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-A Change in Perception

Itachi had never been one to believe in superstition.

He was a logical and analytical person by nature; that, paired with a father who always encouraged such thinking and an IQ that tended to get people shaking their heads, made such things as superstition appear extremely nonsensical.

As such, he did not use phrases like 'knock on wood' or 'jinx' in everyday conversation (not that he had much of that, but still). He simply ignored four-leaf clovers and black cats. And while he didn't go out of his way to pass underneath a ladder, he certainly didn't avoid it.

Friday the 13th didn't catch his notice on a calendar, pennies in the street were passed by regardless of which side was up, and no salt had ever-or would ever-be tossed over his shoulder.

As for déjà vu and the significance many attached to it (particularly the possibilities involving 'remnants of past lives')…well, he had never experienced it, but he was fairly certain that it had an explanation that adhered to the basic laws of the universe.

Those were some of the opinions he carried around with him for the first twenty years or so of his life, through childhood and college and everything else. And some of them would remain embedded in his self for the remainder of that life.

One, however, changed.

In a handful of quick half-seconds, no less. It's astounding how fast perceptions can be altered, given the right circumstances.

Case in point: Uchiha Itachi and déjà vu.

In this instance, he was doing nothing more noteworthy or exceptional than taking a brief walk around the mostly empty outskirts of the city. The weather was cold, the sky was gray, and it would undoubtedly start to pour any minute.

His eyes happened to flicker in the right direction, bringing a second person to his notice. As the other young man noticed him as well and drew closer, several things happened in quick succession.

Itachi registered a mess of black curls and a pair of wide, black eyes.

The stranger's head tilted to the side as if in appraisement.

"Itachi," Itachi introduced himself calmly.

"Shisui," was the response.

Then, from the latter: "Do I know you?"

Then, from the former: A nod.

Just like that, Itachi had the sudden nagging feeling that perhaps déjà vu was not the explainable, uncomplicated thing he had thought it to be.

And the painfully familiar grin Shisui shot him a second later served only to confirm that.


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