"We finally made it!" Atem sighed as he and Tea stood on the train tracks.

"I am glad, now we need to find the nearest town." Tea exclaimed. Atem agreed.

"I don't think so!" A man barked. The couple turned to see a muscular figure, blonde low cut hair, and stood six feet tall, wearing a black biker outfit. "Your soul is mine, Pharaoh!"

"Pharaoh!" Atem whispered. "Who are you?"

'No one has called Atem that in over five years, who is this person?' Tea thought.

"My name is Rafael, and I am here to terminate you and your wife." He informed them. Atem stood in front of Tea.

Atem responded. "I will kill you before you lay a hand on my Tea!"

"We will see," Rafeal laughed as he took out his duel disk. "It's time to duel."

"A duel?" Atem grinned. "You made a big mistake!" He activated his duel disk. Lucky for Atem he had his duel disk and deck on him.

"Prepare to lose, pharaoh!" Rafeal played the Seal of Orichalcos.

"Guys, I see a town!" Joey pointed to a small town a few kilometers away.

"Finally!" Tristan smiled.

They have been walking for over two hours now. So everyone was pretty much wiped out.

"Now we can call Kaiba to fly a Helicopter for us." Yugi said.

"What makes you think that rich boy will help us?" Joey growled at the sound of his name. Yugi stopped walking. Joey and Tristan did the same.

"Joey, I know Kaiba. He would do almost anything to defeat Atem in a duel that includes sending a jet or something to come get us." Yugi told him.

"If you say so." Joey sighed. As much as he hated Kaiba but at this point he was the best option.

"Now let's go call the dirt bag!" Tristan locked his hand firmly onto his luggage.

"I don't think so, mates." A voice came from behind them. Looking around they saw Valon and Alister.

"Yugi, Joey, you know these biker punks?" Tristan asked.

"Never seen them before." Joey replied.

"Neither have I." Yugi answered. "So, who are you guys, and what do you want?"

"Who we are is none of your business. And as for what we want are your souls." Valon said.

"This is starting to sound like Duellist Kingdom all over." Joey whimpered.

"No one is going to take my soul!" Tristan dropped his luggage and charged after the two henchmen.

"No Tristan violents is not the answer!" Yugi tried to stop him.

Valon active his duel disk and played the Seal of Orichalcos. Before Tristan could plant a punch the seal pushed him away a few metres.

"Tristan!" Yugi and Joey yelled as the seal encircled them.

"Sorry, moron but this affair is for duellist only." Alister activated his duel disk as well.

"Tristan, are you alright?" Yugi became considered.

"I'm fine. Just kick their butts!" Tristan groaned as he tried to get up.

Joey ran to his friend but was stopped by a transparent barrier. "What is this thing?" Joey growled.

"It's a barrier, you idiot!" Valon informed him. "You look like the dumb one."

"Enough chatting, it's time to duel and get your soul for Master Dratz." Alister grinned.

"Oh, my Ra!" Rafeal muttered as the Egyptian god card stood in front of him.

"Now what were you saying about killing us?" Atem asked.


"Prepare to lose! Now Ra attack him." Atem ordered. The Winged Dragon of Ra attacked, knocking Rafeal's life points down to zero.

The Orichalcos then encircled Rafeal.

"I am sorry Master, I have lost." He whispered.

Atem walked to Rafeal, "Who sent you here, and what was that circle?" He grabbed his leather jacket.

Rafeal opened his mouth but no words came out. His iris turned grey.

"Answer me!" Atem yelled.

"Atem, I think he is gone." Tea walked over to him.

Atem released him after checking for a pulse.

"He's died." Atem hugged Tea's waist.

"I wish it didn't have to end this way." Tea said. "And we didn't get anything out him."

"I know," Atem replied.

"We did it!" Joey grinned as Alister and Valon's life points dropped to zero.

"Now tell us, who sent you?" Yugi asked as the seal circled them.

"It…it was…" Valon started before his soul was taken away. Collapsing to the ground Joey ran to him and grabbed his collar.

"Who was it? Who is this master you spoke of and what was that damn circle you played?" Joey demeaned.

"Joey…" Yugi walked over to him.

"Yo, Joe, I think their gone." Tristan walked over to Alister and checked his pulse.

Joey threw Valon to the ground and gave chuckled softly. "This is just like old times. Now what are we going to do with them? I wouldn't feel right if we left them here."

"Those fools lost." Dratz growled. "Oh well, at least I have three more souls." He looked over at three stone cravings of his former henchmen. "Now all I need is the soul of the pharaoh."

Dratz eyes began to glow bright blue, and started to levitate. "Pharaoh, here I come."

"Kaiba is on his way." Yugi said as he hung up the phone. "But not for another hour."

"That's good, now can we get something to eat?" Joey rubbed his belly.

"Joey! Atem and Tea are still out there. We need to find them and not feed your bottomless stomach." Yugi sighed.

"Atem, I see a village over there." Tea pointed out.

"Great! If we hurry up we can reach within a half an hour." Atem groaned as he fixed Rafeal properly on his back. He and Tea couldn't leave the poor guy there.

"Wow. That's so pretty." Tea looked up to see an aurora borealis. "But it's strange, what are the northern lights doing here?"

"Something evil is coming." Atem placed Rafeal on the ground. After that he held Tea tightly.

