Chapter 3: Permanent Sex Change

Normal P.O.V.

Team 7 arrived at the gates of Konoha late afternoon. The sun was high in the sky, the town was bustling, and Naruto was worried.

"Oh no, Kakashi-sensei, what if someone sees me?"

"Well looks like you'll have to travel by roof then."


"Don't worry. We'll be right behind you. Or would you rather one of us go with you?"

"NO! I would like to remain rape-free."

Without warning he jumped from roof to roofon his way to the Hokage Tower. Just as he landed on one of the tallest roofs, a flock of birds flew up, scaring him and caused him to lose his footing.

Naruto's P.O.V.

Just as I could feel myself falling the only thing I was thinking was "stupid birds". I tried to do a back flip so I land on my feet, not caring who saw up my skirt. When I tried, I failed so I did the next best thing… I pulled my arms into my chest while my knees bent together, waiting to hit the ground. I closed my eyes hoping that someone would save me before I hit the ground. I guess I got my wish. I could feel myself being pulled into a racing chest while one arm caresses my back while the other held my legs under my knees. I slowly opened my eyes to see my rescuer. He had long brunette hair, pale skin, a pretty white smile. When I looked up, silver eyes met mine and a slight blush appeared across my face.


"Are you alright?"

"Yes, thank you."

"You look familiar… have we…?"


"Naruto?" Neji turns to look at me.

My face glows a brighter red when I nod, indicating it was me.

He gently puts me on my feet.

"I had a feeling it was you. What happened?"

I stared at Neji as I explained to him what happened. The odd thing was that I saw how his eyes ran all over my body while I talked. I also noticed the glares he got from everyone behind me. Even Kakashi-sensei glared.

"I figured as much, are you ever going to turn back?"

"I don't know? That's why we're going to see Grandma Tsunade now."

"Hump. Well I tell you what… how about after you get back… I'll buy you some Ramen. It's been a while since we've eating together wouldn't you agree?"

"Um sure. I'd like that."

"Good I'll meet you at the training grounds in an hour. Bye."


I couldn't help but blush even brighter when he left. What was I thinking? I accepted a date from Neji; the only thing is that… it felt right. My thoughts were like a train wreck. They kept flittering back to Neji. I felt flustered, more attracted to him. I even found myself wondering what kind of boyfriend he would be.

"Naruto! How could you accept a date from Neji?!" Sai yelled.

"I don't know. I don't have an explanation for anything I do anymore. I just say things as they come to mind."

"Oh no." Sakura said.

"What is it?" Sasuke said.

"Naruto's brain is becoming more girl like. Quick Naruto, what do you like to do when you're with girls?"

"Well you know that Sakura, I love to get the girls together and paint our nails. *giggles*. Oh my god, what the Hell did I just say."

"Kakashi this is getting worst." Suigetsu said.

"I know, come on everyone let's hurry." Kakashi said.

We raced off to Granny Tsunade's office.

"I need her to fix me now, before it's too late."

Tsunade's P.O.V

"For once, being Hokage isn't so bad .No hundred-pound paperwork, all my sake is right here, and the village is quiet. I hope the rest of the day goes like this."


"Come in. Ah, Kakashi Hatake how did the mission go?"

"We retrieved the school, but we have more of a problem."

"What is it?"

"Well I think it'll be easier if you see for yourself. You can come in now."

I watched as the rest of Team Kakashi filled into the room, but the one person I wanted to see wasn't there.

"Where's Naruto?"

They parted in two rows as a blond girl with three whiskers like scares walked through them towards my desk.

"Hi Grandma Tsunade."

My eyes widen in shock as the recantation of who this stranger could be.

"Is that you, Naruto?"

He nods.

I pick up my desk, angered at the irresponsibility by the sensei of my little Naruto's team. He leaves a boy and comes back as a girl. I watched trough blinded fiery as they all cowards in fear.

"Kakashi Hatake! What's the meaning of this?!"

Naruto stepped in front to protect them.

"Grandma! Calm down! You can't help me if you're riled up!"

*sigh* I sighed as I looked back at them while they nodded their heads. I couldn't help but smile at the young blond.

"Even in another body, Naruto still has some wisdom."

"You're right Naruto. Team Kakashi, I'm sorry."

I placed the desk down and grabbed my sake.

"I need my sake if I'm ever going to get through this."

Naruto's P.O.V.

Tsunade watched, with her fingers laced together and her chin laying on top of them as the female version of Naruto explained the situation.

" Hump. I never heard of a jutsu like that before. I'm going to have a closer look at your chakra flow. Maybe I'll find some answers there. Kakashi, Naruto. Come with me."

