Monday November 25th 2002

"Max, I'm so sorry. I know how much this meant to you, to us, but I really can't get out of it; not if I don't want to fail the semester." My heart sinks at her words; I've been looking forward to Thanksgiving for so long, but I know I have to be strong.

"I know, Liz; I know. I'm sorry too. It's just frustrating that we can't be together on Thanksgiving. I'll be thinking of you this weekend, and hey, we'll still have Christmas, right?"

"Yeah, we will," she agrees. "God, Max, I'm missing you so much right now." Her voice hitches as she speaks and I just want to wrap her up in my arms and never let go.

"Me too, Lizzie. You know, I keep imagining that you're here with me and we're going to class together and having fun; but then I think about how well you're doing at Harvard and how lucky you are to be there, and I can't feel sad that you're not here because I know that Harvard is where you're meant to be."

Where did that come from? Of course, I want her here with me. In fact, sometimes my heart literally aches for her, but my in reality, my head knows that Cambridge is where she belongs.

"Oh, Max, you're making me cry now!" I can hear her sniffling on the other end. "I love you so much, don't ever forget that."

"Oh, I won't, Lizzie; because I love you that much, too."

God, when did I turn into such a sap? Oh, that's right, it was when I fell in love with my best friend.

"How is it that you always know the right things to say?"

Yeah, that's what I'd like to know too!

I'm saved from answering because she suddenly exclaims, "Oh, shit, I forgot! Max, I have to go; I have an appointment with my Biology professor in less than 10 minutes! I'm sorry, Max."

"That's all right." I force a smile. "I'll talk to you later, then."

"Okay, I'll call you when I get in," she assures me. "Love you."

"Love you, too."

I click off the phone with a sigh, closing my eyes against the sting of tears that I can feel there.

"Man, you are so whipped!" I snap my head up to find that Steve has stopped working and is now smirking at me as he rolls his eyes.

"I am not whipped," I say indignantly. "I'm just…"

"Yeah," he nods with a grin. "You're whipped."

"Fine," I sigh. "I give up. There's no point trying to explain it to you."

"Damn right! You'll never see me getting sappy like that over a woman. I have a reputation to maintain."

"Yeah, I bet you do," I return. "Don't think I don't know what you and your 'flavour of the week' get up to in here when I'm in class or out with the guys."

"Yeah, well. When you've got it, you make the most of it," he preens, nodding his dark-blond head smugly and I suppress the shudder that runs through me.

I suppose now is the best time to tell you that Steve doesn't know about my virginal status. I'd be the butt of his jokes for weeks if he knew. As far as he's aware, Liz and I have a sex life and I've made no moves to correct his assumption.

"Well, I'd better be going. I have class at three and I want to get some stuff done in the computer lab before it starts," I announce suddenly, grabbing my bag off the floor. Actually, that's not quite true. I just had an idea and I want to use the Internet to look something up.

I head for the door, leaving Steve to do whatever he was doing when I was on the phone and make my way down the stairs and outside.

I'm going over my idea in my head when a shrill voice interrupts my line of thought.

"Max! Hey, Max!"

I close my eyes briefly before turning around to face the newcomer.

"Abigail. Hi," I reluctantly greet the skinny blonde, as she hurries to catch up with me.

"Fancy seeing you here," she smiles.

"Yeah, fancy that." What is it with this girl? We both live in this building, for Gods sake.

Steve introduced us the week we moved in (before I'd managed to get it into his head that I was actually already seeing someone) and she's been practically following me around since. No matter how many times I tell her that I'm not interested, she still keeps suggesting that we hook up.

Yeah, right!

"Look," I say, shifting my backpack on my shoulder. Now, she's just standing there watching me expectantly. "I really have to get going. Lots to do, you know."

"Oh, okay; if you have to go…" she trails off, pausing for a moment. "I'll see you around, maybe tonight? Eight o'clock at Saggio's?"

"Yeah, maybe," I say offhandedly, if only to get her off my back. There's no way in hell I'm meeting up with her tonight, or any other night for that matter.

"Okay, great," she replies perkily. Suddenly I feel her hand on my arm and I have to fight the urge to shake it off. Shit, what did I have to go and say that for?

I look down at her hand for a moment, before subtly shaking it off and turning away from her. "I really gotta go now," I mumble quickly. "Bye."

