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The Ares and Athena cabins were staring each other down. Annabeth and Clarisse walked into the clearing to greet them.

"Getting along well, I see," Annabeth mumbled with a smile.

"Yo! Knock that off, all of you!" Clarisse called. "We need to talk to you."

"What's the big idea, Clarisse?" Max yelled from the back of the group. Only 15 years old, he had fought his way into becoming team leader. Even though his older brothers and sisters were always trying to off him, they respected him. He was absolutely feared around Camp.

Even so, when Clarisse shot a glare his way, he (and the rest of the grumblers) clammed up. "Listen up. We're here to talk about an alliance between our two cabins."

There was another outcry at this. The glaring started again as well….

"Shut it!" Annabeth yelled. She smirked as they complied, even though they were still glaring at each other.

"Look, I know our cabins have had our differences in the past," Clarisse said, "but the fact is, the Athena cabin kids are the best at battle strategy…"

"And the Ares cabin has the best group of fighters at camp," Annabeth finished. "Imagine the complete and utter havoc you could wreak if you worked together."

"You're speaking from experience, right?" Max asked.

"You could definitely say that."

"I'm in," he said after a moment. He stood up and faced the cabins. "Who else?"

"Me too," Tzaddi, the captain of the Athena team said.

The two shook hands, and slowly but surely, the rest of the teams began to mill around and talk to each other.

"Come on. I don't think they need us to mediate now. Hopefully they won't do any lasting damage to one another," Clarisse said with a grin.

"Don't you have to be here for the battle?" Annabeth asked as they made their way to the camp's boarder.

"Not this time. Mr. D let me off of duty so I could take you today," she said, dangling the keys to Apollo's Saturn Sky in front of Annabeth.

"Let's go then!" Annabeth said, grabbing the keys and running toward the car.

Clarisse beat her to it, though, sliding in front of Annabeth and jumping in the driver's seat before the daughter of Athena could. "Cough up the keys," she said, grinning.

Annabeth stood there stubbornly for a minute.

"We shouldn't keep them waiting."

Annabeth rolled her eyes but gave Clarisse the keys. After hopping into the passenger seat, she said, "Apollo's going to kill you for getting dirt in his car."

Clarisse just laughed as they took off into the sky.

"Hi Mom," Annabeth said quietly.

"Annabeth," Athena said smiling. "Come sit down. There's drinks." The goddess of wisdom laughed when she saw Annabeth's slightly panicked face. "Don't worry, it's hot chocolate. I heard through the grapevine, literally, that you had a bad experience with Olympian Tea—so I decided not to serve it."

"Thanks," Annabeth said, blushing. A bad experience was an understatement. The Dionysus cabin had thrown a party to welcome a British kid to Camp, and the effects were still wearing off of some parts of Camp Half Blood….

"I must say, taping juice boxes to Clarisse so that Erik would think she was bleeding when he stabbed her…that was a stroke of genius."

"Divinely inspired?"

"I wish I could take credit for that one," Athena chuckled. "But I think that was you. You've done wonderfully."

Annabeth blushed furiously. "Thanks Mom," she said, taking a sip of her tea.

The foosball game was only foosball in the sense that the poor souls drafted for it were connected by chains. It was really soccer that Ares and someone else could coach. With a flaming ball.

Clarisse was screaming at the goalie currently, but he missed anyway. "Oh for…" she grumbled.

"You know you can't beat your old man at his own game," Ares laughed. "All right, all of you, back to Tartarus!"

The souls on the board disappeared.

"So," he said, walking across the empty field. "You managed to beat him."

"I cut him in half," Clarisse said, quoting her favorite Buffy episode.

"I noticed," Ares chuckled. "Still got my credit card?"

"Damn, I was hoping you wouldn't ask," she said, taking it out of her pocket.

"Nice try. Get out of here, you've got a Capture the Flag game to supervise."

"Peace out, Dad." Laughing at his glare, she made her way out of the room, pausing only to dodge the throwing star he half-heartedly threw at her leg. With a grin, she went to find Annabeth. Maybe they could have a normal date now….


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