The ground started to shake then cracked opened. Dratz came out, laughing manically.

"Who are you?" Atem growled.

"I am your executioner!"

"I'm going to guess he's the Master, Rafeal was talking about." Tea became freaked out.

"What do you want?" Atem asked, even though the answer was quite clear.

"Your soul," Dratz said, calmly. Placing his feet onto the ground he activated his duel disk. "If it where up to me I would have just taken your soul right now but I have to win it in a duel. So pharaoh active your duel disk and let the games begin."

"First tell me, why are you here?" Atem activated his disk. "And what are you? You seem not of this time."

"I am here to capture souls for the great beast, and despite how many souls I have collected I still need yours for it to awake." Dratz smirked.

"You haven't answered the rest of my question."

"Oh yes, I am also the former king of Atlantics! For over ten millennia I have roamed the earth, carry out the great beast demands and if you hadn't locked away your soul those three millennia ago the great Leviathan would have ruled the entire galaxy!" Dratz informed them.

"But why me? Why come after me?"

"Isn't it clear? You have the most powerful soul on the planet and that's just what the great Leviathan needs in order to awaken from its ever lasting slumber." Dratz drew his cards. "Now enough talking, I have a monster to wake up and a soul to collect."

"It's now over! Congratulations Atem." Tea said in delight as she hugged him.

The Seal started to close in around Dratz but he broke it. "What the-?" Tea became puzzled. "Didn't that circle thing take away the other guy's soul so, why not his?"

"If you didn't know I created it so I alone can beat it!" Dratz hissed. "I had under estimated your duelling skills and I will awaken the beast even without the pharaoh's soul."

The earth started quake and created a huge crack. "Prepare to lose everything you love." Dratz said hoarsely. Walking backwards he fell into the crack.

"Atem, I think we should be running now." Tea became very scared.

"No, I will stay and fight. Tea, honey, I want to protect you, our children and everyone we love from this monster. Understand?"

Tea nodded. "I understand and will be with you every step of the way."

Moments later a black serpent emerged from the opening, ten feet in height.

"Oh my Ra!" Atem uttered.

"Oh my goodness." Tea said at the same time.

Atem took out his deck and searched for the three god cards. Finding them he placed all three onto the duel disk. "Attack my creatures." He requested. The Egyptian god cards attacked the same time but were unsuccessful. Leviathan then counter-attacks.

'That didn't work,' Atem silently said. "Now Obelisk use Fist of Fury, Slifer, Thunder Attack and Ra, Blaze Cannon."

Their three attacks combine into a mighty blast. The blast destroys Leviathan, or so Atem and Tea thought.

"You think you could have gotten rid of me so easily?" Dratz laughed.

"Where are you, you monster?" Atem growled.

"I have been in front of you all along." The beast came up again.

"I don't see him." Tea said.

"I am in front of you, you fool!" Dratz pushed his head out. Tea and Atem looked up to see Dratz, on the Leviathan's head and had fused himself with it. His once smooth brown complexion turned into scaly and grey.

"That's just nasty." Tea almost vomits.

"Nasty as I my look, it is nothing compared to how I plan to change this world once I kill you and your annoying friends." Using its tail, the beast grabbed Atem. "I would say it was fun but I will be lying. Good bye pharaoh, and enjoy the afterlife."

Lifting him up, Atem's duel disk slipped off his wrist. Tea thinking of a plan rushes to catch it. Placing the disk on her wrist, Dratz laughed. "I don't expect a girl of your weak mind to possible beat me."

Tea laughed. "Never underestimate the power of a lady. You will have to learn that the hard way." Looking for the Polymerization card, she played it and fused the three god cards to form the Creator of light.

"Tea, use it's special attack." Atem tried to break free.

"Right," Tea had seen too much of Atem's duels to not know the monster's special ability. "Now use Heaven Gates Glory!"

A huge portal appeared and sucked the Leviathan in, after it had release Atem.

"No, no! This can't be! Ten thousand years of work wasted all because of some stupid girl!" Those were Dratz last words before the portal closed.

Atem had land face down onto the ground. Groaning from the pain, Tea ran over to help him. "I guess this stupid girl just helped save the day." She joked.

Atem smiled as he rose up. "You saved the planet. Smart thinking, love."

"Thank you," Tea blushed. Taking off his duel disk she returned it to Atem.

"I have a feeling that this won't be the last time we encounter him." Atem sighed.

"So do I," Tea replied.

"You guys, there you are!" Joey's voice could be heard. Looking around they saw a helicopter with Kaiba Crop on it. The flying machinery landed onto the ground before Yugi, Joey and Tristan ran out and towards Atem and Tea.

"Hey guys!" Yugi sounded almost out of breath. "Did you by chance come across some bikers?"

"Yeah, but it was just a biker." Tea pointed to Rafeal. "What about you guys?"

"Joey and I fought two. They are in the Helicopter now."

"Atem, it looks like after five years of keeping out of sight, evil has risen once again. " Tristan said.

"Yes, I know."

"Yes!" Joey exclaimed. "After five years of boredom we are going to be kicking butts and taking names."

"Oh joy," Everyone else said, sarcastically as they walked back to the copter.

'Enough the celebrations while you still can, pharoah.' Dratz thought as he linger the pits of the shadow relam. 'I will find a way out here.'