"Bye, Max," she calls sweetly as I begin walking away. My back turned to her; I roll my eyes in exasperation as I get as far away from her as possible.

The computer lab in the student union is surprisingly quiet for 2.30 on a Monday. I take a seat down at one of the monitors near the back and quickly log on to the Internet.

Twenty minutes later, I've found what I'm looking for and actually have a real smile on my face for the first time in days.

Oh, that's right, I haven't shared my plan with you yet, have I?

Okay, well here's the thing. I'm not planning on spending Thanksgiving by myself and without Liz. So, I've decided to plan a little trip to Massachusetts this weekend to surprise her. I'm going to find out how much the flights are and then call my parents to see if they might be able to temporarily loan me some money to help pay for it.

I haven't seen Liz in what feels like forever; and you know, I'm not just missing my girlfriend right now, I'm missing my best friend too.

I miss lounging around with her, watching DVD's and chucking popcorn at each other; I miss laughing with her and grossing her out with locker room stories; I miss the way she always insists that she's right, even when we both know that she's not.

God, I just miss her.

I know that she's having a great time at Harvard; she's enjoying herself, mainly due to Becca, her very social roommate. I'm happy for her. When we were talking on the phone a few weeks ago, Liz told me that she was actually glad that Becca kept dragging her off to parties and introducing her to new people; because otherwise she would be spending every day sitting in her room, missing me and not making the most of being at university; which I'm glad about.

That's not to say that I don't have a social life here at UNM; it's just that I've never been as quite as outgoing as Liz and it's kinda hard to go out socialising with your roommate when all he's interested in is finding girls who will put out; and that's really not my idea of a fun night out. Luckily, my fellow teammates on the soccer squad are pretty nice guys and most of them have become good friends of mine. We go out on guy's nights and to the occasional Frat party, but it's not like a constant flow of social activity; which to be honest, suits me fine. I feel like I've found a good balance between studying and partying.

Shit! A quick glance at the clock reminds me that my English class starts in less than five minutes and I'm still sitting in front of the computer, oblivious to everything else. I grab my bag from the floor and log off, quickly making my way out of the room and towards the English department.

Thursday November 28th 2002 – Thanksgiving.

Well, it's all arranged. I spoke to my parents (well, begged them, really) and they agreed to help me out with the cost of the flights; so, this morning, I'm flying out to Boston to see Liz!

I haven't told her that I'm coming; I want it to be a surprise. We chatted online last night and she told me that a friend of hers (her next-door neighbour, Katie, I think) who lives locally, has invited her over for Thanksgiving Dinner, but after that, she's planning on a quiet night in, in front of the TV; so I'm going to surprise her this evening.

There's still about half an hour before I have to leave for the airport. I'm all packed and ready to go, so I put my hands behind my head, stare up at the ceiling and think about Liz. Steve has gone back home to Chicago for the holiday weekend, so I've had the luxury of being alone with my thoughts for a few hours.

As I lie on my bed, my mind wanders back to our trip this summer and how great it was.

You know, looking back, I still can't quite believe that I actually plucked up the courage to tell Liz how I felt about her. I'd lived in the shadows for so long, dating other girls in a vain attempt to keep my mind off her. I wasn't confident that she would feel the same way about me, yet in my heart, something told me that we were meant to be together.

I can still picture the way she looked that night in San Francisco; she took my breath away. I could barely take my eyes off her that night; the way her dress clung to her body in all the right places, the way her hair shone in the restaurant lights; the way she kept looking up and catching me watching her. I honestly hadn't intended on kissing her when we got back to the hotel; but once we'd arrived, I just couldn't help it.

But, I'm so glad that I did. I mean, look where we are now: I love her and she loves me, and we're both happy. I have everything I've ever wanted with her. Okay, so maybe we haven't had sex yet and I can't really complain, since it was my decision to wait, but I can tell you that I'm seriously hoping that we will finally take that step this weekend. After a lot of thought (and more than two months away from Liz), I've realised that I don't want to wait any longer; I'm ready to be with her.

My flight arrives at the airport in Boston at 8.30pm (can you believe that it took 8 hours and a connection in Phoenix to get here?!), I grab my bag off the carousel at baggage claim as quickly as I can and hail a cab to Cambridge. As we approach Harvard University, a knot of excitement begins to form in my stomach. After two whole months, I'm finally going to see Liz again!

