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The trilling of the phone pulled Jasper from his sleep at an ungodly hour of the night. He had gone to bed just hours earlier, hitting the hay after a long and stressful, yet exciting, day at Pomona speedway; testing with his top-fuel team.

"Who in tarnation would be calling at this time of night?" he growled, receiving a groan and an elbow in the ribs from his wife in response.

He slapped his bedside table a few times, trying to locate the sound of the god-awful noise disrupting their slumber. He glared at the display and noticed it was an international number. He wracked his mind, trying to figure out who could be calling him from overseas. Only two people sprang to his to mind, his father or his twin sister, Rosalie. They'd both migrated to a new life in Australia a number of years earlier.

As Jasper pushed the receive button on his phone, he croaked, "Hello?"

"G-day mate," said a familiar female voice from the earpiece. "You're not asleep are ya?"

"Rosalie is that you?" Jasper asked, having solved the first mystery-who was calling-his mind quickly moved onto the next one.

"Of course it's me, I thought you'd still be up?"

"No, we had a big day out at Pomona testing the cars" Jasper said, unable to shake the annoyance in his voice.

"What time is it there?" Rosalie asked, slightly embarrassed.

"11 p.m."

"Oh, I'm so sorry Jaz," Rosalie gushed. "I can call you back if you want? Just tell me a time, and I'll work it out."

"But you're blonde Rose, how are you going to do that?" Jasper teased.

"Oh fuck ya then, I'll just talk to you now," Rosalie snapped in response.

"S'all good, babe. What's up?" Jasper headed to the kitchen to get himself a glass of milk to wet his dry and sore throat as he and Rosalie shared pleasantries and caught up on their day-to-days.

Jasper however knew there was something else Rosalie wanted, very rarely did his sister ring him when wanting nothing more than to talk and catch up.

"So what's the main reason behind this midnight call Rose?" Jasper asked, trying not to sound too annoyed, as he loved his sister dearly.

"Well, I know you'll be coming up to some off season soon. I wanted to know what you were going to be doing in your holidays?" Rosalie asked coyly.

Jasper could feel something was coming, but exactly what, pricked his curiosity. "I am not sure, how about you tell me how I'm going to be spending my vacation?"

"OK, Dad and I have our top fuel team all ready, you knew this last time Dad spoke to you."

"Yeah, have you done testing yet?" Jasper asked, genuinely curious about their progress.

"No, it's too expensive to hire a track out just to run an engine once or twice."

Jasper had forgotten that the Aussie's had a lower budget and fewer sponsors than the top fuel teams in the US.

"But..." Rosalie continued. "If we had an experienced top fuel mechanic on hand to do the shake down passes and do a couple rounds with us to make sure we're on the right page, we could most certainly be more than comfortable trying to scare some of the big boys." Rosalie puffed, sounding all cocky.

"So, Rose, are you asking me whether I would be interested in coming down to Australia, living with my family, for an indefinite time, and tune my sister's top-fueler?"

There was 20 seconds of silence where he could practically hear his sister's brain tick. Rosalie finally responded. "Ye-ah," she stretched the word out, "I guess I am. Do you think it's a possibility?"

"Well I am flattered, you'd think of me."

She scoffed.

"But mostly I'm excited. I think it's a wonderful idea, but I'm gonna have to check with the little lady first. That okay?"

"Oh, for sure. You ask that missus of yours and you give me a call as soon as you know what you can do."

"Of course," Jasper said, before a thought hit him. He knew his boss wouldn't mind joining forces with an Aussie top fuel team. "Oh do you think you would have a budget for a motor or two from the States?"

"I am not sure. Tell you what, why don't you give me some prices and tell me what's available and I'll work it out with Dad," Rosalie said.

"Sure, I'll call you tomorrow night."

"Ok bro, good night, love ya."

"Good night baby girl" Jasper hung up the phone, his heart softened by the love the pair had for each other, and had shared all their lives. The mere fact that his sister would ring him to ask him to help her with her team even though she was living on the other side of the world, demonstrated their closeness.

