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Emmett sat in the top fuel dragster, aware of his crew scurrying around the back of the vehicle preparing the engine to deliver over 2000 horsepower of brute accelerating force. He should have been focused on the track in front of him and running through a series of mental checks to ensure he can make it down the end of the strip in one piece, but instead his mind wandered into a daydream. Visions of the face of the girl he had seen at the drivers briefing just over an hour ago ran through his head.

She was a beauty, brimming with confidence, her blonde hair glistening in the sun like a goddess. She had the politeness of a house maid, yet was able to mix up the conversation with the males that surrounded her.

I might have to check her out after the meeting and maybe catch up over drinks, Emmett thought to himself, always ready to take on the challenge of the perfect lay.

Emmett was drawn from his thoughts by his Crew Chief, who waved his hand in front of his face; it was time to start up. The starter was put into place; then with a flick of the switch it began to turn over the big-block hemi motor. The crew chief sprayed alcohol into the injector hat to enable it to get the right mix of fuel to kick over. Then with a big bang, the pipes began to crackle with a ground-shaking idle that only a top fuel dragster could deliver.

Emmett noticed his competitor in the next lane make their way through the skid pad. The dragster was painted in simple satin black, with no name or sponsor stickers. Emmett was late getting to the track and did not have time to browse the cars that were racing this meet so this new car caught his interest immediately.

Smoke poured off the car's tires as the driver laid down a long burnout to heat up the gigantic slicks. Emmett which with mild amusement and then, being the competitor he was, felt he should make sure his burnout is even more sizable. He rolled his dragster across the burnout pad and dropped the throttle until it goes no more; spinning those tread-less slicks till he feels them take up traction and push him down the track. Coming to a stop he selects reverse and then his chief is in front of him, guiding him back.

As he rolled behind the starting beams he risked a quick glance at the other driver to see if he was looking. Unfortunately, it seemed he was more focused than Emmett at that moment; his black helmet aimed directly at the Christmas tree.

Emmett felt the usual tap on his helmet from his crew chief letting him know the throttle stop had been removed from the injector hat, the computers were set and that he was ready to race. Emmett smacked his helmet telling himself, Focus. 4.56 seconds, I need to focus on the track not worry about the other driver or that girl.

Emmett lowered his visor and slowly moves into the first stage beam. He tightened his gloves, thumped the steering wheel once to ensure it's fitted tight and then focused. This was Emmett's usual staging ritual and it got his mind back in the game. Rolling into the final staging beam, Emmett was set. The pressure was intense, as the field of twenty dragsters had to qualify for just sixteen positions, leaving four racers heading onto the trailer early. Emmett realised his opponent had finally rolled into final stage and it was on.

One flash of three amber lights then the green meant heads up racing and the top fuelers were ready to rumble, literally. The cars launched with so much ferocity and anger that over 4000 plus horsepower was unleashed with a ground shaking roar that it could be heard over 4 miles away. All Emmett focus' on is hitting the gears, first, second and then the parachutes. He revels in the quickest form of quarter mile racing within the world, the competition, the power, the challenge. Mid-track Emmett felt a slight thump from behind him in his rear-engine dragster, and flattened off the throttle slightly to let it gain traction again. However, when he looked up he noticed his competitor was half a car length in front. He mashed the accelerator pedal once again before he crossed the line to gain precious fractions of seconds. Then he pulled the chutes to ensure he stopped in the braking area ready for his crew to bring the tow-car to pull him back to the pits.

Across the two lane road was the mysterious satin black dragster. He noticed the driver emerging from their car. Emmett clambered his own 6'5" frame out of his top fuel dragster, he saw the other driver take of their helmet and Emmett, even at his young age, almost had a heart attack when he recognised the blond from earlier.

"Shit!" Emmett exclaimed from inside his deep black and airbrushed skid lid. "I thought she might have been a back up girl or one of the crew, not a damn driver!"

Edward, Emmett's crew chief, heard Emmett's muffled exclamation from his helmet and questioned his driver on what he was swearing about as soon as the barrier was removed.

