The Chipmunks and Chipettes in Room 1204

I loved Room 1408 so much that I had to make this. Hurray my first scary Chipmunk story. So if you loved Room 1408 you will love this.

The plane was quiet, the plane was still (well except for the fact it was flying to Chicago). Alvin, the oldest chipmunk by 5 minutes and at the age of 11, couldn't wait to get to Chicago. He wanted to take a break from it all with his two brothers Simon and Theodore. Melody, who was the 13 year old girl who had been dragged along with the boys, was sitting and messing around on her laptop playing Solitaire. The other 11 year olds who had been dragged on this trip were the Chipettes. Brittany, the oldest Chipette, was happy to escape life and see Chicago and all the merchandise with it. Jeanette was reading Eleanor a book, they too, were excited. Dave could not make the trip, due to the fact he got the flu. Miss Miller was all the way out in Canada visiting her friend. That never stopped Alvin; he convinced Dave that Melody could look after them.

"Hey Jeanette," Simon said. "What book are you and Eleanor reading?"

"It's a book about paranormal activity."Jeanette said looking up at Simon.


"Here are some of the pictures." Jeanette shoved the book into Simon's hands. Simon looked over the book.

"You do realize that this whole book is fake, right?"

"Yes, I know it's fake."

"But the information and the pictures make it seem real." Eleanor said.

"Yeah, I guess that's true." Simon said.

"The plane is landing!" Brittany squealed.

"Oh my gosh." Alvin said. "Look at these buildings, aren't they cool or what?"

"No Alvin," Melody sarcastically let out while shutting her laptop. "Like we didn't already know that."

"Come on you guys," Theodore said. "Melody is in charge. Let's not fight please; we took this trip to get away from it all."

When everyone got off the plane and out of the airport, Melody called a taxi. The taxi stopped and everyone climbed inside.

"Okay," Melody said. "First thing we need to do is find a place to stay." Alvin opened a phonebook of New York and pointed to the first hotel,

"How about that one?"

"No, way too expensive." Simon said. Alvin rolled his eyes and picked another,

"Then how about this one?"

"No," Brittany whined. "Way too cheap. I don't want to look poor now."

"How about this one?" Jeanette asked while pointing at another hotel.

"The Shimmer Lightings Hotel?" Theodore asked. "I'd never heard of it."

"Me either." Brittany said. "Let's go there."

"Hey look." Simon whispered so low that the taxi driver couldn't hear. "It says in the description that there's a haunted hotel room."

"What a bunch of rubbish." Melody said. "They probably put that in there to attract tourists."

"Well, I'm attracted." Alvin said. "Besides it's getting late, we can cruise all the shops tomorrow."

"Hey you guys," Jeanette said. "What if we reserved that haunted hotel room?"

"Jeanette," Simon said. "Are you crazy?"

"Think about it Simon, it would be fun to get a little spooked out, after all, it's not real anyways."

"What's the room number?" Eleanor asked.

"Room 1204." Melody said.

"Taxi," Alvin said. "The Shimmer Lighting Hotel please."

"Sure thing." The taxi driver said. "You wouldn't happen to be Alvin from the Chipmunks, would you?"

"Yes I am."

"My kids are big fans; you think you could give me you and your brother's autographs?"

"Sure." Alvin, Simon, and Theodore took out a pen and paper and signed their names. Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor even signed the paper as well.

"Thanks, in fact, I won't charge you anything for the ride."

"Thanks." Brittany said.

"Hey can we burrow the taxi's phone?" Melody asked.

"Go ahead." The taxi driver said. Alvin dialed in the Shimmer Lighting hotel's number and women answered,


"Hello, this Alvin Seville of the Chipmunks. I was calling about room 1204."

"What about room 1204, Mr. Seville?"

"Well, my brothers, the Chipettes, and my sis Melody would all like to stay in 1204."

"I'm sorry, but it's unavailable."