Jasper was the head mechanic and third crew chief for one of the most prestigious drag teams in the USA. John Force Racing fielded five drag cars, three Top Fuel funny cars and two Top Alcohol dragsters-all driven by Force family members. Jasper loved his job. He started there just before his father and sister had made the move to Australia for a fresh start after their mother had passed away.

He got his start in the industry very young, as a mechanic for a smaller top fuel team. Due to his presence at the track, he had quickly forged a strong relationship with John and before long, he had been invited to join the Force crew. He started out as their mechanic, but had shown the leadership and knowledge that John was chasing-the reason he had taken the risk on a young and up and coming young man. After only a few years, Jasper had made his way into the crew chief position alongside two other top name mechanics. He was now in his fifth year with the Force team and his second in the top dog spot.

Jasper had only just married one of the loveliest girls to grace the motorsport world. Having joined the expanding John Force office team to run accounts, Mary Alice Brandon was a slim, petite brunette that pricked Jasper's senses from the first sight. Jasper was old school and courted her the same way his daddy did his mother. This timely courting was what Alice fell for and said 'yes' as soon as the proposal was on the table.

Jasper thought again about his sister's request. Alice had always shown a deep interest in Jasper's family who lived in Australia, and had expressed a desire to visit them down under. Jasper felt that he wouldn't have to push her too hard to get her consent for a business vacation. But for the moment, now that he knew everything was better, sleep was more important. Awaking in the morning to the crashing of Alice in the kitchen, Jasper rolled out of bed in nothing but his satin boxer shorts and bed hair. Strolling out to see what the commotion was, he caught a glimpse of Alice wearing a tight-fitting, white singlet, which was see-through enough that her pert nipples and sexy cleavage were putting on private show. When she bent over in the fridge-hallelujah-the short boxer shorts gave Jasper a morning hard-on as he hid around the corner watching her sexy bum.

"I know your perving on me," Alice announced abruptly as she hunted in the fridge.

"I'm sorry Ma'am," Jasper said, as he finally made his way round to her side of the bench. "I couldn't help but take in the beauty of the wife who I so deeply adore and love."

Taking her in his arms, Jasper laid his lips on hers, in a lover's good morning kiss.

Alice broke of the kiss and looked in his eyes. "I love you to bits, Hun, but I think you should go brush your teeth and have a shower while I get breakfast ready."

"Ok," Jasper said before flicking a salute in her direction. "You're the boss. But that means you'll just have to wait for the news from last night."

"Jasper Whitlock Hale," Alice cursed, always super excited when there was news to be had. "You better hurry up now, you hear?"

"Yes, Ma'am." Jasper was already in the bathroom when he heard Alice's last exclamation, and it didn't take him long to slip out of the boxer shorts and under the stream. He loved his showers hot, with steam smothering the bathroom and steaming up the mirrors. He washed his hair, with the foam running across his rippling abs and tight muscular body. As a mechanic and crew chief for one of the world's premier drag race teams, fitness was a big priority. He ran his hands across his arms and over his shoulders, washing anywhere and everywhere he could. Alice poked her head through the doorway and announced that breakfast was almost ready. But for a second, she was caught looking over the fine specimen of a man she had married.

"Hey, who is calling the kettle black now, huh pot?" Jasper joked.

"Well, I'm just getting even. Paybacks a bitch." She winked.

Jasper quickly dried and jumped across the hallway to the bedroom and hastily found some clothes to wear for the day. Alice brought the breakfast from the kitchen bench as he sat down at the dining table. Eggs and bacon on toast with a side of apple juice were the main meal, with chocolate pancakes on the side.

"So what is this exciting news you wanted to tell me about?" Alice asked, almost jumping out of her skin.

Jasper finished the mouthful of food so he could answer in a more gentlemanly way before teasing Alice. "So why such a big spread this morning?"

Alice gave Jasper an evil stare as she knew it was exciting news now that Jasper was playing with her.