"Did you know that was another woman in the field?" Emmett said with a smirk.

"Certainly did, you need to get out more Emmett," Edward replied. "That's Rosalie, Her and her dad just put together the dragster team and this is their first meet."

Emmett hadn't realized he was staring at the rookie driver until Rosalie finally gave him a little wave and a smile. Emmett made a slight wave back and gave a little wink.

"Oh, by the way Emmett," Edward said, interrupting Emmett's moment. "You ran a 4.99, putting you right up in second in the field."

"What did Blondie run?" Emmett asked.

"Well, she pipped your post old mate." Edward grinned. "She got the top spot with a 4.69 and you better get focused man!"

Shit, that's going to be hard, Emmett thought to himself as he saw Rosalie drop her suit off her shoulders and tie it up round her waste. With her Blonde hair waving in the breeze and fine skin she was exquisite. Of course, as he watched her, he did glimpse at her fine chest with her white singlet making her breasts take pride of place. He found that focusing wasn't the only thing that was getting hard.

Once he arrived back at the pits, Emmett made his way around the other competitors having chats with various drivers and catching up. He finally came to a simple white prime mover and semi trailer which had an awning off to the side. The crew was bustling around the dragsters engine. It wasn't an unexpected sight; after every pass the engines in each dragster were rebuilt, checking to ensure there was no damage and that tolerances are optimum throughout the motor. It was something the teams had to be able to do within only 2 hours, it was mandatory if they didn't want a 2000Hp bomb going off only two feet from the back of their driver's head.

Emmett spotted the blonde who had been distorting any straight thoughts within his mind. The feelings that came over him at the sight of her was something he had never experienced before - nervousness, yet with a touch of excitement, almost like being a rookie driver once again. He wandered over to the door of the trailer. "Hey, how ya doin," he said, with a touch of uncertainty whether she would hear him.

She spun round quickly and smiled as she recognised his face.

"Hey," she said, "'bout time you came to visit me."

"Yeah, after seeing you at the briefing I knew I had to get another look," Emmett said, almost in a coy sort of tone.

"It was good seeing someone that wasn't over 40 years old and not bad looking for once too," Rosalie responded cheekily. "But you made feel better being my first meet."

"Yep, been there, done that," Emmett boasted. "So you're first big meet?"

Rosalie nodded.

"Least you've got someone, other than your crew, to look out for you," Emmett said in an offering tone.

"Thanks," said Rosalie. "Maybe later you could take me into town for some drinks?"

Taken somewhat aback by the young woman's enthusiastic offer, Emmett could not hide his excitement.

"Absolutely!" exclaimed Emmett. Being only the first day of a major three day meeting, Emmett saw this as his chance to get his foot in the door. "Today finishes early, how about I swing by here and pick you up, where are staying?"

"I'm actually staying here in the trailer. Comfy-looking isn't it?" she said sarcastically. "But that's what ya got to do when you haven't got sponsors on you already."

"Well," Emmett began confidently. "Why don't you grab your best frock and clothes and I'll take you back to my hotel so you can have a hot, non-dodgy shower, before we go out?"

Rosalie thought for a second, should she take the chance, she didn't know this man personally – even if he was a familiar name around the strip. Oh to hell with it, she thought to herself, after all of the hard work the past few months testing and preparing its good to be on top for once, time for some relaxation.

"Yeah," Rosalie replied. "Why not."

"Cool, so say around 6ish?" Emmett confirmed.

"I'll be here," said Rosalie.

Excitement filled Emmett's stomach as he quickly went about the rest of the day's duties, which included another qualifying run. Again he ran into the 4 second zone with a 4.88, which still did not get him close to Rosalie's top spot. But Emmett didn't mind too much, it was only qualifying, and he had other plans for her top spot so to speak.

He finished the day with a quick meeting with his crew and then headed down to meet up with Rosalie, who was also full of excitement.

