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Chapter 11: Victory

Dean Winchester paced back and forth in the hotel room he shared with his little brother that was taller than him. The walls were made of fake wood paneling with cheap frames of mountain scenery paintings mounted on them. The carpet was a dirty olive green that was probably once a richer more vibrant color and Gabriel the arch angel sat on one of the not-so-fluffy quilted beds watching him, wondering if it was possible for him to wear the carpet right off the floorboards.

Sam Winchester sat on the other bed, leaning forward with one arm dangling over his knee, the other fisted at his chin. His hazel eyes not watching his older brother's movements but instead staring at a spot on the floor that he didn't want to know the origin of while he bit his bottom lip and let his long, dark bangs fall forward into his face.

Gabriel had opted to wait for Sam and Dean to arrive at the hotel room before making his second appearance of the day. The alternative was to ride in the backseat of the Impala for a very uncomfortable, long ride away from the mountain trail they had hunted an Acheri on after Sam let slip that he'd kissed a two-thousand year old arch angel to form a protection contract with.

It was hard to pin what emotion Dean was feeling. The usual stoic hunter's green eyes constantly flickered between burning hatred with the angel, to confusion about his brother's sexuality, to hurt that his brother had kept yet another secret from him.

He ran a hand through his short spiked hair and stopped suddenly between the beds facing them, causing Sam to peek up at him through his bangs.

"Alright! Samuel Francis Winchester and Gabriel- Gabriel Jesus Heaven Arch Angel Almighty -"

Gabriel cut him off right there with a raised eyebrow. "WHAT, did you just call me?"

Dean threw his long arms up in the air. "I don't know your full name!"

"Well it certainly ISN'T Gabriel Jesus Heaven Arch Angel Almighty."

"I DON'T CARE!" Dean roared and Gabriel chose to let the older hunter's anger slide, fixing him with a heated stare instead of arguing back.

He rounded on Sam. "When were you planning on telling me about this? Didn't it seem like it'd be important enough to mention?" His voice was almost a growl although he let his expression soften at his little brothers apparent nervousness under his wrath while he mentally decided that a tongue bath with an angel was much better than anything he could have, and had done, with a demon.

"I didn't think it was that important..." Sam's voice was quiet but it echoed loud in Gabriel's mind as he felt his chest constrict at his words. "Like I said, I thought he was just screwing with me."

"And if someone screws with you, you don't think that's important?"

Gabriel sighed as he heard the protective tone in Dean's voice and the hint of danger if anything at all were to happen to Sam.

Dean and Sam both gave him a slight glance when he sighed. Dean with his hands on his hips, standing over Sam like an owner scolding a puppy that had just chewed up his favorite boots. And Sam looking very much like a puppy that had just chewed up such boots.

When Sam didn't answer Dean's question he asked another. "Is there anything else that I need to know about."

Sam shook his head again, still unable to look at the brother he adored and had looked up to since before he could walk, yet had been betraying him so much lately. Gabriel knew how hard the younger brother had been trying to make up for the mistakes he had made in his past and felt slightly guilty to have added to the long list of issues growing between him and his brother.

Lost in his own thoughts be barely registered the sound of a door closing and looked up to find himself alone with Sam, who had just let himself fall backwards onto the bed with a soft thump and covered his face with his hands.

"Where uuuuh did big bro go?" He questioned, slightly surprised that Dean would leave him alone in a room with Sam just after he'd found out about what went on behind his back between the two of them.

"To the nearest bar with the most whiskey." Sam mumbled through his hands. "He thinks i'm gay now thanks to you."

That brought the smirk right back to Gabriel's lips. "Oh that's too bad." He was sure Sam could almost taste the sarcasm dripping off his words. "At least he already knew you were prone to other species relationships."

That remark that reminded Sam of Madison and Ruby brought one of his large hands away from his face so he could tilt his head to the side and glare at the angel.

Eyebrows raised over pale green eyes. "Don't be angry darling. Not to sound cocky-" He started knowing full well how cocky he was. "Buuut I AM a million years better than a werewolf or demon."

Before Sam could respond Gabriel swung his legs between the beds and faced Sam, leaning forward and started ticking off reasons on his fingers. "You won't get rabies or something worse if I bite you, I'll never ask you to drink my blood, AND even if that's your kink, ya know, whatever floats your boat, my blood won't turn you into a drug addict. Oh, and did I mention i'm good looking?"

"No, but you also forgot to mention you talk to much." Sam rolled over on his side. He looked neither angry or pleased with the angel.

They both lapsed into silence and Gabriel let himself be the one to break it with the question that had been nagging the back of his mind ever since it arose.

"I'm not important?"

Sam's expression never changed.

"I never said that."

Gabriel raised a finger and pointed it at the human laying on the bed next to him. "I distinctly remember you saying exactly that I wasn't important enough to mention." He tried to push some humor into his voice but failed miserably when his voice came out monotone and defeated.

Sam sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, squeezing his eyes shut as if he had a headache. "That's not what I meant. And why does it matter?"

"It doesn't."