"Ok, ok," he said with his hands half in the air. "Well, you know how Rosalie and Dad were starting a top fuel team this year?"

Alice nodded as she downed another mouth full of her chocolate chip pancakes.

"Well, the mysterious phone call last night was from Rosalie. She wanted to just catch up and see what we were doing for our break."

Excitement and anticipation were clearly evident in Alice's body language, as her eating started to become faster.

"Her idea was for us to go over there and spend at least the first half of their racing season helping them out and get settled into the fueler."

Alice's excitement couldn't be contained any longer and she sprang from her chair like a jack in the box. She skipped laps around the table until she finally stopped and grabbed Jasper round the shoulders.

"We are going aren't we?"

"No, of course not," Jasper said with a smirk that did not hide his teasing very well.

"Oh Jasper!" Alice exclaimed. "When, who and how much?"

"Well, I guess I'll have to arrange this with Dad. But I guess we'll stay there for the duration, so accommodation isn't a problem. As to when we go? I'll talk to John to see what he's got planned for post season as well as some spare engines for Rosalie's dragster."

Alice, who had finally sat back down and finished her pancakes, was so enthused by the whole idea of going to Australia. The fact that she would get to meet her in-laws and see some of the Aussie scenery had her practically bouncing.

"Well, I'm right behind it", she said. "In fact, I'm going to call Jane and go shopping today, especially for the occasion, because I know it won't be very far away."

The blood drained from Jasper's face-he knew only too well the damage his wife could do on a shopping spree. "Don't go too overboard, I've still got to talk to the boss."

"It's alright honey, he looks after you."

Alice was right. John had always looked after and nurtured his youngest crew chief and it showed with Jasper being one of the top guys inside the NHRA. He had gained a steady reputation as someone to look up to.

It was an off day for the team but Jasper decided to go into headquarters and check on a couple things while Alice and Jane shopped. He noticed four cars in the car park already, those of his fellow crew chiefs, not only for John's team but for the other cars as well. Jasper entered via the side workshop door, which housed the dragsters and the miscellaneous parts that accompanied them. He wandered round the cars just taking in the environment that he had helped build over the years.

He headed to the Force funny car and noticed John and one of the other chiefs where talking over the engine that was in the car.

"Hi guys," Jasper opened. "What's up?"

"Hiya, Jaz." John nodded.

The other man just winked in acknowledgement.

"Hey John, can I talk to you for a minute," Jasper asked.

"Yeah sure, what's on your mind?"

The two men walked over towards one of the trucks, where they could spend a moment.

"I got a phone call last night from my sister in Australia, she asked if I could go down there and help them set up their top fuel dragster."

"Sounds cool." John nodded. "What do you want to do?"

Jasper lifted his head slightly. "Well depending on what we are doing here in the off season, I wouldn't mind going down and spending a month, maybe two, helping to get them set up. I thought it would be a good chance for Alice and I to have a bit of a belated honeymoon."

John dropped his head, deep in thought as to what he had planned for the teams in those months. "Well, I guess so long as your back for the two weeks leading up to the start of season, we should be all good. After all we're not changing anything or getting new cars." John looked at Jasper. "You should be right to go, have fun. When do you leave?"

Jasper had not yet discussed the timeframe with Rosalie, but he knew it would happen sometime after the final round of year. "Well I guess maybe a week after the finals, then fly down when everything is tidied up here."

"Sounds good, Jaz."

"Something else, John. What would you say to helping her out with some of our engines? Buy some of older ones."

"I guess we could arrange something, some sort of sponsorship deal I guess."

Oh wow, wait til Rose hears about this, Jasper thought.

"Cool, well I'll tell Rosalie it's on like Donkey Kong."

Jasper spent the next couple of hours sorting through a few engines and parts to see what could be sent to Australia and at what price. With that sorted, he headed back to town to pick up Alice and Jane from their shopping trip. As the girls hopped in the car, Jasper was quick to tell Alice of his conversation with his boss. In response, she could do nothing but bounce around in her seat all the way home.