She felt as though tonight she could let all her cares go and just have fun. A nice handsome, and somewhat sexy, guy to take her out and you never know, maybe a nice comfy bed to sleep in instead of the dreaded sleeping bag in the trucks trailer. She packed a couple nice gowns just in case of such an emergency, and had put together a bag.

Emmett approached her trailer with an excited bounce in his step.

"Howdy," he said when he reached the trailer. "Ya'll ready for some fun!" he asked, putting on his worst pretend southern accent.

Rosalie burst with a smile and called out, "Coming!"

Shortly after the two headed towards Emmett's jeep which was parked in the back of the pit area, where all crew and driver's cars where.

On the way to the hotel, Emmett and Rosalie talked about themselves. Rosalie went into depth about how she started in racing and how she finally got to where she was now. Emmett too, shared all intimacies about his life.

By the time they reached the hotel, the two had a greater understanding of each other. Rosalie was taken aback that the accommodations for fully sponsored drivers were so lavish, and dreamed about how she could one day be in such a position. But for now, she was going to enjoy her host's company and amenities.

Emmett showed Rosalie the room, then pointed to the bathroom. "Well, we both need a shower, ladies first" he said with a grin.

"Why, thank you, kind sir," she replied in the same poor southern accent as Emmett tried to pull off beforehand and curtseying.

Rosalie moved her way into the almost movie-star like bathroom, all marble and warm lighting. As she unpacked her bag she was again swept away in a bubble of excitement. Knowing without doubt that what she was going to wear would definitely wow her company. She reached into the shower cubicle, and ensured a nice hot shower was the first thing she was going to enjoy for the night. She undressed herself, from the body-hugging white singlet, then her tight denim jeans, followed by her sports bra and then her lacy boy legs. The scene would have melted any man's heart and enlarged their pants just as quick. Rosalie soaked her 5'9" model-like body with water, rubbing a soapy lather over her perky breasts and shapely backside.

Meanwhile Emmett found himself picking out his clothes from his bag. "What is this night going to entail?" he asks himself.

Emmett, who usually doesn't care much for fashion, is compelled to put some effort into his choice. His main criteria was that if anything got hot and heavy, it would be an effortless transition from hot and heavy, to fucking like mammals.

He finally goes of a choice of black slacks with boxers and a white long sleeve button-up shirt, topped off with a loose black jacket.

Hearing Rosalie slowly finishing up in the bathroom, he headed to the living room to await her exit and his turn in the shower.

Rosalie came through the door in the obligatory little black dress. Emmett's eyes lit up, and his mouth started open as she slowly moved in front of him. His eyes slowly ran from her feet and black high heals up the long sexy legs. Her breasts took pride of place yet again with the substantially low-cut dress with the V almost reaching her pierced naval. Her beautifully blonde hair fell seductively over one shoulder.

Rosalie clicked her fingers in front of Emmett, not upset, but surprised the usually vocal dragster driver was speechless.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

Emmett nodded, and finally said, "You look stunning girl!"

"Thanks," Rosalie said, as she twirled - showing off her outfit.

"Well, my turn," Emmett said. "I'd better move or we'll never get out of here".

Emmett grabbed his things and headed towards the bathroom, rather quickly as he was unsure if the bulge that Rosalie had sparked his pants was showing or not. In his rush, he had not closed the bathroom door behind him properly, leaving a half an inch gap in the door.

Entering the bathroom, Emmett was hit with the sensually overpowering fragrance that Rosalie was wearing. Closing his eyes he took a sniff of the smell again, driving his testosterone up again. Boy, he thought, I'm a mess, just the sight of her hair can send me off.

He noticed the pink boy leg shorts left behind by Rosalie on the floor. AAggghhh, he thought to himself, I love those types of undies! I think I dig this chick.

Finally, he climbed into the shower and quick yet thoroughly shaved, then soaped himself, running his hands over his bulging biceps, across his six-pack abs and down the tight buns of steel.

His hands wandered slowly around his own body, washing himself off. Then slowly he began to massage his still fully extended member. Since I'm so uppity, he thought, maybe I should unload before going out, just in case I embarrass myself.