The cab driver pulls up outside Liz's residence hall and I get out of the car. After I thank him and pay for the ride, I'm left standing outside the building, wondering how on earth I'm going to get inside. The easiest thing would be to call Liz and have her come let me in, but then that would ruin the surprise, wouldn't it?

Fortunately, a small group of students appear a few moments later and I manage to sneak in after them, casually pretending that I'm part of their group. Once I'm inside, I glance down at the piece of paper in my hand, the one that has Liz's room number scribbled on it and I set about finding her.

Ten minutes and several wrong turns later, I finally find myself outside her room. I can hear the sound of the TV through the door and I smile. My girlfriend is right on the other side!

I'm feeling kinda nervous as I take a deep breath and raise my hand to knock. I don't know why, really; this is Liz, a girl I've known forever. But somehow, it seems different now that we're together. I rap on the door three times and stand back as I wait for her to answer. I hear her voice on the other side, as if she's talking to someone and I start to get worried. Does she have company?

But then the door opens and my worries are immediately put to rest. There she is; a vision in pale blue sweatpants and an oversized grey sweatshirt (actually, come to think of it, that's my sweatshirt!) – her standard vegging-out attire. A smile breaks out on my face as she gasps at the sight of me.

"Max?! Oh my God!" she cries in disbelief, her hand flying to my mouth.

"Surprise!" I grin. "Happy Thanksgiving, Liz."

"Oh my God," she repeats in wonder. "What are you doing here? I thought you couldn't afford…" she shakes her head. "I can't believe you're really here!" she exclaims suddenly, and flings her arms around my neck, hugging me tightly for a moment and then letting go to plant a long-awaited kiss on my lips.

Oh my God, I'm in heaven. She feels so good. My bag slips from my hand, landing on the floor with a thud as I lift my arms and hold her to me as I deepen the kiss. She's so warm, and soft, and sweet; I can't get enough of her. We're just getting into our embrace, our tongues tangling together as our hands drift everywhere, when suddenly a throat clears behind Liz. My eyes snap open in surprise and I pull away from her. There is a guy standing in the middle of the room, a guy I don't know.

"Max? What – ?" She looks confused, so I nod my head in the direction of the strange man. Her eyes widen in realisation, "Oh." She turns in my arms so that she can see both of us. "Max, this is Jack. He lives down the hall," she tells me. "We're both stuck here over the holiday, so he came to keep me company," she explains. "Jack, this is Max, my boyfriend." He nods in my direction with a small smile. I remember now, she told me about him, and that other guy…Tim, I think; they're part of her new group of friends. I know she's just friends with him and that I shouldn't feel jealous, but I can't seem to stop the feeling of envy that rises up in me. It's like when we were in Arizona and I came out to the pool to find her talking to that guy, Aiden. I was so jealous that day.

I'm so caught up in the memory that I almost miss the fact that the guy's talking to me.

"Hey, Max. It's good to finally meet you," he says, holding out his hand. "We've heard all about you."

I shake his hand. "Nice to meet you, too," I smile pleasantly. "I gather you've all been taking care of my Lizzie the past few months. Thank you, I appreciate it," I tell him warmly and beside me, Liz blushes. She looks so cute when she blushes; she always has. I remember when we were kids and she used to blush like that when she got embarrassed. Even back then, I thought she was the sweetest, most precious thing I'd ever seen.

Suddenly, I can't seem to take my eyes off her and I think Jack senses it too, because the next thing I know, he's politely excusing himself and quickly leaving the room. Liz reaches round to close the door behind him and just like that, we're alone.

Before I have a chance to say anything though, Liz's arms are around me again and her lips are pressing firmly against mine. Wow, I've missed this; her warmth, how soft her skin is, the feel of her lips on mine. All too soon, it's over however, as Liz pulls back and the excited questions begin,

"What are you doing here? How did you get here? I can't believe you kept this a secret! I can't believe I never guessed! Oh my God, Max!" she finishes with a laugh and a happy grin.

"Well," I start. "I didn't want to you to spend Thanksgiving here all by yourself, and I also didn't want to spent it without you; and so, since you couldn't make it home, I asked my parents to lend me some money for the flights and I came out to visit you."

