Yay this is the first fanfic for this book. This story has been anoying me for a wile so it feels good to get it out.

Andine and Eliar slowly walked through the crowed, watching the half familiar faces.

"When was the last time we saw all of these people?" Eliar asked Andine in amazement.

"The last time we saw Emmy and Daddy." Said a new voice, causing Andine and Eliar to jump.

"Leitha?" Andine asked unsure of herself.

"No, it's the queen of Dhweria," was the sarcastic response that Andine got from her sister.

"Very funny. By the way have you actually seen those two yet?"

"I am pretty sure that they will turn up eventually, knowing them. They like to make a grand entrance."

"That's our Althie." Andine finished. "By the way where are you in this hell hole of a crowed?"

Right behind you!" at that Andine spun around.

'Leitha! I haven't seen you in a very long time." She started. While Andine took Leitha away Bheid and Eliar started to catch up on what was happening on the other side of the world, as Gher had so kindly put it when they had told him where they were to live.

"So what is happening on your side of the world?"

"Nothing much. Collecting more recruits, the usual."

"What nothing unusual happening?"

"Eliar you think that after spending that much time with Althalus we are going to have something unusual happen in our lives?"

"Your right. I wasn't thinking."
"I would have thought that you needed to think, being the Aryo, married to the dangerous Arya and everything."

"I do think then. Just when I have the chance not to think I don't bother anymore." Bheid nodded and the pair walked away chatting casually.

Gher was just walking around not paying any attention to anything in particular thinking about the little training he had done with Althie all those years ago when he bumped into someone.

'Sorry miss. 'He said before he walked off. He didn't get very far before he was called by the person he ran into.

'Gher?' Andine asked the man who had just accidentally ran into her muttered quick apologies and walked off.

'Andine? I thought that… I don't know what I thought.' At the end of that he gave a big cheeky grin.

"Have you seen Em?'

'no, but you can't have one without the other."

"I know, but I can't see either of them.'

'Maybe they just aren't here yet?'

'Have you ever known Althie to be late? Alright don't answer that one, but Em?' she asked totally confused.

'Maybe they didn't get invited?'

'Do you know who is even organizing this thing anyway?'

'No. I was hoping that you would know.'

'Do you know why it is for?'

'No clue about that either.'

'Ok.' Just then Leitha decided that now was the perfect time to join in.

'What is happening?' she said, not noticing Gher.

'Leitha I would like you to meet someone. An old friend of mine. Leitha this is Gher. Gher this is Leitha.'

'Strangely enough I think we have met before.'

'Stop that. Yes I know who this is.'

A whole minute went past before she suddenly spun around and wrapped Gher in a big hug.

'I havent seen you in ages! You look different. I wonder what is different about you? Hum' gher rolled his eyes ang slipped away to talk to Eliar and Bheid.

The woman smiled. Everything was going according to her plan. Looking to the man she caught his eye and he nodded. It was time to put the plan into stage two.

Ohh who are the woman and man?

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