His hand grasped his impressive stem and, with long strokes, he started to pull. His mind flashed back to the first time he saw Rosalie and her perky tits at the track, then to the pink boy legs, the entrance into the living room and the dress which showed off her breast to their full potential. Emmett was unaware though, that curiosity lurked just outside the door. Rosalie, whose attention was drawn by the louder than usual running water, peered through the gap in the door from the couch only a couple meters away.

She could see Emmett's rippling biceps and pecks. The water running over his skin gave her a tingle between her legs. The motion of his hands, which were moving hard and fast now, was also somewhat alluring. She started running her hands up and down her soft thighs, and then slowly she ran her fingers along her underwear. No, she thought, that's for later.

She was turned on, but there was a long night ahead. I need to cool down, she thought. She headed to the balcony wear she could get some cool air.

Emmett finally emerged from the bathroom, dressed and pressed and ready to party.

"Ready to go?" he asked.

"Sure am babe," Rosalie replied.

Where the Hotel was situated, it was only a short walk to various restaurants and clubs. This in mind and the likelihood of alcohol being consumed, they decided to walk. At the restaurant, they had a nice meal along with a few drinks. Both Rosalie and Emmett started to loosen up, and soon found themselves laughing and joking intimately.

"Want to go to the club?" Emmett asked.

"Sure why not, this dress is made for dancing," Rosalie replied.

A short walk later they found themselves at a night club which was renowned for its dance and electronic beats.

They headed to the bar first to ensure the drinks were cold. Rosalie whispered into Emmett's ear, "Why don't you get me something a little heavier than what was at the restaurant".

Emmett looked at her a little puzzled, but with a semi smile.

"It's party time!" she said. She gave a little twirl, lifting her hands above her head. They grabbed their drinks and made their way to a table where they watched the dance floor. Talking and sometimes gently touching each other on arm or legs, which was something Emmett liked as it gave him a chance to enjoy Rosalie's sexy smooth legs. Rosalie finally got sick of moving slowly in her seat, and soon had Emmett dancing on the floor.

Moving with the beat Rosalie would move up and down Emmett, dropping to the floor before making her way back up. Emmett's hand would wander across Rosalie's body loosely with no specific direction but gently touching her tight rear and feeling her tender skin.

After having a few more heavy cocktails, the night started to get a little bit hotter, with the dancing becoming erotic in every instance. Rosalie would loop her arms around Emmett's neck and they would glide their body's close to one another's. Emmett could feel the mound in his pants getting larger and larger. As Rosalie danced, she too could feel that Emmett was growing excited.

She started to feel more randy and her own ideas grew. She spun around so that Emmett was standing behind her. She folded his arms around her and pushed her arse back into his groin. Emmett gave a slight moan as Rosalie too brought her head up under Emmett's chin which soon dropped to lock lips. The kiss was passionate and deep and the pair felt a release inside them of erotic pleasure. Emmett's hand started to wander again, this time with purpose. Slowly moving down to the fronts of Rosalie's thigh's, feeling her smooth skin, then moving slowly up across her stomach and over her breast's, having a low cut top meant that skin again was felt and this only added to Emmett's trouser party.

The pair danced and rubbed against each other and kissed deeply until Emmett couldn't take any more.

"Let's get out of here," he said.

Rosalie brought her mouth to his and replied, "Sounds like fun." Then she sunk her tongue deep into Emmett's mouth.

They headed out of the club and into the street. The club was adjacent to a beach which overlooked the bay, with rock walls lining the beach.

"Want to walk back to the hotel along the beach?" Emmett asked.

"I would love to," Rosalie said with a smile.

The pair headed down the stairs to the sand floor, and started walking. It was 10.30pm so the beach was very dimly lit from the glow of the street lights some 20 meters away.

However, it was enough for the pair to see well in advance if anyone was near.

