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Chapter 2: Memories

Gabriel stood outside the Sun Daze Inn marveling at its ridiculous name, and it's even more ridiculous bright yellow and orange rails and doors against the dirty white building. The wind barely moved his chestnut brown hair had a reddish tint to it, suggesting that his vessel had been from Irish decent, which was only clarified by his dark green eyes.

He wished more than once that angels could be like demons, and just possess whomever they wanted to. He sure wouldn't be stuck in this short body with big ears, that was for sure. But then again, he was luckier than Michael, who still couldn't get a willing vessel to let him into their body. Even Lucifer had found a temporary vessel, Nick.

He could see room #113 on the 2nd floor to his right. He could have easily teleported into the room itself but he found himself taking the stairs, walking the slow route so he'd have more time to think. To think of why he didn't think of anything to say before he got here. To wonder if one of the Winchester brothers or Castiel was spying on him at this moment. To find a way to convince them he wanted to join them. To convince himself that he wanted to join them as well. Even though Castiel had been the one to come to him, he knew the younger angel wouldn't be willing to accept him right away. And he was even more sure that he'd have to fight the Winchesters, especially Dean, nails and teeth to get them to trust him after everything he'd put those boys through over the years.

At first it was an accident. He was just playing a short gig at a college. Passing through when he heard rumors about a professor that liked to molest his students. About a kid whose fun Friday nights consisted of animal abuse and everything intensified by the mindless jocks swarming around him, preying on the weaker fledglings.

And then the hunters showed up. As they always do. Over the years Gabriel had fought hunter after hunter, watching as they killed clones he'd created of himself for the 'boss fights' and waltzed away feeling successful, not knowing that the creatures they had named "Tricksters", were actually all just one, very powerful, very bored, Arch Angel.

He was impressed from the first time he set his eyes on Sam. He was tall, taller than most humans that Gabriel met. His hair fell in soft waves around his ears and he had soft hazel eyes that looked like they belong to a kicked puppy at times. He wondered what he'd look like soaking wet and debating making them get stuck in a freak heavy rain storm.

It'd been easy to make the two brothers fight; they had been on the edge of each other's last nerve long before they arrived. First things were first, find out what meant the most to each of them, and then frame the other for something happening to it.

First it had been Sam's laptop. Dean had already frozen it once surfing Asian porn sites so it would be easy to just make it vanish and Sam would assume the only logical thing, and take it out on Dean. And it was then that Gabriel's interest was sparked. He found it cute the way the younger brother cherished the hunk of electronic parts and plastic. He found himself wishing that he could spend as much quality time with the human as that laptop did. Hell, he found himself wishing that he could be on his lap, under his hands like that.

But the angel quickly banished those thoughts and went on with his work. Letting the air out of the Impala and planting Sam's wallet was too easy. The brothers were still bitter and silently fighting over it the next time he saw them. Sam wouldn't even finish combing the building with Dean; he made up an excuse to go back to the car to leave. Little did Gabriel know that Sam's excuse had actually been so he could bring equipment inside and go through his locker, trying to find proof on him, but for the moment he was just happy for the fact that if he stood about 4 steps higher than Sam he could see directly into his hazel puppy dog eyes.

That night Gabriel set his clone in place for them to come back and try to slay him and watched from the shadows in the back. He almost called off the illusions early as his chainsaw man had Sam cornered on the ground, but he didn't like these feelings he was having towards the tall boy. And if he died maybe the emotions would die with him and he could go on with what he'd been doing for years. But in the end Dean shoved a wooden stake through Gabriel's clone and they went off with their older friend that had come along named Bobby, to get the heck out of town before someone found the janitors body.

This left Gabriel with almost two years before he saw them again. He was in a small town, watching a middle aged man heckle a poor owner of a tourist trap called the Mystery Spot. And, as he later said, the man didn't believe in worm holes, so he dropped him into one. He was debating staying around to look for some more fun when the hunters came again. More specifically, the Winchester brothers.

By now he knew who they were. He'd heard the angels whispering about the famous Dean and Sam Winchester. The younger one, Sam, with the shaggy light brown hair and the demon blood inside of him that was supposed to lead the demon army, and destined to become Lucifer's vessel. And Dean, the older brother, who had given his soul for a one way ticket into hell with only a year left to live, to bring him baby brother back to life, and was destined to become Michael's vessel.

He watched the brothers through, read their movements, their actions, and every word they said to each other. He saw what was easy to see, what every demon and angel already knew. That they were each other's weakness. That if either of them were in danger, the other would throw all caution to the wind to save them, even if it meant their own life.

He didn't like the idea of Sam throwing away his life for anything, much less another human while hunting these stupid creatures of the dark. It was time to teach Sammy a lesson.

