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Chapter 1

Harry and Draco were sitting in detention that night when their lives would change forever. Harry sat staring out the window letting his mind wonder, and Draco was trying as he might to concentrate on his essay.

Finally, Draco snapped he could no longer take the silence, "Why in Merlin's name do I have to be stuck here with you of all people?"

"Well, Malfoy, if you have already forgotten let me enlighten you. You were eavesdropping on my conversation. You insulted my Godfather and his partner. I got up to hex you and you went to curse me. Professor McGonagall walked in saw what was going on and gave us detention.

"So really it's all your fault," Harry concluded.

"I can hardly see that it's my fau... Wait did you just say your Godfather was gay?" Draco looked sincerely shocked.

"Yea, do you have a problem with that, or are purebloods prejudice against gays too?" He said with heavy sarcasm.

"Actually, to be honest we are. And I must say I am very shocked," Draco shot trying to hide the loathing in the lie he had just told. The truth was that Draco was actually homosexual, and to be even more truthful he was in love with his supposed worst enemy.

"Well then that's too bad for you. Being prejudice is bad for the mind," Harry said this with a chuckle.

"You know, Potter, purebloods may hate homosexuality, but I am as gay as they come," Draco said this without thinking. Once he realized what he had said it was too late to take it back. Harry was looking at him in stunned silence.

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