The only sound Gabriel heard was Sam softly sighing and the rustle of bed covers as he stood up. He didn't turn around as he felt the bed dip when Sam sat down behind him. He did however stiffen slightly in surprise as he felt Sam's arms wrap themselves around his shoulders, burying his face in his neck. He relaxed back into the comfort, feeling his warm breath against his collarbone and the gentle rise and fall of his chest behind him. He never said the words but his body language told him he was sorry for hurting the angel's snarky feelings. And he forgave him. After all, if it was one thing that his father had taught him, it was forgiveness.

He closed his eyes, not even needing to tune into Sam's aura to feel his heartbeat so close to him. Having the hunter this close to him he was fighting a loosing battle with his self control. It had been days since he'd created Fake Sammy, no longer content with the imitation and unable to look at it's hazel eyes that didn't belong to it anymore. And it'd been ages longer since he'd created anything else for any kind of physical contact. The comfort was quickly breaking down his walls and he wouldn't be able to stand it for much longer.

"Sam, i'm giving you a fair warning. You have 10 seconds to get away from me or I may do something your going to regret." The words sounded almost like a threat if it weren't for the strained sing-song voice that spoke them. When his only response was human arms tightening their grip around his shoulders, he counted to 10 as quickly as possible.

1234567-oh forget it.

Caution thrown to the wind, Gabriel jerked himself out of Sam's grip and turned, pinning him down to the bed with surprising strength. His hair fell from it's usual slicked back location fell across his cheeks as he stared into determined hazel eyes that he could almost swear were daring him to make his next move. He silently finished 8-9-10 before tilting his head down, his lips meeting once again with Sam's, but for the first time being the first to make the contact he'd so desperately craved.

Sam's lips parted, unlike their tight-lipped bonding kiss that had been a little more than a smooch, allowing the arch angel to run his tongue along the human's lower lip. Gabriel felt Sam's breath hitch in his mouth as he arched his back into Gabriel's touch and the arch angel slid a pale hand behind Sam's head, gripping his dark curls tight and bringing him closer to him and deepening the kiss one last time before they broke apart and Gabriel heaved himself to sit up on his knees and stare at Sam who mimicked his stare with a slight deer caught in the headlights look.

Not that Gabriel minded, not at all, but he wasn't expecting Sam to go down without a struggle much less kiss him back.

"You seem like you were expecting that..." He started slowly eyeing the human cautiously as a sly smirk of his own spread across Sam's lips.

"Your not as tricky as you used to be."

Gabriel stopped, furrowing his brows. The wheels in his mind were racing but none of them made sense.

"You...wha? You were..and you?" He was cut off as Sam reached up and pulled him back down to lay on his chest, his strong arms tightening around the angel's back, hugging him close.

They laid in silence together for what seemed like forever, neither of them needing to say a word or do anything but feel the comfort of each other's touch in their arms. Gabriel breathed in the mango smell of the hotel conditioner Sam had been using and resisted using his powers to literally freeze time around them. He wanted this to last forever, but he didn't want to change a single thing or alter this moment in any way.

They were both so wrapped up in each others worlds at the moment that neither of them heard to click of the lock of the door being opened, but neither of them could ignore the "Oh COME ON! God-dammit!" Issuing from Dean's voice in the doorway.

Gabriel propped himself up and raised an eyebrow at the older Winchester.

"Well that's not very nice. I don't take your father's name in vain. John-dammit! See? See how hurtful that is?" He tilted his head to the side under Dean's green eyed glare. "Your right - John doesn't really have the same ring to it." He pretended to ponder while he stalled for time and Sam squirmed uncomfortably under him, silently begging him to have the decency to roll off of him while his brother was in the room.

"Well...Dean...It's better than a werewolf or demon, right?" He shot his brother a nervous smile and Gabriel burst out into laughter, recognizing his own words he'd used only minutes earlier.

Dean leaned back against the door frame before shutting the door and looked at the ceiling as if begging God himself to come down and drag Gabriel home like a son that was late for curfew and ground him for eternity.

Dean's gaze softened slightly as he looked at his little brother and he sighed.

"You are SO getting your own room from now on." He muttered and a soft smile appeared on his face for a second before he rubbed his temple. "But for now, can you get off my little brother?"

"Well, I was in the process when you walked it-"

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT" Dean looked on the verge on panic at the unwanted shared information and covered his eyes with a hand, taking long controlled breaths.

"Just...out. Now."

Gabriel hesitated, looking down at Sam who looked surprisingly calm. For a brief second he debated staying and sharing the burden that would be Dean's wrath but looking back and forth between the brothers, he vanished without a sound. Running his fingers lightly over Sam's cheek before the spot where he once sat became occupied only by thin air.

He didn't go far, just outside the door. He could hear hushed voices inside and leaned his head back against the old wood, smiling. The Winchester's shared a special bond. Dean wanted what was best for Sam, but he also wanted him to be happy. And a brother that paid as much attention as Dean did to Sam, could tell when his little brother was happy. Dean may not want to admit it, but deep down he also knew that Gabriel would protect him.

Things may be tense and awkward for awhile, but everything was going to be ok.

End chapter 11.

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