I do not own Ranma 1/2, Final Fantasy, or Sailor Moon. I created this story simply for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.

Prologue - Tragic Tale


"Oh wow honored customer manage fall in "Frozen Spring of Drowned Beauty". Tragic tale of Beautiful Blue hair woman who drown over three thousand year ago. Is one of first spring made." The portly Guide then paused in thought. "No record of any fall in there before. Must go write down. No go away Honored Customers, return soon."

The Guide then runs off to his hut to record this "momentous" event.

The fat man with the handkerchief over his bald head nervously approaches the spring.

"Ranma? Quit fooling around boy. Get out here so we can continue training." Genma Saotome shouts at the spring. However all that happens is the spring freezes back over, identical to the state it was in a few minutes before. "RANMA!" Genma then rushes over and attempts to break through the ice.


A loud scream fills the Valley.

The Guide returns a few moments later to find Genma curled up cradling his hand, whimpering.

"Honored Customer, you okay? Where young Mr Customer? Did he not come out of spring?" The Guide asked Genma, who could only lay there and whimper for his hand and lost retirement.

"Oh sad tale of young Martial Artist who drown in spring." The Guide says sadly.

Genma wales to himself not really paying attention to the surrounding world. 'Ranma, how could you drown and leave your poor father to the mercies of a harsh world...'

"Oh, Honored Elder. How might this humble servant aide you this day?" The guide greets a small, shriveled....gnome? Genma couldn't really tell.

"The whole village heard a scream. Is everything alright here Guide?" The old gnome says to the guide.

"Tragic tale Honored Elder. Young Mister Customer fall in Frozen Spring of Drowned Beauty, then drown. Honored customer here try to save, but spring froze again." The Guide replied, seemingly without need to breath.

The little gnome hops up to Genma on her staff. "I am the Matriach of the Joketsuzoku Amazon tribe. My name is Ku-lon." She looks at Genma's hand. "It would appear you shattered just about every bone in your hand. Follow me, we shall attempt to fix your hand before you can't use it anymore."

"I don't need any help from any weak women. All women should ....." Genma continues to rant for a few minutes while the Amazon Elder gets annoyed. After a few minutes, with a lot of eye-twitches, Elder Ku-lon taps Genma with her staff, and launches him into a spring.

"Stupid male." She mutters. The two amazon warriors following her just giggle.

As the Amazons are about to leave and return to their village they hear a cracking sound.


The "Frozen Spring" has shattered.

End of the Prologue.