"Max, thank you," she sighs, wrapping her arms around my neck once again. "I love you."

I smile; I'll never get enough of hearing those words fall from her lips. A swell of emotion rises up inside me and I have to swallow quickly before I reply.

"I love you, too."

Suddenly, our mouths are fused together again; our bodies flush against one another and Liz is walking me backwards towards her bed. As soon as I realise which bed is hers, I spin her around so that it's her legs that come into contact with the end, not mine, and we fall to the mattress.

For several moments, we don't think, just feel. Liz's hands are roaming the length of my back, causing wonderful sensations to shoots through my body. My own hands are running up and down her sides, occasionally brushing her breasts with a thumb as I go. She's planting feather-like, soft kisses to my face and I reciprocate by nuzzling her neck, caressing a tender spot at the base that I know turns her on. I am rewarded by a sharp gasp from her and I smile against her skin.

I love this woman. I want to make love to this woman; right here, right now.

Eager to show her exactly how much I love her, I slip my hands beneath her sweater; feeling the warm, smooth skin of her stomach.

"Max," she gasps, her fingers finding their way under my shirt. The feel of her small hands caressing my lower back is almost too much to bear and I return my mouth to hers, pouring all my love for her into that one kiss, before taking hold of her top, easing it over her head and dropping it to the carpeted floor.

Before I know it, my shirt has joined hers and I am bare-chested, which is more than I can say for her, considering that she's still clad in a delicate camisole, although not for long.

I realise, as I gently tug the camisole over her head, leaving her only in a white lacy bra, that I haven't seen her totally naked yet. That night in Vegas, when I couldn't help myself and just had to taste her, I didn't even remove her clothing first!

I suck in a breath, preparing to remove the last barrier between me and her naked chest. One at a time, I carefully slip each strap of her bra down over her shoulder, caressing her skin lightly with my fingers as I go. She writhes beneath me, her breath coming in short pants. I don't want to just pull the garment down and embarrass her, but I now realise that I haven't exactly had that much experience in the unfastening of bra and now I'm kind of stuck.

Luckily, Liz's eyes open when I make no move to continue, and I guess she sees the uncertainty in my eyes, because she then raises herself up, reaching behind her to unclasp it. I watch hungrily as she lets the straps slide further down her arms and she shrugs out of the bra, allowing it to fall to the ground beside the bed.

I'm mesmerised by the sight of her as she settles back down against the mattress. I can't take my eyes off her; she's so beautiful.

"I know it's not much," she whispers, averting her eyes.

"No, Liz," I say quickly. "You're just…perfect. Absolutely perfect."

I watch her face as she blushes in response and I just have to lean down to kiss her once more. However, the kiss doesn't stay chaste and quick like I'd intended and before I know it, our hands are everywhere, touching, caressing, stroking, my hands cup her breasts as she places the palms of her hands against my back.

Somehow, we both end up reaching for each other's pants at exactly the same time and there's a moment of hesitation as we both simply stare at each other.

Eventually, Liz breaks the silence, "Max, are you sure? Do you really want to do this tonight?"

I press a quick kiss to her lips. "Yes, I'm sure, Liz. Completely, totally sure," I assure her. "I even came prepared."

"You did?" she smiles.

"Yep, they're in my bag."

"Okay," she whispers. "Let's do this."

I respond with, "Your wish is my command, milady," and reach down to slip her pants down over her hips.

"Wait!" she cries suddenly.

"What?" I'm confused. Has she suddenly changed her mind?

"I think we ought to lock the door first," she suggests. "We don't want anyone disturbing us, do we?"

"No!" My eyes widen at the thought and I roll to the side to let her up.

I watch as she pads across the room and I smiled as she holds her hands to her chest self-consciously. After she's clicked the lock shut, she picks up my bag and quickly returns to the bed.

"You know, I'm so glad that Becca's gone home to Florida for the weekend," she states, as I kick off my shoes and settle back down onto the bed, under the covers this time. Before I slide into the bed, I take the opportunity to reach into my bag and pull out the box of condoms that I bought before I left Albuquerque. I place them on the table next to the bed and then lie down, turning my attention back to Liz.

"So…" I start, somewhat awkwardly.

"So…" she echoes in the same tone; but then she smiles, "Well, I guess I kinda killed the mood with that one, huh?"