"Where are we going Granny?"

"To the next room. That's where I'll check your chakra."

Tsunade followed Kakashi and Naruto into the next room, but stopped just as her fingers touch the door frame.

"Oh and one more thing… if any of you try to peek into the next room… you'll be punished."

Tsunade's Office

Normal P.O.V.

The rest of the team sat in silence as the examination was performed. Everyone to indulged in their own perverted thoughts of the young blond, but soon they were brought back to reality by a creeping Sasuke. They watched as the Uchiha crawled across the floor to the wall linking the office to the examination room.

"Sasuke, what are you doing?"

"The next best thing Sakura."

"And that would be…?" Suigetsu said.

"Well smart ass the answer to that would be… to listen. Lady Tsunade said we couldn't watch but she didn't say we couldn't listen."

"That's actually a good idea Sasuke." Jūgo replied.

They all crawled over to the wall so they could hear the conversation.

The Conversation

Door Shuts

Tsunade: Ok. Naruto removed your clothes.

Naruto: What?! Why?!

Tsunade: I have to inspect every inch of your body and my chakra won't work with your clothes on.

Naruto: I will not undress in front of my sensei… man or woman.

Kakashi: Come on Naruto. Listen to your Hokage and get naked right now."

Tsunade: KAKASHI!

Naruto: Pervert.

Kakashi: Naruto…

Naruto: NO!

Kakashi: Do you want me to come over there and take them off for you?

Naruto: I'd rather jump in the river with my clothes on.

Kakashi: I can arrange that later.

Naruto: You'll have to catch me first you old man.

Tsunade: Naruto! Kakashi retrain him.

Kakashi: Hey Naruto I can see your underwear.

Naruto: I'm not falling for that one.

Kakashi: So it's ok if you want me to see your black lace thongs?

Tsunade: Naruto, what the hell? You only been a girl for two days and you're already wearing thongs?

Naruto: I didn't pick them out! Sakura did!

The Boys in Tsunade's Office: Nice job Sakura.

Kakashi: Ha-ha finally caught you little brat. Now will you stop squirming?

Naruto: Wait! What are you doing? No don't touch those!

Kakashi: Well since you won't sit down and undress like a good little boy-

Naruto: I'm not a GIRL…



Naruto: Or… um… I mean…

Kakashi: It's ok Naruko… We know the truth, now squirming.

Naruto: No Kakashi-sensei! Keep your hands to yourself! *SCREAMS*

Tsunade: Kakashi! Get your hands off of Naruto's breast!

Kakashi: He's the one who keeps biting me.



Naruto: *moans*


The group couldn't help themselves. Sakura ran full speed into the wall as she punched it. The wall came crumbling down. The rest of them jumped through the new formed hole, ready to fight their sensei for touching their poor little Naruto, but what they saw made them weak in the knees. Naruto was strapped to the table… completely naked.

"What are the five of you doing?" Kakashi asked while he sat in the corner reading his porn book.

"We- uh… You see we…"

"I TOLD YOU GUYS TO STAY OUT!" Tsunade said as she rolled up her sleeve getting ready to knock them out when she was stopped by an ominous aura surrounding Naruto along with his deep demonic voice.

"Granny Tsunade… release me. I want to be the one who deals with them."

"Are you sure?"

"… … Release me…"

"* sigh* Fine. Kakashi release Naruto."

Kakashi tucked the book under his arm as he unstrapped Naruto from the table. They all watched as Naruto slowly rose from the table and walked towards Sasuke with his head held down. When he stopped they just stared, confused on what his next action would be. Although shaking where he stood, Sasuke felt compelled to reach out and touch Naruto.


His head snapped up at the sound of his name. The five people standing before him couldn't help but look at his eyes. They weren't their normal beautiful blue eyes. They had turned orange with little slits. His fangs and nails grew a little, hair started to spike, and his whiskers were deepened. When Sasuke saw this he drew his hand back a little but he slowly started to reach towards him again.


Naruto grabbed his wrists, almost crushing it, moved out of the way, and then connected his fist to Sasuke's face, sending him flying into the wall. He didn't wait to get in front the others and did the same to each one until every single one was unconscious from pain and blood loss. Even while being beaten to a pulp they still could think about his naked body before them.

Minutes later all five members woke up and were treated for their wounds. When they walked into the office Naruto was adjusting his skirt. When hearing them come in, Naruto turned around and smile, but his smiled faded when he saw their faces.

"Oh my god. What happened to you guys?"

"Naruto… do you not remember?" Sakura said.

"Remember what?"

"Naruto what's the last thing you remember?" Tsunade said.