So Gabriel killed Dean over and over and over again. The same Tuesday for months. After all, time loops were easy for someone with as much power as he had. So for months he watched Sam panic trying to protect his older brother, and he watched the angst in his eyes as Gabriel found a new way to kill him. The kid gave him a good run for his money and there were quite a few times that he had to get really creative by the end of the day to end the older brother. He even had to resort to food poisoning in tacos one morning.

100 Tuesdays later, he let his guard down and got tired of the same old maple syrup for so many days in a row and ordered strawberry instead. Just a little thing that he didn't think would matter, but the hunter picked up on it and tracked him down the next day.

Part of Gabriel was proud of the human for figuring him out. Happy to be so close and looking into his eyes even if he was uncomforbly pinned to a fence with a wooden stake pointed at his heart. But the bigger part of him, wanted to push Sam further. He wasn't going to lose this game. He let the day turn to Wednesday and killed Dean one last time.

Then he watched Sam for six months. Six months of tracking him down with pictures of himself stapled all over the hunter's motel room wall. Six months of him stitching himself up from vampires and banshees and drinking alone. Six months, and he finally couldn't play this game anymore. Not only could he not stand the look that had come to live in Sam's eyes, he'd been watching Sam train himself to become a better hunter, and he felt like he was ready. So he faked a phone call from Bobby and had another fake showdown with the Winchester boy before letting everything go back to normal, hoping that he'd learned his lesson. That he wouldn't recklessly throw his life away for anyone or anything, even his own brother.

He tried to ignore them after that. When they got close to a town he was in, he'd pack it in early and hitch elsewhere. Not because he was scared of being hunted again, but because he didn't want to see Sam again. His thoughts were constantly plagued by the tall human with hazel eyes and the further he was from him; the less he felt the need to toy with his life. He'd already shown himself to the Winchester's twice, something he'd never let any other hunter see before. If some hunter was unfortunate enough to meet Gabriel twice, he smoked the crap out of them. He couldn't let anyone know that all the tricksters in the world were really just one. His brothers and sisters in heaven would eventually hear the rumors and put the pieces together and then his gig would be up. And it was way too sweet of a gig to give up. There was no way he was going to be dragged back to heaven, back into that constant family feud with his father absent, not caring while they all killed each other and wrecked havoc on Earth.

So he laid low, waiting for each of them to say yes to Michael and Lucifer and become their vessels, fight it out and have everything done and over with. But that day never came. He waited and waited, listening to the whispers of the angels. Listening to them whisper about how stubborn the humans were, how Castiel had turned against them and killed Uriel and joined the humans. How even though they brought Dean out of hell, he wouldn't play his part in the war and be Michael's sword. And Sam was being just as defiant towards becoming Lucifer's weapon as well. He heard about their fights, the demon blood, Anna, everything.

One more game. It was time to teach these boys one more lesson: to play their parts.

As soon as he saw Sam the emotions he'd tried so hard to keep concealed came rushing back. The emotions that an angel shouldn't, couldn't, be feeling. His hair had grown longer, no longer looking like a teenage boy with his wispy bangs in his eyes, but pushed behind his ears, the rest of his hair falling in waves down his neck, trying to reach his shoulders that seemed to have grown broader. He had more muscle on his arms and a hard, cold look in his eyes.

And then Castiel showed up and ruined everything. He barged in during the middle of his Japanese game show and tried to teleport the boys out so he teleported him to, well, somewhere unpleasant, first.

Then, somehow, Castiel escaped and got back. He knew of only one thing powerful enough to make him vanish within a second, and that creature wasn't a trickster, it was an angel. Sure enough, the second he set his eyes on Gabriel, he could see the recognition of who he really was flicker in Castiel's eyes, as he tried to pry the duck tape off his mouth. Gabriel banished him one last time.

But of course, the boys figured him out again. For real this time. They were the first humans to ever know what Gabriel really was. An Angel, instead of the trickster that they'd made up to name him years ago. And just like the strawberry syrup, it was his own fault. Banishing Castiel like that showed his true power, power that normal creatures on Earth, even the ones in the dark, didn't have. And he shouldn't have gotten so angry but he couldn't just keep his calm while these lesser beings were insulting his family. But where had losing his calm gotten him? Into a ring of holy fire, watching Sam walk out that door with Dean and Castiel as he waited for the sprinkler system to extinguish the flames and free him from his capture.

And then less than a year later Castiel walked in on him cuddling with a fake Sam Winchester and now here he was, standing outside of a brightly painted motel door.

This chapter was just a review of Gabriel's encounters with the Winchester brothers from his own point of view, trying to add a little back-story to where Gabe's emotions for Sammy came from. Next chapter he confronts Sam, Dean and Castiel and we'll get somewhere with this story.