Chapter 3 - Interlude - The Quest for the Queen

"Get back here thief!" An Amazon warrior shouts.

Genma runs through the forest outside Jusenkyo, chased by a dozen women with spears and swords.

'Stupid girls, they will never be able to catch me, a master of the Art, hehehe' Genma thinks to himself as he approaches the cursed springs.

"Thief, give back scrolls! Then take punishment!" the lead Amazon shouts at Genma. Just as Genma is passing the springs he feels a sharp poke to his side. He drops the scrolls in surprise as he is suddenly thrown into another spring.


Ku-Lon collects the dropped scrolls and hands them to one of the warriors. She looks back to the springs and sees a small pink and black figure crawling out of a spring.

"Now I not see that before." The guide says as he approaches. "Customer fall in another spring. Tragic tale of..."

"KUPO, PU KUPO KUPO!" Genma shouts at the guide. 'Oh no, not another one.' Genma sobs to himself.

"OH WOW!' a younger Amazon shouts. "It's a panda moogle, ITS'S SOOOOO CUUUTEEE!!" She starts chasing after the moogle with panda markings with the intent of hugging it, cuddling it, petting it and calling it "Betty".

'Uh oh, I gotta get away from here. Soun will help me, and he can help me get Ranma back.' Genma thinks and desperately tries to plan a way back to Japan. He starts to flee towards the coast and slams into a young boy, almost falling into another spring.


'I wonder who fell into that spring, oh well I have more important things to worry about. Like finding Ranma and getting away from this crazy girl.' Genma thinks as he flies off in a panic, running away from the girl chasing him.


Ranma is awoken by a loud explosion near the hospital. She gets up and looks out the window and all she can see is people running away from where she assumes the explosion happened. She decided to go see what is happening.


"AAAHHH" screams a young blonde girl that Ranma see is wearing a sailor outfit and running around dodging energy blasts. Something about that outfit and the power she is radiating seems familiar to Ranma.

As it dawns on her and she whispers "Princess?" Then all of a sudden there is a bright flash and she is in her armor once again and is literally flying at the Youma that looks like some sort of insect.

'Why does this always have to happen to me?' Usagi, who is currently Sailor Moon, wonders to herself. 'Pluto said it would be easy to beat these if things if we work together, but where is everyone?' She trips and falls over, just missing being blasted in the back by the Youma. "Where are you guys?" She whispers to herself as she cringes away waiting for the heavy hit that she knows is coming.

Nothing happens.

She looks up to see the Youma frozen in place with the tip of a long sword sticking out of its chest, with the blade looking to be made of some sort of crystal. Then the Youma collapse into dust. Then the sword disappears into a mist leaving a young woman with long blue hair and brilliant dark blue eyes kneeling before her. "Umm, hello? I'm Sailor Moon, who are you?" She asks the woman.

"Princess Serenity, who I am is a bit complicated right now. However at one time I was Shiva, the Ice Queen of Mercury. Currently my past and present selves are merging into one and I am finding it difficult to tell the difference at times. When I know exactly who I am now, I will of course let you know Your Majesty." She responds.

"Oh, ok. I will just call you Shiva for now then." Usagi was confused by all that was said, but was sure Pluto or Mercury would explain it later. Now that she thought about it, this woman reminded her somewhat of Mercury. Well, that left only one thing, "Do you want to be friends?" She asks Shiva.


"Gah, RANMA THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Ryoga shouts to the Valley of Jusenkyo.

"Oh Honored customer fall in spring of drowned....where honored customer go?" the Guide asks then gives off a sigh "Why no one listen to Guide?"

End of Chapter 3

Author Note: I will be going to an Anime Convention next weekend so I won't have a chance to write the next chapter until the following week. I should have chapter 4 up the weekend after next. Don't worry chapter 4 will be longer, I was just setting the stage in this chapter.