Rosalie suddenly stopped and wrapped her arms around Emmett's neck, and sunk her aching lips into his and slowly moved her hands down and around his muscular chest. Emmett on the other hand was finding his own rhythm, holding Rosalie's head and slowly moving his hands across her firm tits, before shifting it around and sliding it up under Rosalie's short black dress where he could run his hands across her smooth bum. Rosalie soon became hungry for more than just passionate kissing. Looking around she saw that there was a small recess in one of the boulders that lined the beach. She grabbed Emmett's hand and led him over to the wall and pushed him against the rock.

"You want me Emmett?"

Emmett was a little puzzled by the question but he confidently said, "I want you bad Rose."

Rose started unbuttoning his shirt, kissing Emmett on the neck and down along his smooth rippling chest. Emmett's hands played with Rosalie's hair and shoulders.

He soon found that his hard-on was waving freely in the wind as Rosalie had quickly undone his zipper to gain all access. Her lips moved up and down each side of his rod as Emmett moaned quietly in-case of nearby passersby. She then took his long smooth erection and slid it deep into her mouth, speeding up the thrusts and running her hands across his sacks.

She hesitated for a second. "Did you hear something?" she asked.

Emmett looked around quickly and saw nothing or no one. Instead of answering he brought his hand down to Rosalie's chin and pulled her up to his mouth where he then gave her the kisses of a king. He reversed the score, pushing Rosalie against the rock he was leaning against just moments before. He kissed her neck as his hands wandered down to her tits. He slid his fingers underneath the little black dress and began to rub her erect nipples. Her deep breaths only encouraged an entourage of passion as Emmett drew his tongue down off her neck and in-between the material that now only just covered Rosalie's breasts. He traced the lines of her chest and moved his mouth to one of her nipples, slowly kissing and caressing it with his teeth and tongue. Rosalie whimpered like an excited puppy at the ecstasy that was building up within her.

Emmett's hand lingered up and down Rosalie's inner thighs, gently nudging her pussy every now and then. He then stopped and slowly pushed two of his fingers under her g-string and started to run them across her smoothly shaven snatch.

Rosalie was in ecstasy trying desperately to keep the tone of her moans to a minimum.

Rosalie pushed Emmett head towards her legs, but Emmett decides to keep the moment under his control. "Lets take it easy baby, we're got all night".

He softly kisses the inside of Rosalie's thigh and runs his lips up and down each one. His attention is drawn to the sweet smell that was Rosalie's perfume. He slowly pushes aside the crotch of Rosalie's thong. Gently he kissed her pussy lips and then ran his tongue in between them. Rosalie moaned with excitement and ecstasy, as she has never felt a man take control of her vagina in such a way before. Such control, such poise, oh so talented,

"God your good," exclaimed Rosalie, shoving Emmett's head deeper into her crotch.

Emmett's tongue lingered and circled, and gave Rosalie's clit a rubbing she thought only her hand could do.

Emmett stood up, running his hands over Rosalie's gorgeous body, as were Rosalie's feeling every bump on the muscle bound sex god. Emmett grabbed Rosalie's hips and pulled her in close spreading her legs wide with his own. His cock rubbing against her twat gently as Rosalie slid her hand down in between the couple and pulled her g-string to one side, allowing full entry for Emmett's warm, hard penis. Emmett pushed his cock between Rosalie's lips and felt the warm wetness of her snatch. He could not resist any longer and drove it deep into Rosalie who bit his shoulder in an attempt to stop from screaming in bliss.

His rhythmic thrusts drew Rosalie to convulsion of ecstasy as she hit orgasm.

"I'm not finished with you yet" Emmett whispered into her ear.

The only reply was a gentle moan as Rosalie leaned back onto the rock. Emmett pulled out of her and pulled her off the rock she was sitting on and bent her over it as he slapped his meat on her ass cheek.

"Oh, that's good" Rosalie purred.

As he started to rub his manhood from her asshole to her twat, He sunk it into her vagina once again with a groan of deep emotion that could only be described as heaven. His thrusts were deep and solid as Rosalie too threw her hips back into him on every push.

"Do you want me to cum inside you?" asked Emmett panting as if he had a marathon.

"Fuck yes!" Rosalie screamed.