When they arrived, Alice bubbled about their trip and wanted to show off her shopping to her husband. Jasper thought for a second. Well, at least I get to get an eye full of a hottie, and well, you just never know where it will lead.

Jasper slowly moved to the bedroom where Alice had already stripped off her clothes and was dancing about in her tight panties, trying on her multiple floral dresses. Then she started on trying on her swimwear, all the while chatting about exciting things they could do while in Australia.

Jasper felt the tingle in his dingle as she kept changing clothes and underwear and her breasts were in different positions and scenarios as she did. Last, but not least, she demonstrated the lingerie she had purchased.

"This stuff is more for us Jaz, and any special nights out," she said with a smile.

She tried on a sexy tight one-piece suit, which Jasper found nice, especially the way it pushed her tits up made them plentiful. She walked slowly to Jasper and slid into his lap and gave him a long deep kiss. Jumping off suddenly, she went tried on another. This time a nice teddy with tight g-string and see through top.

"Not for outings, but definitely for nights in," she said with a cheeky grin. "Maybe later, hmm?"

Finally, she tried on a simple black laced panties and bra, which did a wonderful job of pushing her jugs into optimal position. Jasper motioned his enjoyment of the whole fashion parade by readjusting his manhood.

Alice bit her bottom lip. "You liked the last ones?"

Jasper nodded.

"Well maybe you could enjoy it some more."

She straddled Jaspers lap as he sat on the end of the bed. Jasper moaned as she managed to sit right on his erection. His hands wandered up and down her legs, feeling the smoothness that was his beloved Alice through and through. They shared passionate kisses and touches until they fell to the bed and participated in what could only be called 'afternoon delight'.

Time flew by quickly and after lying in each other's arms for a while, Alice decided it was time to prepare dinner for the evening.

"Come on lazy bones, you should ring Rosalie and give her the good news."

Jasper moaned as Alice buttoned up one of his shirts and put on some boxer shorts. Finally, he agreed begrudgingly, "Yeah, I guess I'll give the sis a call."

Alice headed to the kitchen and started banging loudly on the pots and pans, while Jasper went to the study closing the door behind him to keep the racket to a minimum. After checking his little black book of numbers, he soon had his father on the other end of the line.

"Hi, Pops, how is everything?"

"Jasper, my boy, so good to hear your voice!" Aro said in a flamboyant style. "What a pleasure to hear from you."

"As it is to speak to you pop, how are you?"

Aro groaned a little. "Oh, I am fine for an old man...you know how it is. How is everything over there, on holidays yet?"

"No, not yet Pop. Just the final in 2 weeks though, and then we're on our way to you."

"That just marvellous! Wonderful news Jaz. Rosalie is going to be so excited to see you and Alice."

"It should be a great experience, Dad. Is Rosalie around?"

Aro paused for a second. "Yeah she's outside, I'll go find her for you."

Aro headed for the back door of the family's house, which had a rather impressive sized shed in their back yard. As he neared the corner of the house, he caught a sight of Rose.

"Rosalie, dear," he yelled. "It's your brother."

Rosalie sprang out from the shed like a puppy chasing after a toy. A big smile slowly sprang to her face as she approached her dad-she saw his grin and she knew it was good news.

"Hi Jaz," she practically yelled into the phone. "Have you got good news for me?"

Jasper could not help himself. "Rose, unfortunately I can't make it down there," he said with deep remorse in his tone.

Rosalie's heart sank, she didn't just want Jasper to help with their dragster. The truth was she missed her brother terribly.

"Oh. Umm, that's ok, at least you tried," she said, trying to hide the tears that almost filled her voice.

Just then, Alice came into Jaspers office, bouncing from across the room. "Did you tell her? Did you tell her?" she yelled.

Rosalie began to grin.

Jasper, knowing the jig was up, played it cool. "Well, Rose, at least not until our finals are run and won in two weeks time. Then Alice and I will be down there and mixing it up with the Aussie beer drinkers."

Rosalie screamed in the phone, sending a cold shiver down Jasper's spine from the screech.

