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Rose smirked at the Doctor as she turned the page to look at the next story. "Jack Harkness: The Torchwood Institute," she read aloud before glancing at the Doctor whose face had suddenly lit up with childish glee. She frowned at him, "What is it?"

He jumped to his feet and bounded over to Rose and peered over her shoulder, bemusing Rose with his sudden change of attitude. "I know who should hear this!" he grinned, now happy that the next story was not going to be aimed at him.

"Who?" Rose queried curiously.

"Torchwood themselves," the Doctor announced with a mischievous grin as he darted to the console already changing the settings and pressing various buttons and twisting dials like some sort of ritualistic dance.

In less than two minutes, the Doctor had landed then in Cardiff in the 21st century. He took Rose's hand and half-dragged her out of the TARDIS and along the bay, barely acknowledging the scenery or the people milling around going about their day to day business. Rose laughed, clutching the book to her chest as she ran along with him.

"Hi!" he grinned as he burst into the tourist entrance of Torchwood and encountered a friendly, young Welshman. "I'm the Doctor. And I've got something that might interest you and you're little team."

The man hesitated and looked at him curiously, "You know about us?"

"Yes, yes, Torchwood," the Doctor nodded excitedly, grabbing the book from Rose and holding it out to the young man in front of him. "We found this. And we thought you'd be interested."

As the young man read the cover, his eyes widened and his mouth fell open slightly. "...I think you should come in," he said after a moment.

The Torchwood team were assembled in the board room, crowded around the Doctor whom held their attention like some sort of magician as he held the book in his hands, looking around at them. Jack Harkness himself, however, was absent at present. Ianto Jones had mentioned something about an intelligence-gathering trip when he was questioned about the Captain's whereabouts. The Doctor, however, was quietly glad that Jack wasn't there at the moment.

"Well. Lets here it then," Gwen prompted, looking at the Doctor in wide eyed apprehension, almost fearful about what the book would hold. Her worries were only increased once the Doctor did start to actually read the chapter.

"Jack Harkness was so incredibly awesome that people stopped to stare at his sheer beauty."Here, the Doctor paused and looked around at his stunned audience, grinning with pride at being able to inflict this on somebody else now.

"...You've got to be kidding." Owen Harper was the first to speak. "Jack wrote this?"

"Are you really surprised?" Gwen asked him, looking around with a pained grimace.

"Well... no," Owen sighed looking disgusted. "Urgh, do we have to listen to this?"

"Yep!" the Doctor grinned cheerfully going back to reading, "This was, incidentally was how Jack came to be discovered by the Torchwood Institute – he had simply been walking along exuding sexy wonder when a Torchwood agent had spotted him and stopped him to ask him to join their team of Earth-defending musketeers. Naturally Jack had accepted because he'd be able to use his beauty and immortality to nobly defend Earth which was one of the planets most to appreciate his wonder."

"What?" Owen squeaked, "He thinks we appreciate his wonder? Ianto might but-."

"Owen," Ianto interrupted, flustered, glaring at his colleague to be quiet.

"Oooh, are you and Jack-?" Rose began but Ianto got up quickly announcing he was going to make coffee in a desperate bid to change the subject.

In seconds, Gwen was on her feet, an arm around him, forcing him back to his seat. "If we're being subjected to this, so are you."

The Doctor just smiled slyly and carried on, "It wasn't long before Jack had risen through the ranks of Torchwood, managing to be both a caring lover and a hard-hearted demon in the face of danger and trouble. He did so magnificently and therefore fully deserved his position as a boss and he was able to develop Torchwood into something altogether more attractive and smooth operation."

"Oh no," Toshiko whispered quietly, speaking for the first time. "Please say we aren't mentioned?"

"Why do you think we came here?"Rose laughed happily, throwing an arm around the Doctor and smiling around at them before taking the book from the Doctor and going to read it out, "It was quite an accomplishment, even if he said so himself. Which, in fact, he did."

"Yeah but that doesn't mean he has to share it," Owen muttered darkly.

Rose laughed and carried on, "Jack didn't know of anyone who wasn't totally stunned by his new team: Gwen Cooper who was his protégée and was honestly quite attractive-."

"He thinks that?" Gwen gasped at Rose, eyes widening, jumping to her feet and going to read the book over her shoulder.

"Gwen, we all knew Jack likes you," Owen said moodily, swinging back on his chair and looking impatient. "What's he got to say about me?"

Rose rolled her eyes and continued, "Owen Harper who had a sorted of rough charm that appealed to Jack even if he could never outdo the ultimate sex-god that was himself-."

Owen was speechless for a moment before blurting out, "He likes me? Like that? ...Oh, hell."

Ianto was beginning to look more than a little jealous.

Rose carried on, "Toshiko Sato who was polite and sweet and something of a contrast to the rest of the team but balanced them out nicely..."

"Aw!" Gwen smiled, "That's nice!" Toshiko merely blushed slightly.

"And then there was Ianto Jones. And Ianto Jones was just so goddamn beautiful that Jack was happy to have him on his team of attractive people, and maybe even he'd even been able to find the cute Welshman a special place in his heart. Which was quite something for Jack Harkness. Jack and Ianto were together a lot and-."

"And that's definitely a story worth telling," a new voice joined them now. Everyone spun around and saw Jack Harkness in person burst through the door, hands in his pockets casually as he looked around the group. "Maybe I should take over here... Besides. You don't want to read much further – doesn't do you good to know the future."