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Hermione walked into the room, actually scared of what would happen.

Harry noticed that the Addams siblings had left, when he returned to the Great Hall. He swallowed hoping they would not kill him or worse torture him.

Snape prepared his room for class; he grew antsy as the minutes grew. As he waited his thoughts started to go back to the incident, he felt himself get hard as he remembered kissing Hermione and Harry kissing him, and groping him. Snape shut off his thoughts as he heard the commotion from his students. He was shocked when the Addams wanted to sit upfront; Harry and Hermione had bumped into one another. The two looked to the floor, going to their seats, Snape started his lesson. Snape was relived when the lesson was over, he let the class go, and wanting to ignore what had happen.

Hermione and her siblings left,she purposely left assignment, she headed back to the classroom ,she had grabbed Harry`s arm,noticing how frail he was.

"Hey! What-" Harry started

"Hush! I want answers and so do you." Hermione said as they walked back.

Snape was leaving his classroom,until he heard Hermione and Harry`s headed back to his room,leaving his door open, he put a spell on the door so no one will hear them.

Harry had gotten Hermione to let go of him,as they walked inside the classroom,he shut the door.

"What are you two doing back?" Snape asked feigning ignorance

Hermione understood,playing tis game many times with her siblings, "I forgot my assignment for a class." Hermione grabbed the paper showing it to him.

Snape cursed himself for not noticing it sooner, "It took two of you two get it?"

Hermione shrugged her shoulder,while walking closer to him, "You insult our intelligence everyday." Hermione said stopping in front of him

Harry watched the two,knowing they were challenging one another,he felt out of felt like he should be with them in their stare off.

Hermione felt the strange sensation again,she felt like she was missing side stepped,moving until she had a good look at Snape and was something about theses two men that made her feel complete,though she did not know what.

Snape watched Hermione, enjoying their little banter. Hermione had moved to get a view at Harry and himself,he looked at The Golden Boy as well. Snape felt calm,peaceful and yet when he looked at Hermione he felt lust, and passion. "Come to my office at eight so we can discuss this more." Snape said leaving for his chambers.

The two left the classroom,going their separate ways as they went up the stairs. Wednesday was sitting on her bed,reading her cards,she looked up when Hermione came in. "Did you get the paper?"

"Yes, why are you skipping next class?" Hermione asked grabbing her stuff for the next two periods.

"My reasons are my own." Wednesday said looking at the cars intensely.

Hermione stopped at the door,noticing her sister`s expression "What do they say?"

Wednesday looked at her "Nothing much,things are just going to become interesting."

Hermione nodded her head ,heading for for class,she arrived late though she didn't placed her things on her desk,sitting with Pugsley.

The teacher looked relived and sad,which Hermione,Pugsley noticed looked back,noticing only one of the Addams girls was noticed he wasn't focusing on her or the teacher,so she sent him a looked at the note "Dont tell me you intersted in one of those creepy girls."

Draco responded back,Pansy opened it " Mind your own business." After she read it ,as she tried to write the paper crumbled into smiled the rest of class,the image of Pansy`s face fresh in his mind.