"Do you mean it, Jas? Are you guys are really coming?"

"Yeah, Sis, I couldn't tease to long."

"You're brilliant, this is going to be so good!" Rosalie gushed.

"I also spoke to John about parts. He is keen and has a stockpile of gear you can borrow and/or buy. I'll send you a list of parts and prices on Monday."

The two siblings shared small talk before finishing their conversation as Jasper headed for dinner. Alice and Jasper talked over dinner about the up and coming trip. Alice was so excited. She was going to set about booking flights as soon as possible, just to be sure everything was ready for their trip down-under.

Over the next month, Alice kept busy planning, packing and, of course, shopping. Jasper on the other hand, kept busy with the Force team, making sure they were heading straight though the finals with no dramas-and with a win.

Before they knew what was happening, the races had been run and won. Team Force had taken out each of their classes in the finals at Pomona. With the race cars all back in the shed, stripped and stored, Jasper was finally ready to relax. He had already been working his magic on his sister's new team, having packed and sent a container load of motors and spare parts, which were due to land in Australia any day.

Two days before they were booked to depart, Jasper finally got the call from Rosalie, confirming the arrival of the container as well as sharing the itinerary for Jasper's and Alice's flight. The phone call was short and sweet.

When Jasper headed to bed, a gorgeous Alice lay before him with a look just begging for a cuddle. His smile started from one side of his mouth, as he leisurely strolled over and fell into bed. As Alice moved close and rested her head onto his chest, she asked, "So is Rosalie all ready and excited?"

Jasper replied, "I think the excitement is starting to stress her out. I think she just wants us there already."

"I can't blame her. I don't think I'm going to sleep very well from all of the anticipation."

"Well ma'am, you should maybe snuggle a little harder. I am sure I will be able to tire you out enough tonight," Jasper said with a huge grin.

Alice looked up into his eyes and with a small smile said, "I am sure you can Mr. Whitlock, I'm sure you can."

Jasper leant in and gave Alice a deep kiss.

"But your good thang might have to stay in the garage bay, at least for a couple more days." She winked.

Jasper knew this certain code. It was her way of saying, 'not tonight, Hun, the fun park is out of order'. Jasper's heart sank slightly. But he was tired and run down, so maybe the early night would be a good thing. Regardless, he felt a good spooning was in order and the couple fall asleep without a fuss.

The airport was busy. Jane had dropped Jaz and Alice off early, so that the pair would have plenty of time to check in and go through security. Once in the departures lounge, Jasper relaxed slightly, but the excitement could be seen on Alice's face a mile away. Jasper just took in her cuteness as she paced before sitting down. Then sprang up, stared out the window and sat down again.

Jasper watched as she continued this ritual. His eyes roamed over her small black boots and black flowing skirt which stopped just above the knee, topped off with a nice white low cut singlet. He wasn't really sure what sort of weather they would be flying into, but their carry on baggage contained coats if need be. But even if it was the slightest bit nippy, he wouldn't complain about seeing Alice's nipples rise to the occasion. Finally, the call came for the Australian flight. Alice almost leapt out of her seat dragging Jasper along with her.

"Come on babe, let's get the show on the road!" she screamed.

"We've got plenty of time Alice, it's only the first call!" he cried.

The pair walked towards the boarding gate where they were met by the attendant.

"Hello and welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy your flight," she said almost like an automated machine.

Jasper and Alice smiled and said thank you as they headed down the loading ramp.

"Isn't this exciting," Alice crowed. Jasper just smiled and walked, carrying the bag they had packed for the flight. Finally arriving on the plane, the pair was amazed by the size of the cabin. Lots of room in the isles, and the legroom was perfect. The couple was approached by the air stewardess as they waited.

"Would you like anything to eat or drink before departing?"

Alice ordered a rum and Coke while Jasper merely got a beer with a packet of chips to go with it. He was excited about the prospect of going down under, but he was also excited about the plane trip. No doubt it would involve some sleep, But what else does this new adventure have to offer, he thought. People around him rolled in and found their seats; the departure time was quickly approaching.