A small chuckle escapes my lips as she bites her lip and looks up at me sheepishly. "Yeah, I guess you did," I smile, suddenly entranced as her tongue snakes out to wet her lips. "But you know," I add, my voice coming out slightly hoarse. "I don't think it'll be too hard to get it back again."

"No?" she grins.

"No," I whisper back, my gaze fixed on her lips. I snake an arm around her waist and pull her closer. "Come here, you," I manage to get out, only a second before our lips meet in an eager kiss.

Before I know it, Liz's nimble fingers have unbuttoned my jeans and she has slipped her hands inside, easing them over my hips. I almost jump at the feel of her fingers squeezing my backside through the thin material of my boxers, pressing my erection into her; but suddenly her tongue is begging entrance to my mouth and my surprise dissipates and instead is replaced by arousal at the feel of her intimately pressed against me. Once Liz has managed to manoeuvre my pants down to my knees, I finish the task by kicking them off the rest of the way and then to the floor.

Hastily, I reach for the waistband of her sweatpants. I'm pleased to find that it is elastic and that I don't have to wrestle with any knots or bows. Eager to see her, to touch her, I pull them down over her hips and with her help, they fall to the floor. We're now both clad only in our underwear and I look up at her, stopping all movement for a moment. Her face is flushed and her chest is rising and falling noticeably, but she has the most beautiful smile on her face and I can't help brushing her hair back off her forehead and smiling back at her.

The moment is broken however, when I realise something embarrassing; something that, even though this is my first time, I should have remembered.

I still have my socks on.

I'm in bed with Liz, we're almost naked, and I'm still wearing my socks!

What was I thinking? God; someone shoot me, now!

My expression must show my dilemma because Liz gets a concerned look on her face.

"Max? What's wrong?" she asks tenderly, but I can't bring myself to make eye contact with her. I can feel the tips of my ears getting hot and I just know that they're turning pink. I open my mouth to speak, but nothing comes out. I chance a peek at Liz. Great, she knows I'm embarrassed about something.

Okay, well here goes…

"I…" is as far as I get, before I feel a foot brush against my calf…and my sock. Liz's eyes widen in realisation.

"Oh…" she grins.



But what she does next surprises me. With a mischievous grin, she disappears beneath the covers, furrowing downwards.

"Liz, what…?" I don't get any further because suddenly her hands are on my legs, as she tugs first one, then the other sock down and pulls each of them off.

"Liz, stop it!" I exclaim as she runs a finger along the bottom of my right foot and a muffled giggle sounds from the end of the bed. Damn! She knows how ticklish I am; yet she still tortures me!

"Lizzie!" I try again; this time with what I hope is annoyance in my tone.

I let out a breath when she sighs, "Fine," and stops the movement of her fingers; but my relief is short-lived, because the next thing I know, she's kissing her way up my legs.

Oh my God!

I don't know how long I can stand this new torture. With every kiss and caress, she inches closer to where I need her most, teasing me until I can't think straight, but never quite reaching her target.

The moment she bypasses my groin and begins covering my stomach with light, open-mouthed kisses, is the moment I snap. Wrapping my arms around her, I pull her up my body, letting out a groan of pleasure as her stomach and thighs brush against my straining erection, and I capture her lips in a passionate embrace.

"I want you, Lizzie," I whisper between feverish kisses. "I want you now. No more waiting."

"Okay," she murmurs softly, supporting her weight on her arms as she gazes down at me, her long, dark hair falling over her shoulder like a sheet of silk. It tickles my chest and a shiver runs through my entire body. "So," she begins, leaning down to nuzzle my neck. I close my eyes with the sensation. "How do you want to…you know…do this?"

"Um…I…uh…" What was the question again? Oh, right. How do I want to…Okay.

"Just, um…the usual way, I guess," I manage eventually, my face burning. Why is this suddenly so difficult?

"Okay," she smiles against my skin. "Well, I guess these had better go, then," she whispers, kissing my shoulder as she loops her fingers in the waistband of my boxers and eases them down. I suck in a sharp breath as my erection springs free from its confines, and then my shorts are gone.