"What about next week?"

"It's unavailable."

"Why? Will it ever be available?" The phone was silent. The women had hung up.

"What's going on?" Melody said.

"They hung up. They said it wasn't available."

"That's not possible." Simon said typing away on Melody's laptop. "It says here, that it's empty. Alvin, call our lawyer."

Alvin had spent just only a couple minutes on the phone with his lawyer.

"Well?" Brittany asked.

"We got it."

"I told you we would." Simon said proudly. "They have to give it to us, because it's empty."

"You're here." The taxi driver said.

The Chipmunks, Chipettes, and Melody got their luggage and walked into the Shimmer Lightings hotel. Alvin approached the front desk,

"Room 1204 please, Seville."

"Hold on." The women said. A few minutes later a new man appeared.

"Hello, I'm the manager Mr. Harvey Zanning."

"Are you related in any way to Trever Zanning?" Alvin asked.

"Yes I am, I'm Trever's Uncle." Harvey said.

"How many Uncles does Trever have?" Alvin said under his breath.

"Now about room 1204, I don't recommend Melody, your brothers, the Chipettes, and you to stay in."

"Why not?"

"Please follow me."'

"Simon," Theodore asked. "Why is Alvin going with the manager?"

"I don't know." Simon said.

"Hey you guys." Simon, Jeanette, Brittany, Theodore, Eleanor and Melody turned around.

"It's Trever." Trever said.

"Oh my gosh." Melody said. "You almost gave us a heart attack."

"Sorry, so what brings you here?"

"Were on vacation." Eleanor said. "What about you?"

"I'm working here for my Uncle Harvey. He owns the hotel. So which room are you going to be in so I can stop by?"

"Were staying in room 1204." Simon said. Trever stopped smiling and began to look serious.

"Ugh you don't mind if I burrow Melody for a moment?"

"Not at all." Jeanette said. Melody followed Trever down a hallway into a storage room.

"Welcome to my office, Alvin." Harvey said.

"It's nice, now can I have the key to 1204?"

"What I want to tell you is that room 1204 is haunted."

"Yes I know that already."

"Did you know, Mels that 76 people have died in that room?" Trever said.

"76? You're 'f'ing me?"

"No I'm not kidding, Alvin." Harvey continued. "Let's see 22 hangings, 4 drownings, 20 slit rists, 20 knifes in chest and 10 beheaded people."

"Oh my god."

"I know Melody, you and everyone can have access to everything here for free and we can give you room 1303."

"Trever are you trying to test me?"

"No I'm not testing you at all." Harvey said.

"Just give me the stinking key." Alvin said. Harvey sighed and went over to his desk and pulled out a key and handed it to Alvin.

"Alvin, I warn you please don't do this."

"Trever, I'm staying in that room like it or not."

"Melody, Melody?" Melody left Trever and returned to Simon, Theodore, and the Chipettes.

"Alvin, let me travel with you and everyone upstairs. I think I'll send Trever up there to watch and make sure nothing happens."

"The more the merrier." Alvin joked. "Really Harvey, I stopped believing in this crap since the 5th grade. Ghosts, ghouls, and monsters do not exist. Werewolves and vampires are only found inside the twilight series." Harvey looked at Alvin and then he and Alvin walked out of the office and back to the lobby.

"Let me escort you to your room." Harvey shuttered. "Ugh Trever, could you stay in that room with them?" Trever seemed freaked he whispered,

"Yes, I will I don't want another killing to happen."

"Trever, if something were to go wrong, use you're…"

"Yes, I will." Trever then pointed at his teeth were normally fangs would be.

"Okay," Harvey said. "Trever is going to assist you in your room tonight."

On the elevator Harvey was gulping, when it finally reached the 11th floor, everyone stepped out.

"Aren't you coming?" Jeanette asked.

"No umm….. I got important business to attend to." Harvey replied. Harvey then pointed at his teeth when Trever was looking.