Emmett's thrusts came quicker as Rosalie arched her back and lifted herself off the rock slightly giving Emmett full access to her rack.

Finally, Emmett let loose an agonizingly pleasurable burst of juice inside Rosalie's pussy as Rosalie too felt the warmest, most excitable, explosion within her own hips.

They stood there in the smell of sweat and sea salt recovering from their passion.

Emmett slowly stood back and put his manhood back in his pants as Rosalie rectified her dress standard also. "Fuck, that was good," Rosalie snorted.

Emmett who was now grinning from ear to ear, ran his hand through Rosalie's hair, "You're awesome yourself babe".

The two took a minute or two to get their breaths back, so they could continue their short walk back to the hotel. Emmett's hand rested just above Rosalie's bum, and her hand resided at the same place on him.

They talked briefly about various things as they neared the hotel. They noticed it was all dark and only the lights of the path were lit.

Cheekily, Emmett commented, "Careful now, something might jump out of the bushes".

Rosalie only giggled, as she and Emmett were still slightly pickled from the numerous vodka's they had guzzled down at the club.

As Emmett unlocked the security gate that lead into the hotels courtyard, Rosalie suddenly got excited. "Hey, you feel like going for a swim to get those sexy man juices off you?"

Emmett smiled,"Yeah, but its dark, everything's been switched off and we might get caught by the caretaker."

Rosalie shrugged, "Then we'll just put on a show".

She jogged up to the pool's gate and, as she opened it, it squeaked. Emmett stopped dead in his tracks and Rosalie cringed at thought of the noise disclosing their intentions.

Emmett laid down in one of the many pool lounges that surrounded the pool. While Rosalie dipped her feet in the pool to check the temperature.

"C'mon, don't just lie there, come for a dip".

Emmett just grinned as he could see how short her skirt was and started to get turned on again.

"Maybe you could convince me," he said with a boyish grin.

Rosalie slowly moved towards Emmett, putting on the sexiest look in her eye Emmett had ever seen in a woman. As she approached him, she lifted up her dress to reveal the sweet spot between her legs. She straddled Emmett on the pool lounge. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt so she could rub his hairless chest. He put his hands behind his head and just stared at Rosalie and her sexy dress, as he enjoyed the fine massage he was receiving. Rosalie felt the growing mound of man meat between her legs from Emmett, so she began to rock backward and forwards. She lent over and started to kiss sensually Emmett's nipples and chest. Emmett gave the slightest of moans. He ran his hands through Rosalie's hair and she breathed heavily across his sternum.

She finally leaned back and rocked even harder across Emmett's groin. Emmett ran his hands down out of Rosalie's hair and started to massage her perky breasts to her shoulders. Rosalie thought it was the best time to throw the idea of going for a swim back at Emmett.

"So how about that swim?" she asked, as she slowly pushed the side of her dress over her shoulders letting it fall off her chest.

Emmett's eyes lit up like a school boy with a playboy magazine. Rosalie stood up and the dress fell off with no hesitation. She slowly moved to the stairs of the pool and stepped her way into the water. Emmett watched as she dropped herself under the water and came up staring with those delicious come fuck me eyes.

He stood up and pulled off his jacket followed by his shirt. Rosalie felt so moist between her legs just by the sight of Emmett's rippling mid-section she gave off a slight shiver.

Emmett undid his pants so they too fell off as the dress did for Rosalie, kicking off his shoes in the process. Leaving his boxers on, he sat on the edge of the pool daggling his legs in the water. Rosalie swam up close and rested herself between his legs, her head in perfect reach of his six-pack.

Emmett couldn't resist the question, "Do you go for guys like this all the time?"

Rosalie felt a little puzzled, but replied, "Not really. I saw you in the shower, and I got horny pretty quick, no other man has done that before."

Emmett responded quickly, "You peaked in the shower?

"I couldn't help it, the door was slightly open and I could see everything from where I was sitting on the couch. I guarantee you though, I liked what I saw," Rosalie said with a cheeky grin as she kissed Emmett's middle again.

