tea on the empty coffee table. She looked sad and alone. Jane could relate.

He walked up to his guest room and brought down a few old knit quits and gently placed them on Grace.

He stroked her cheek and whispered, "You'll get your happy ending Grace, I promise." He said before making his way upstairs with the CBI rulebook in hand.

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