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Warnings: Yaoi. Slash. Maybe some violence and angst in the future. Sexual suggestions and language. Gabriel/Sam.

Chapter 1: Discoveries

Shocked was an understatement.

Castiel was in a serve state of shock; where he couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't even tear his eyes away from the scene in front of him.

After all of these months of searching for Gabriel in hopes that the mutual archangel would join their side in their efforts in the war, Castiel finally tracked him down.

A million different scenarios had played out in the lower ranking angel's mind of what to say when he found Gabriel, or what he might be doing. Most of them involved giant piles of cake and candy, maybe at the worst, a large over pillowed bed with several undressed women.

Certainly, never this. Never ever did this ever cross Castiel's mind.

Gabriel was curled up on a leather couch in an apartment, with the large sliding glass doors on the top level open so the sunlight and breeze could drift inside. Watching one of his favored insane Japanese game shows on a low level so he could barely hear the shouting as people jumped around the stage to win.

And curled up on top of Gabriel, was Sam Winchester.

Castiel could have sworn Sam was in Rochester, Michigan with his older brother Dean, but there he was. His eyes were closed so he couldn't see their dark green color, but the high cheekbones and hair with a mind of its own didn't lie and there was no mistaking the tall human that was using an archangel for a pillow in a mid-day nap.

Gabriel seemed to get tired of Castiel's silence and staring and answered the question for him, snapping him out of his daze.

"It's not him. Not the real him."

Castiel stared at the higher angel now in disbelief. "What do you mean?"

"It's not really him. It looked like him...feels like him...sounds like him...but I can't get it to smell like him..." Gabriel looked off. "Or taste like him....not that I would know that anyways."

"So, you just made a fake Sam for your own amusement? Couldn't you have just gotten a teddy bear?" You would think that statement meant Cas was slowly learning a sense of humor and sarcasm from Dean, but the angel's blank stare clearly said that he didn't understand why someone like Gabriel was cuddling with a human. Especially a human he enjoyed tormenting as much as he did Sam Winchester.

Gabe continued as if he didn't hear him.

"You know what the worst part is bro?" Gabriel used that endearment for all the other angels, wither or not he actually felt any family affection for them. "The worst part is, I can't get it to act like him. It'll do anything I want it to; act however I want...but I don't want another fake toy. I want the real deal. Sure, this is fun. I get to do all kinds of things I wouldn't be able to...no not like that." He added hastily as Castiel fixed him with a glower at the impression that Gabriel had been intimate with Sam.

"I mean like...between killing Dean over and over and then switching him around the TV channels, I never really got the chance to touch him...It has all the same scars as him you know." He said softly, his hands absent-mindedly running over the fake Sam's thin t-shirt, counting the scars he could feel underneath. "And I never got to notice how his hair flips out at the tips...it's much softer than it looks."

Castiel edged closer to the angel and fake human on the couch, letting his guard ease a little as he saw something in Gabriel's eyes. Something he'd never seen in his own reflection, something he'd only seen in human's eyes.

Affection. Adoration. Longing. Maybe even love. It was impossible for angels to feel human emotions like that but Castiel had seen that look in Dean's eyes as he looked at Sam himself. Except this was different. When Dean looked at Sam he saw his little brother, and felt a strong passion to keep him safe because he was all he had left, literally the only thing left in this world that he loved even if it was just brotherly love.

But Gabriel, the soft spark in his eyes shone brighter. Almost as if he could melt Sam if he stared at him any longer.

The trickster angel could create realistic illusions at will and in the past, used his powers to create women to pleasure him for hours. But that was just senseless passion. Toys that he could bend to whatever whim he had like a puppet master and ventriloquist rolled into one red-headed angel with a free will of his own.

As Castiel tilted his head to the side, trying to not think of what Gabriel may have done with this fake Sam's body, Gabriel spoke up again without even looking at him, his eyes still on the sleeping clone on his stomach.

