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Chapter 4.

Pansy waltzed into the Slytherin common proud with her days work. She new Draco would be infuriated with her, but she didn't care. She had just solved one of the biggest problems Hogwarts had ever had.

"You certainly look pleased with yourself," Draco laughed when he saw her.

"Yes, and I am. I just solved all your problems. You're welcome," she beamed.

"What did you do?" Draco asked nervously.

"I'm sorry if this upsets you, Draco, but I told Potter about your little crush on him," Pansy said simply.

"You did what!" Draco all but shouted. He looked around wildly trying to see if anyone had heard Pansy's words.

"Relax, it turns out that he likes you too," a simple smile played across her lips.

"Really?" Draco asked his eyes wide with hope.

"Really, but he has no idea what to do so you're going to have to make the first move," Pansy giggled.

The next few days consisted of Draco plotting ideas of how to make his move and Harry struggling of how to talk to Draco without being laughed at.

Finally, Draco has an idea that had to work. The Gryffindors had Quiditch practice two times over the next week and Draco was determined to find out if Pansy was telling the truth or not.

As Harry called the end of Quiditch practice, he saw someone walking out of the stands. He wondered who would be watching them as the team walked to the locker room.

Most of the team had left as Harry towel dried his hair. The only other people with him were Ron and Ginny, who were waiting patiently for him. "You guys can go ahead. "I'll catch up in a second."

Perfect, thought Draco as he saw Ron and Ginny leave. He walked silently up to the entrance of the locker room. He peered in to see Harry with a towel around his bare shoulders and wearing a pair of loose jeans. His damp jet black hair shined under the lights in the room.

Draco cleared his throat, "Do you mind if I have a word with you?" He asked when Harry looked up.

"I don't see why not, but make it quick, Malfoy, I have things to do," Harry shot trying to appear annoyed when his heart was almost beating out of chest.

Draco walked over to stand in front of the burnet, "Um… I don't exactly know how to start."

Harry felt a small smile pull at his lips. If this was going in the direction he hoped then he would be very pleased, "Why not start at the beginning?"

Draco blushed a faint pink and Harry's heart skipped beat. "Look, Harry, I know we've been fighting since the moment we met, but I'm tired of fighting."

Harry gasped. The way it sounded when Draco called him by his first name was wonderful. Draco was stumbling over his words now and Harry did the only coherent thing he could think of. He closed the short distance between the two of them, and grazed his lips lightly over the blonds'.

Draco looked up in shock, "I already know, Pansy told me." And with that Harry leaned in to give Draco another kiss.