I gasp, my breath coming fast as Liz gently strokes me a couple of times, before shifting to my side. She removes her panties, kicking them to the floor to join the rest of our clothes, as she settles beside me once again. I turn towards her, slipping my arm around her waist so that our bodies are touching. I can't help but gasp at the contact. God, she feels so perfect against me, her bare breasts brushing my chest, her stomach and soft thighs touching mine, her pelvis trapping my hardness between us.

"Liz," I mutter, my voice coming out a little deeper than usual. I can't stop my hips from rolling against hers; I'm aching to be inside of her and I don't think I can wait a moment longer. "I need you."

She smiles lustfully, her hand coming up to cup my cheek, her lips moving closer to mine. "I need you, too," she murmurs, sealing our mouths together in a sweet kiss. The movement of my hips against her becomes more frantic as our tongues tangle together eagerly, but before I can give in to temptation and bury myself within her, Liz lays a hand on my chest and stops me.

"Max, wait. We're forgetting something here."

"We are?" I wonder, my brain too fuzzy to think of anything but her.

"Yes," she nods towards the bedside table behind me and I realise what she's talking about. Protection.

"Right, yes. Sorry," I apologise, rolling onto my back as I reach for the box.

A couple of moments later and with little trouble, the condom is in place and I'm ready. I may be a virgin, but I'm no stranger to condoms. When we were in middle school, Michael managed to get hold of some and we each made sure that we knew how to use them (separately, obviously; and in the privacy of our own homes, of course).

Liz rolls onto her back in preparation, smiling softly at me, but I make no move to join her. It's like I'm frozen, just lying on my side, staring at her.

I'm suddenly extremely nervous.

"Hey," she whispers, propping herself up on her elbow. "What are you thinking about?"

"How nervous I am right this moment," I admit.

"Max," she murmurs, stroking my arm with her free hand. "There's no need to be nervous. You're gonna do great, okay?" she grins and despite my reservations, my lips curl into a smile too.

She kisses me then, her hand running down over my stomach towards my groin and then round to my waist. As our tongues meet once more, she stretches out on the bed, bringing me with her until I'm resting above her, my hips nestled between her legs, my arousal pressing against her intimately. At the feel of her soft, wet centre next to me, my nervousness all but disappears and is replaced with desire.

"I love you, Max Evans," Liz declares as her hand snakes down between our bodies and guides me to her opening. I bury my head in her neck to muffle my groan as I enter her.

"I love you too, Liz Parker," I manage in a gasp, my eyes practically crossing at the sensations coursing through my body.

'Oh my God' is all I can think as I ease myself further into her, my breath coming in short pants as her tight, wet heat envelops me. God, this is perfection. Liz is perfection. I can't imagine being this way with anyone else, nor can I imagine knowing anyone else in this way.

Carefully, I sheath myself within her fully and my heart leaps at her breathy moan, as my name falls from her lips. Her arms wrap around my shoulders as I withdraw from her body almost completely before gently pushing back in. The feeling is indescribable; it makes me wonder why I never did this before, why we never did this before.

As my nervousness and uncertainty melts away, I find myself moving more urgently, eager to keep building the wonderful sensations that Liz and I are creating. Liz is pressed firmly against me, her chest flush with mine, her warm, slightly damp skin rubbing wonderfully over mine as we move together. Just when I think this can't get any better, she wraps her legs around my waist and I drive deeper into her than before. We both gasp at the change in position, losing ourselves in a deep, passion-filled kiss, which causes the movement of my hips to quicken, becoming more frenzied and even more urgent than before.

Suddenly, Liz's inner walls tighten around me; squeezing me so deliciously that I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out. Beneath me, Liz is breathing heavily, her eyes closed, her head flung back and I can tell she's close as well. I continue to stroke in and out of her whilst I lean down and press kisses to the exposed skin of her neck. The hands leave my shoulders, her fingers curling in my hair as she whispers my name. I dart my tongue out to lick the sensitive spot behind her ear and suddenly she tenses beneath me, crying out her release.

I can't help but watch her face as she writhes in ecstasy below me and a feeling of pride swells in my chest with the knowledge that I can do this to her, that I can make her lose control like this. I look away a moment later however, as my own release builds up inside me and I have to close my eyes with the force of it.

"Liz! Oh my God, Liz. I love you," I gasp, the words coming out in a jumble as sensation take over and my mind turns to jelly. All I know is what I'm feeling right now and it's the most wonderful, most luxurious feeling in the world. I never want it to end.