"Stop looking at me like that Cassy. I haven't. Oh no no no, don't get me wrong, that was the first thing I tried when I created him. Out of thin air ya know. Just...poof. Instant Sammy. And it was great for a few seconds but we haven't even kissed. I told him to. And then I backed off. I don't know what's wrong with me lately; I've never had this problem before. It should be bam, created. Wham, obey me. Then get the fuck out of my house so I can eat Hershey's and get some sleep. But I couldn't let him- it, kiss me. It's not the same. I want the real thing to want me, not some fake dream to do whatever I want. You have any idea how frustrating this is for me?! I don't like it when things don't do what I want and I'M the one disobeying myself!" Gabriel's voice rose as he started to shout. "I can't just make it do whatever! I want it to do what Sam would do but I don't know what that is! The kid's a freakin Myan puzzle! Twist it here and there and see if it works and it never does so just keep twisting it around until you go crazy and break it!"

With those last words the fake same vanished in a gust of smoke and Gabriel was alone on the couch with just Castiel standing a few feet away, listening to him rant.

"So....so I..." He trailed off and Castiel spoke up again.

"When was the last time you saw him?"

This earned Castiel a glare. "You were there. When they trapped me and finally figured out who I really was. Remember Cas? Remember? You tried to spill the beans and tell them who I was early but oh no, I don't fly that way. Did you enjoy where I sent you by the way?" He smirked, knowing full well that he didn't send the weaker angel anywhere pleasant and he had been quite beaten and bloody when he came back. "But alas." He threw his hands up and got off the couch to stand in front of Castiel even though he was a few inches shorter. "They figured it out anyways. Made me bring YOU back and then YOU went off with them- with Sam." A flint of jealousy went through Gabriel's eyes at Castiel before he turned to get a shot of honey whiskey out of thin air in his kitchen.

"You chose to torment them Gabriel." Castiel spoke up. "Sam and Dean Winchester are my friends. And if you would stop playing games with them, and join us, they could be yours too."

"AHA! And that's why your here?" Gabriel spun around, another shot magically re-filled. "Trying to get me onto 'Team Free-Will' huh? You can forget about it. I'm not involving myself in this war. I'm not getting in-between Michael and Lucifer. You may have turned your back on our brothers but I will not."

"I see, so sitting back and watching this bloodbath doesn't count as turning your back on your brothers? Your letting your family die and don't even care. I do. That's why I've joined them. And to save God's creations on this earth."

"God's creations? Oh please tell me you're talking about the bunnies and deer and you're not actually doing this for the humans."

"You speak as if you have no emotions towards any humans."

Gabriel stopped before speaking again, remembering too late that Castiel had seen his Sam illusion, hell, he had talked to him about the whole thing. He sensed the angel before he even entered through the porch so why hadn't he hidden him? Even so, what in heaven possessed him to have a nice long chat about his feelings for the human? It looked like his non-caring angel act was up and he sighed, looking away, wondering why strong drinks can't taste as good as the weak stuff.

"At least think about it Gabriel. If you want to talk again, we'll be at the Sun Daze Inn, room # 113 for the next few days. After we leave, you won't be able to find them again. I engraved enochian scribes into their ribs to hide them from all angels and demons."

"Doesn't that include you?" Gabriel growled, now knowing why he hadn't been able to locate the Winchester brothers lately.

"Yes. But as I said, I am their friend. They know how to reach me." And with those last words, the angel in the trench coat vanished, leaving Gabriel alone in his apartment with his thoughts.

Gabriel's thoughts?

"Sonova bitch."

End. For now. This fic started with a simple thought of Sam cuddling Gabriel on the couch and then thinking "That'd never happen." So it started out about Gabriel's alone cuddling time with a fake Sam and I threw in a confused Castiel... and it flowed from there. I'm not sure what direction it'll take, so let me know what you think. I'm open to suggestions for future chapters, although I'm not planning on making this too long. Thanks for reading.