Five years later!

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"Wayne?" Grace called as she opened the door to the house and went to put the bags of groceries on the counter.

"In the bathroom!" he called back.

She walked into the master bathroom and started to speak, "I couldn't find those yogurts you like, so I… What are you two doing?" She asked as she saw her husband and three year old daughter sitting in a bubble bath in their swimsuits.

"Daddy's giving me a bubble bath!" Her daughter, Kayleigh, said excitedly as she put a stack of bubbles on her father's head.

"Wayne, you understand the concept of a bubble bath right? You sit OUTSIDE the tub and she sits in the bubble bath, no swimsuits involved." She said laughing as she leaned against the bathroom counter.

"Relax, Grace. We're almost done. Right, Kay?" He asked tickling his daughter.

"Right Daddy!" She said nodding her head.

"Okay," She said laughing and walking to the bathroom across the hall and then went to her daughter's room to get her pajamas.

"Mommy! I'm done!" Kayleigh yelled standing up in the bathtub.

"Okay, come on out, but be careful, you two spilled water everywhere." She said putting the pajamas on the counter and opening the towel.

"Mommy?" Kayleigh asked as Grace slid off her swimsuit and dried her off before starting to put her in her pajamas.

"Yes, Kay? She asked grabbing the hairbrush to brush out her daughter's red curls.

"Daddy said that the baby in your tummy is a boy. Can we send him back and get a girl instead?" She said poking her mother's six month pregnant belly.

"Kayleigh Reagan Rigsby!" She exclaimed laughing and glancing at her husband who was still sitting in the bathtub. "You cannot send your little brother back." She said pretending to be serious.

"Oh, okay." She said looking at her mother's tummy.

"Come on. Let's get you to bed." She said picking up her daughter and bringing her over the side of the tub. "Kiss Daddy good night."

"Night Daddy!" She exclaimed after giving him a messy kiss on the cheek.

"Night, sweetheart." He said smiling at her.

After Grace walked out he sat in the bathtub thinking. The nightmares that Grace used to have about her kidnapping had recently stopped entirely. She had stopped refusing to leave the bedroom at night alone. She stopped checking all the locks including on the windows before going to bed. Except for the scar that was left on her neck, they had finally started to forget. He still had that note. He kept it in his desk at work and when she had a day off or she got dragged into a Cyber Crimes, where she technically worked, but was a permanent consultant for the team, meeting he would take it out and read it.

"You're still in the bathtub?" She asked laughing and walking into the room. He noticed that she had changed onto her pajamas.

"Yes, it is very relaxing." He said laughing as she sat on the edge of the bathtub.

"Okay." She said laughing.

"Wanna come in?" He asked.

"Wayne, I am six months pregnant. You don't get dirty bubble bath sex when I am pregnant."

"Grace, I didn't ask that." He said laughing as he sat up and put his arms around her waist and started to pull her in.

"Wayne! You're getting me wet!" She said squirming.

"And now you're soaked." He said as he pulled her all the way in.

"Wayne!" She said laughing and then stopping as their son started to furiously kick her. "The baby doesn't like water." She said putting her head on his shoulder.

"No, the baby is trying to swim." He said as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Oh, okay. That makes perfect sense." She said laughing and kissing him.

"I love you." He said smiling and kissing her cheek.

"I love you too." She said softly before placing her head on his shoulder and dragging her fingers along his chest.

"Grace?" He asked a few seconds later and noticed she had fallen asleep.

"Goodnight, sweetheart. I love you so, so much."