Exhausted, my arms give out and I collapse onto Liz, my head buried against her neck once again. Her hands trace small circles on my back and she drops a soft kiss to my hair as I try to catch my breath and gather enough strength to move.

It takes me a few moments, but eventually I manage to roll off her and pull her to me. She settles against my chest, her hand coming up to rest over my still rapidly beating heart as her leg entwines with mine.

"Wow," I exhale. "That was just…incredible."

She giggles softly, "It was, wasn't it?"

"I wanna do it again," I declare sleepily.

"You do, huh?" she lifts her head to look at me.

"Yep. And again and again." I can barely keep my eyes open. "In fact, let's do it again right now."

"Of course, Max. Whatever you want, you just let me know when you're ready again." Her teasing tone is the last thing I hear before I'm dead to the world.

Sunday December 1st 2002

I have just had the most amazing weekend of my life. I've spent two wonderful, blissful days with Liz, making love with her. Liz. The love of my life; my best friend in the entire world.

My life is perfect.

Well, except for the fact that I currently live two thousand miles away from said best friend and girlfriend, and there's still three weeks until Christmas vacation, when I'll be able to see her again.

But you know, this weekend has taught me two very important things:

One, I am more in love right now than I have ever been in my whole life and two…

I love sex!

Honestly, I don't know how I've gone without it all this time. It has to be the best experience in the world, bar none.

Of course, I don't just mean sex in general; I mean sex with one Miss Elizabeth Parker. Actually, I really should call it making love, because I don't think it ever could be just sex with us. Even if it's hard and fast and passionate, it will still always be making love (and believe me, I know – I've learned quite a bit about Liz Parker this weekend).

Man, it's going to be a tough few years with her at Harvard and me studying here at UNM!

With thoughts of Liz, and everything we did these past few days on my mind, I open the door to my room and am greeted with an unusual sight. Steve, obviously back from Chicago, is sitting on his bed, a book in his hand, looking rather serious.

I frown in puzzlement as I walk over to my bed and drop my bag on the floor. Steve looks up at the noise, confused. But then he realises that it's me and his confusion becomes a smirk.

"So, where have you been this weekend?" he wiggles his eyebrows slyly. "I was under the impression that you were spending Thanksgiving with the folks, but Dave from down the hall says he saw you boarding a plane to Boston Thursday morning."

I can't prevent the grin that spreads across my face at the thought of Liz as I reply, "Yeah, I went to see Liz. We had a great time together," I practically sigh, the words slipping out unintentionally.

Steve just eyes me suspiciously for a moment, before he grins, "Well, looks like someone got lucky this weekend!"

I look away, slightly awkwardly, but then his words sink in. "Wait, someone? Do you mean to say that you didn't get any over Thanksgiving? And that I'm the only one in this room that did? Wow," I whistle as he suddenly looks away uncomfortably. I frown. "What about all those girls you were bragging about back home – what was that one girl's name…Donna?"

"What about her?" he asks suddenly and I detect a slightly defensive tone in his voice. I watch him for a second, his body language, and suddenly it dawns on me. He likes this girl; like, really likes her. Wow, the beast may have actually been tamed, who'd have thought it?

"Nothing," I amend quickly. "It doesn't matter."

He watches me for a minute, but then simply shrugs and returns to his book, leaving me to unpack my bags.

"Max?" he asks about thirty minutes later.

"Yeah?" I ask from my inside my closet, where I'm hanging up a couple of shirts.

"Liz, your girlfriend…" he trails off and I poke my head round the door.


"You're always telling her you love her on the phone, but do you mean it? Are you really in love with her?"

Wow, this must be serious if he's asking about love.

"Yeah I do," I smile happily. "I really love her. In fact, I think she might just be the one. Why?"

"Oh, no reason," he shakes his head quickly and I have to suppress a grin. My player of a roommate might just be falling in love. "So, she's the one, huh?"

"Yeah," I smile. "She was my best friend for years, but one day I just found myself looking at her and thinking 'One day, I'm going to marry that girl'."

"And do you think you will?" questions Steve curiously.

"Yeah, I think I will," I grin, before turning back to the cupboard.

Just think; Liz Parker: my future wife.

The End

A sequel entitled 'I'll Be There' will follow very shortly...