Rosalie's hand wandered up the legs of Emmett's boxer shorts and felt the smooth, hard ball sacks and the long firm dick that had resided inside her earlier.

Emmett loved how she could be so gentle yet do so much by touching him.

Rosalie pulled the top of Emmett's shorts over so his penis would be open for all to see. She slowly began to lick the tip, which gave Emmett a hot and steamy shiver. She licked and played with it for what felt like hours. Then she snapped the boxers back and dove backwards into the pool. Emmett with what he saw he dropped into the pool also, and submersed himself to get his skin all wet.

As he came up, he saw Rosalie was on the other side of the pool, which was also the darkest part. She was twirling her black g-string around her finger with that school-girl smile.

Emmett was so hard at this point, that the boxer shorts hid no secrets. Seeing how useless they would be anyway, they were removed and flung over onto the side of the pool. He quickly swam over to her and started kissing her deeply. He worked his way across her neck and chest, licking and fondling her breasts in a flurry of erotic movements. Emmett was tall, so his feet where touching the pools floor without trying. He grabbed Rosalie and with ease sat her on the side of the pool. He could see the water spilling of her boobs and nipples, a sight that he was quite fond off. He pushed the woman's legs apart to reveal her pussy and with no hesitation went to work on the shaven beauty. Licking and rubbing with his finger and his tongue.

Rosalie was in ecstasy.

Her baby groans were as muffled as she could manage as she bit her bottom lip. "Oh, baby that's so good, you're so good, mmm." She groaned.

Emmett caressed her breasts as he went to work on her smoo.

Rosalie suddenly tapped Emmett on the shoulder as if to stop and bent down. "There's people coming in the gate she said". Emmett looked, it was another young couple. They too were dressed for sex and were making their way through the garden. As Emmett and Rosalie sat quietly, the couple suddenly stopped at the pool gate. The male of the pair motioned they should go for a swim also. Could this be more than just Emmett and Rosalie getting it on? The women grabbed her partner and kissed him deeply and whispered into his ear. The pool idea was averted and they started to make their way to the hotel.

"Bugger," Emmett said. "I thought this was going to become a party."

Rosalie laughed and she dropped into the pool.

"As if this wasn't a party enough," she said, wrapping her legs around Emmett's waste.

Rosalie grabbed Emmett's rod and started running her hand up and down it. While Emmett groped her rear end with pleasure. She slid out from Emmett grasp and moved slowly to the stairs. She stayed on all fours, giving Emmett a glance of her asshole, as well as her twat. He ran his hand over them as his other was busy pulling himself. Then he kissed and smooched each bum cheek as he fingered Rosalie's privates. She moaned again and her breathing was erratic.

Emmett moved round and sat beside her. She was quick to take her seat taking pole position again, this time on top of his erection, feeling his full length go inside her. While Rosalie was facing away from Emmett, he was still able to wrap his arms around Rose and run is hands over her breasts and rubbed her clit to bring her close to climax. She wanted both of them to come at the same time, so she spun around and started fucking Emmett with a new burst of energy. Emmett started to moan loudly, but Rosalie put her finger over his mouth. Emmett grabbed her hips and drove her hard as he could onto his penis as she grabbed his chest as she climaxed. The paired grabbed each other hard as they orgasmed simultaneously.

They spent the next five minutes kissing each other sensually, enjoying the moment, until Rosalie finally fell backwards into the pool leaving Emmett's man hood waving in the breeze. He too decided to get soaked as the pair cuddled and kissed in the pool.

"We'd better get to bed," Rosalie said. "We've got to race tomorrow."

Emmett wished the moment could last longer. "Yeah, I know." He pouted. Then added, "At least I get to sleep with you."

"Yes, you do," Rosalie said. "Not only that, you get to wake up with me too."

"It was a double shower in the bathroom wasn't it?" Rosalie said with a smile.

Emmett felt this could turn serious, but for now, holy crap the sex was good!

The pair dressed minimally and headed up to the hotel room, where they kissed and caressed until they fell asleep.

What happened the next morning? Well that's another story.

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