"Hump. I remember being strapped to the examination table by my perverted sensei, who by the way I'm telling Iruka-sensei, and now I'm in your office."

"Naruto… *sigh* I…"

"Kakashi I think it's better if I tell him."

"Tell me what?"

"Naruto I got the results from your examination. Your charka flow somehow got reversed."


"Naruto, did you use your Sexy NO Jutsu during the battle?"

"Yes. Right before I got hit with the jutsu."

"Hump. That maybe the answer."

"Uh Lady Tsunade could you please explain. We're still lost."

"It's like this Sakura… when Naruto was hit by the Reverse Jutsu, as its name applies, it reversed his chakra flow. Technically it sent him back in time. What happened after he was hit?"

"When I was checking him I sensed a strange electric current flowing through him and every now and again some electricity would escape and show outside his body, Kakashi-sensei put him to bed, and when he woke up he was… like this."

"When you sensed that weird electrical current was when his chakra was being reversed."

"Ok, but that still doesn't explain why he's a girl."

"I was getting to that Sai. I have read on this at one point in a scroll. The scroll said that it's rare, but it can happen."

"Would you start making sense you old hag!" Suigetsu shouted.

"… … … … Anyway to put it simple… during the reversing phase his charka still flows, but the reversing stopped at his Sexy No Jutsu which turned Naruto into Naruko…

At that moment everyone turned to see Naruto sitting on the couch, legs crossed, eyes watching in amazement as he twirled one of his ponytails.



"Are you paying attention?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, I am. It's just… my hair."

"What about it?"

"It's a little tangled. I need to brush it more often. Wow my nails are shiny and my skin is so soft. I wonder if the rest of it feels like this…"

"Will he ever turn back? Please say no."

"Well Suigetsu I don't know. There is no known cure for this… Which means that Naruto maybe a girl… permanently."

Upon hearing this Naruto jumped up and gripped the desk as he bent over it.




"I don't know Naruto. No one has ever lived long enough to… Wait I got it!"

"Really! Tell me Granny!"

"If we can just find the person who casted the jutsu… maybe he can reverse it. Does anyone know when he is?"

Sasuke put his head down and whispered to himself…

"If Naruto knocked me out because I saw him naked. I'm terrified of what he'll do if he finds out I killed what maybe his only chance of returning to normal."


"How do I put this…" Kakashi started.

"Sasuke put him six feet under." Suigetsu finished.


The news hit Naruto like a knife through his heart. Just knowing that the identity you worked so hard to create could be taken away forever. Naruto couldn't help up slide to the ground and cry his eyes out.

"Now Naruto just calm down. Sasuke was so upset that he couldn't save you that he decided to kill everyone to let out his angry. Oh wait that wasn't suppose to cheer you up…" Sakura said as Naruto cried louder.


"Well Sasuke I was only trying to help."

"By what?! Slamming him into reality?!"

"Old Hag isn't there away to counter the jutsu?" Suigetsu said.

"Well the scroll said if the rare occasion of the jutsu stopping then we have a year before the effects are permanent."

Naruto starts to scream.

"But don't worry Naruto we'll work around the clock to find a counter jutsu ok?"

Naruto nods as he begins to stand.

"Ok, so we know what's going on… now what do you propose we do?" Kakashi said.

"Until we find the antidote one of you guys will be with be Naruto at all times accept the obvious times where he goes into the bathroom. Tomorrow Sakura and whoever is your guardian will accompany you to the training grounds to see what you can and can't do. Now will the men form a line in front of my desk? The shortest one will be the first and the longest will be the one to see him before Sakura, who will be at the end of the cycle."

Tsunade reached into her desk and pulled out five straws of different sizes and hands one to each of them. Sasuke and Sai were hoping to either get the longest or the shortest one, but were sorely disappointed.

"Ok looks like the order will be Jūgo, Suigetsu, Sasuke, Sai, and finally Kakashi. Whoever isn't with Naruto will have to report here and help me."

"But Lady Tsunade none of them know medical jutsu like us."

"Whoever said anything about having them help with medical jutsu? There are tons of other things around here for them to do. Think of it as a punishment for letting this happen to my little Naruto. Dismissed!"

"Finally, now I can go on my date with Neji!"








"No. no, no, that's wrong! Neji is just my friend. A cute one at that… No. no. no! *sigh* My name is Naruto, Naruto, Naruto, Naruko! *giggles* Arg! Come on Jūgo before I lose my mind."

The rest of them watch as Naruto skips out of the tower and soon yell once he left. Everyone except Kakashi disappeared to plot against the other for Naruto's time and attention.

"Lady Tsunade, I think our time has been shortened."

"*sigh* I know."