Me: hmmmm… JJ? No. Hotch? Nothing good comes to mind at the moment. Morgan always has possibilities…

(Garcia appears behind me, ready to kill.)

Me: Okay, no Morgan. Garcia?

(I sense looming presence behind me in Morgan's general direction)

Me: Did I say Garcia? I meant Prentiss is an option.

(Awkward Silence)

Me: Alright, that still hurts. We'll steer clear. (Looks Around) Where's Reid?

Morgan: He went to get JJ a glass of water.

Me: Since he's not here to defend himself….

Reid (From Kitchen): What's going on?

Me: Nothing!

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What if…

He had tried?

What if…

He made a simple…


It had been one week. One long week on a case involving a missing teenage boy. It had been tough. Touch and go most of the time. Yet his mind had been unable to focus.

One long week, and still, all he could think about was her.

There was only one person he could trust to confide in that could get him the information and keep a secret.

"Hello, Garcia," Reid said as he awkwardly sidled into the room.

"Oh, Geek Puppy!" Garcia smiled, swirling around in her chair to face him.

"Um, Geek… Puppy?" Reid's brow furrowed. Lights from the monitors behind Garcia gave her an almost ethereal glow.

"Geek Puppy," Garcia chirped.

"Ok then." An awkward silence as Reid tried to think of how to phrase the question.

Garcia tilted her head to one side. "Do you have a reason to invade my lair?"

"Uh, you know if you spend too much time in front of those monitors you could get headaches, eye pain, dizziness, nausea-"

"Don't tell me you came here to woe me with your romantic facts, sugar lips. Tell me why you're really here."

"Well, uh, actually I'm here because, uh, I've been doing a lot of thinking about, um." Reid swallowed. "I was wondering if you could look up someone for me."

Garcia narrowed her eyes and her lips curled at the corners in a teasing smile. "Someone? I'm going to need a name for this 'someone'."

Reid rubbed a hand on the back of his neck and checked behind him to make sure no one else was there. "Lila. Archer. Lila Archer. She lives in L.A."

"The one and only Lila Archer?" Garcia's eyebrows raised. "Don't worry," Garcia stopped Reid's stammering excuse. "I understand, Mystery Man. I read tabloids, too." She spun back to her many screens. "I'm guessing you will want a secure line that goes directly to Lila, no middleman."

"That would be nice."

"Don't worry, Romeo. I'll find your Juliet." Fingers flying, Garcia opened and closed windows faster than Reid could read the website. Suddenly the clicking stopped. "Bingo."

"Hi, this is Lila Archer. Please leave a message."

Reid waited nervously for the beep. This was his fourteenth time calling. Well, the last time doesn't count for a full call because I hung up before the voicemail came up, he reasoned with himself. So it was his thirteenth and a half time calling. And he still had no idea what to say.

The tone sounded and Reid swallowed. I hope that wasn't audible. "Hey, uh, Lila, it's uh, Spencer. Spencer Reid. I was wondering if you wanted to, um, meet up somewhere, uh, if that was okay. We have a case that's taking us out that way, so I can, um, find you… No! Not in that way, I mean, find you if you wanted to meet up, a-" The beep silenced Reid's too long message. What did I just do? he berated himself. The team wasn't going to California. At least, not yet. There was a briefing in an hour where they would decide whether to go to Palm Springs, California, or Jacksonville, Florida. There was only one option, rig the briefing. If she called. If she didn't call, he wouldn't worry about it.

One hour, two minutes, and forty-six seconds later, Reid was running late for the briefing, and running out of excuses to stay out of the conference room.

Come on, Lila, come on. Who was he kidding? Lila was a star, and Reid was…

His phone rang. Heart racing, he snapped it open, took a deep breath, and said hello.

"Reid, whatcha doin' down there? We're ready to start."

Reid looked up at the conference room window where Morgan was staring down at him.

"I'm on my way up." There was a beep on his phone. "I just have another call to take care of." With little hope, he clicked over. "Reid."

"Hi, Spencer? It's Lila."

"Oh! Hi!" Reid scrambled to stand up, knocking over his coffee in the process and spilling it all over his cluttered desk. "Um, h-how are you?"

"Good, how are you?"

"Great. Just great." Reid looked up at the conference room where Morgan was still watching. Reid waved Morgan away, signaling that the team could continue the meeting without him. Morgan shook his head but turned away. "You, uh, got my message?"

Lila laughed. A sound he had missed. "Yes, and all fifteen missed calls."

"Fourteen and a half," Reid defended. "I didn't make it to your voice box one time."

Again, that beutiful laugh. "So… you wanted to meet up?" Lila asked.

So what if the team had decided to go to Jacksonville? Reid could catch a plane after the case to L.A. to visit Lila, then fly to the next case. If questioned, he could just tell the team he was visiting his mom. No need to alert anyone to his possible romance.

It would work.

It would work.

And maybe in a few months, if Lila and him stayed together, he would tell the team. Morgan would pat him on the back with a 'you go man' and Prentiss and JJ would each give him a hug. It would be nice.

But that was in the far off future.

For now, Reid could look forward to next weekend, when

he would meet a beautiful girl,

at a small diner,

on the outskirts of L.A.

and afterwards,

maybe, just maybe,

he would get a return


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