At last, a voice came over the loudspeaker. "Welcome aboard, please focus your attention to the steward in front of you and we will take you through the pre-flight warnings, and then we will be on our way."

Jasper and Alice focused in front of them on a slim woman who took them through the pre-flight safety demonstration. Finally, they were informed to buckle up and await take off as they then taxied to the runway. The plane rolled to a complete stop. Jasper looked outside, and saw nothing but grass on his side of the plane. They were on the runway ready for takeoff. The engines started to rise in rpm as the plane started to move forward, slowly at first. But as the revs rose, the passenger's heads were pushed rearward into their seats. Jasper was blown away by the acceleration as they shot along the runway and eventually left the ground, beginning to climb steadily.

Once the plane had reached its final altitude, the pilot came across the loudspeakers informing the passengers they were now free to release their belts and move freely.

Alice and Jasper looked at each other with huge grins.

"That...was cool," Jasper said.

Alice kissed jasper on the cheek. "We're on our way baby!"

"We sure are Ma'am." He smirked.

After a few hours in the air, they had enjoyed all that the flight could offer. There was nothing left to do, except watch more movies and listen to more music. They sat in their seats, watching some soppy romantic comedy. Alice shivered slightly and Jasper quickly shrugged a blanket over her. The privacy afforded to his hands proved to be a bit of a temptation for him. His hands soon wandered across Alice's inner thigh. With their heads snuggling into each other, Jasper heard the faint moan under Alice's breath.

"Do you like that babe?" he asked.

"You don't need to ask, Jaz, of course I do" She smiled.

"Well I'll keep going then."

Jasper continued to brush is hand along Alice and her silky smooth skin. He could feel the benefits of her regular moisturising ministrations; it gave her skin a perfect and beautiful feel. As he rubbed, he looked around to ensure no one was taking any notice. This time of the flight, most of the passengers were sleeping with just a few awake and enjoying their movie or music.

He grew cheeky, as his hand crept higher and higher up Alice's leg and inner thigh, pushing her skirt up along with it. Thanks goodness for a nice big blanket, he thought.

He felt his member get hard the more he rubbed her leg.

His hand finally met Alice's private space. She quivered as he rubbed her panty line. She pressed her head against his and lightly purred with agreement before reaching over to Jasper and grabbing his leg. He continued to rub his fingers along her, first in a circular motion, then slowly up and down.

Alice wanted more, so she began to rub Jaspers leg urging him on. His hand ran up her leg one more time before his fingers crept their way under the side of her panties. Her back arch slightly and she gave a gasp as the tips of his fingers brushed across her. Jasper looked around casually to make sure he wasn't about to get a smack on the back of the head by a passing stewardess.
Nice, he thought. All clear for now. Bugger it, I haven't had this much fun for ages.

He rubbed her private area with her biting her bottom lip trying to keep from making any loud noises.

Alice turned her head slightly and whispered into jaspers ear. "You're being very cheeky for a southern boy."

Jasper smiled. "You wouldn't want it any other way would you Ma'am."

"Not at all," she replied pushing her hips forward slightly into his hand.

By this time, jaspers hand was rubbing her female playground, and he was finding it getting more and more moist.

Alice on the other hand, was rubbing Jaspers ever growing manhood driving him insane.

"I could so jump you right now and drive seven inches in between your legs," Jasper moaned, oh so quietly.

"Could you now? Well I could possibly be able to jump up and accidentally get impaled by something sticking out of your seat." Alice giggled.

"Well. You only live once. Why don't we reconvene in the bathroom at the end of the hall in say five minutes?"

Alice's eyes went wide as her cheeks went red. She glanced fleetingly around the cabin as her smile began to get larger by the second. Jasper looked up and down the aisle and saw no one around.

"I think the stewardess' may be having a break."

Alice smiled. "Well you go first."

