Hermione is well an Addams be kind first time doing this please tell me what you think even if it`s horrible I just saw so many and none with Hermione so I though hmmm what if Hermione was a Addams and bam thios story is born.

Hermione looked at the man who looked like Santa Clause smiling while looking at her, her older sister Wednesday and her brother watched as the stranger was talking to her parents about some silly school called Hogwarts even though they had previously had been talking about going to Durmstrung though.

Hermione and Wednesday shared a disuusted look once the stranger said that they will learn about the defence against the dark arts and then all three of the children had looked at him when he said that they weren`t allowed to have weapons at the school along with the rest of the family who looked sad and offended even Pubert knew something was wrong so he looked at the intruder.

"Well that seems to be about it I cannot wait to see you three at the school in three days I shall bring a teacher to get the supplies you shall need."He nodded towards the children shook Gomez`s hand and kissed Morticia`s hand and Lurch walked him out.

Morticia looked at her children not wanting them to leave home but knew that her children had to go and that it would be somewhat good for them to further their magic into more and besides Hemrione had not stopped talking about school ever since Pugsley had found Granmama very old accetaptance letter to the very same school. She felt Gomez squeeze her hand in reassurance 'Cara Mia" he whispered in her ear she took her eyes off of her children him and looked at him with lust filled eyes "Mon sher" they both got up while whispering into one another`s ears latin and french words while walking to their bedroom.

The three just sat there watching their parents retreat to their bedroom hoping that they would not have another younger sibling come from their lovemaking while hearing Pubert make disgusting gurgilng noises. Wednesday had gotten up walked up the stairs looking at her younger siblings "Come on let`s play I`m sure we can get uncle Fester to be on your team Pugsley if need be."The two both got up and followed their older sister Pugsley grabbing the they made it to the room they put young Pubert in the guillotine having him catch the blade and they then put Pugsley in the electric chair and after a fight with Hermione Wednesday had been put in the Iron maiden while Hermione had tended to her baby brother who did not like being ignored.

Time skip Big Day

Today was The Day they were leaving for their school things and everyone was just sitting in the living room. Wednesday and Hermione were playing with certain poisons and feedignthem to their baby brother who would either move away or drink it after sniffing ,Pugsley and Uncle Fester were talking about Dynamite while playing with something , Father was sword fighting with Thing, Grandmamma was in the kitchen fixing up something new ,and Lurch on the piano. As soon as they heard a knock on the door Pugsley along with Thing made a rush to the door Lurch following had stood up and formed a line with Gomez then Morticia .Wednesday and then Hermione both girls had their hands folded looking at their guest each with their own style of The Look.

Severus had walked in shocked that a hand had opened the door followed by a boy then a rather tall and ghoulish man. The boy spoke first who looked him up and down "You the teacher?" "Yes I am my name is -."Snape had looked at the boy had he ever heard of manners oh he better be sorted into Slytherin or else there would be no protection from his wrath.

"Follow me." the boy then ran off while he felt the butler forcibly take his jacket off and had been grabbed roughly and had been taken to a room.

After they had stopped and had been finally let go of he noticed the three pale vampire looking women and the man smoking a cigar while there was a mustached baby sitting by a bottle of poisons. The man smoking had came up to him first "Hello old chap hopefully Lurch did not handle you too roughly it seems he has not been able to handle the children leaving." Severus just nodded his head while shaking the mans hand "Most family members do this it is quite natural-." "He is not family by blood he is our butler though we think of him as family ." One of the girls had spoken it was the one standing beside her mother looking at him with hate before even having one of his classes he looked at the eyes of the other one and her`s was a mixture of hate and curiosity. She cocked her head to the side just a bit and he saw her eyes were turning to a slightly different color but he heard a cough and turned to see the mother who looked even scarier than her daughters "When are we to be leaving then Mr.?" "Severus Snape Mrs. Addams and we can leave right now." He watched as her expression did not change even the slightest and he turned to Mr. Addams who seemed to smile even bigger and clapped "Well let's gets going then shall we!" Looking at Snape wondering at how they shall go.

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