Jasper leapt from his seat as calmly as a horny man with the promise of sweet sweet sex could, and made his way to the planes toilet area. He opened the door and found that it wasn't very big at all. Damn! He thought. Fuck it. We've had sex in tighter spots before.

A couple of minutes later, he heard a slight but rhythmic knock on the door. Knowing it was Alice, he quickly opened the door. She was smiling from ear to ear like a schoolgirl up to no good. She joined Jasper in the tiny space, closing the She closed the door, and pushed herself against Jasper and embraced him round the back of his neck.

"It's a little small," she said quietly.

Jasper looked at her puzzled. "It never bothered you before, you always said seven inches was a good size."

Alice giggled, and gave him a kiss.

"That's not what I was talking about honey."

Jasper smiled and then leant in for some sugar that only Alice could deliver.

Time was of the essence as the pair kissed deeply. Their tongues pushed one another further.
Alice's hands made their way to Jasper's trousers and started undoing them. Jasper breathed heavily as he grew more excited. She kissed his neck and then dropped to her knees. She uncovered his manhood and gave it a slight tug before she began to lick the head, causing Jasper to close his eyes with the pleasure.

She plunged his cock inside her mouth and soon found her rhythm as she sucked it hard and ran her hand along his shaft for extra stimulation. In response, he ran his hand round the back of head, rubbing her hair and gently pushing her head for a deeper penetration. Alice looked up at him and with her fuck-me eyes looking so good, Jasper almost exploded in her mouth. He motioned her up and for him to work his magic on her privates. His hands roamed over her breasts and soon had pulled her singlet top and bra away from them.

He licked and massaged them as she ran her hands through his long blonde hair. Jasper's free hand went to work underneath Alice's panties, rubbing her hot spot before pushing a finger into her. She arched her back against the pleasure. She wanted more, but knew she needed to claim it quickly-before they were found out.

"Pull them off, Jaz," she whispered.

Jasper obeyed quickly, pulling her panties off, kissing her leg as he went. He dropped down in front of her so that he was on his knees and the position was reversed. This time Jasper was going to warm her girly bits up to get them ready for him to stir with his manwand.

Alice sat back on the rather small bench and basin as Jasper went to work, licking, sucking, and poking her moist area. She bit her arm, trying to keep quiet as possible, but it was proving to be a difficult task. Feeling her building up delightfully, Jasper thought it best to make his way back up to where he could drive his man muscle into her deeply.

He rose to embrace her tightly and kiss her more deeply than before. The experience of having sex in a tight space, thousands of feet in the air, with the ever-present risk of being caught increased the arousal of the hot couple.

Jasper kissed her neck before gently biting at it, moving his head on a trial downwards, until he found himself nibbling her nipples. Alice's moaned as quietly as she was able before pressing her hands to his groin and pulling his long schlong, wanting for it to be inside her.

"Get inside me," she whispered into Jaspers ear.

Jasper looked deep into her eyes. "You want it slowly?"

"Just shut the fuck up and put it in already!"

Jasper spared no more time and stabbed Alice's pussy with his cock. Alice squealed as it went inside her, biting Jaspers shoulder as a gag for her noise. Jasper started pushing slowly, feeling her warmth around his manrod. He slid in and then out, then in, pushing harder every time. Alice bit her lip as she stared into his eyes, running her hands through his hair.

"So, is this a good plane trip baby?" she asked.

Jasper nodded. "Best ever."

Suddenly they could hear voices outside their cubicle.

The pair froze, not wanting to tip off the person outside-regardless of whether it was a stewardess or passenger.

"The passenger in seat thirty-seven would like a pillow," the voice said.

"Ok no worries I'll get that." came a second voice.

The footsteps diminished as the two people walked away.

Relieved, but even more turned, Jasper just started to ram Alice harder than ever. He pinched her nipples and he massaged her breasts as he pushed her faster. Jasper could sense Alice was close to so he moved harder and faster again. He brought his fingers to rub her clit. Her purrs were all the encouragement Jasper needed to cum hard inside her. She's not there yet, he thought. Hold it, hold it.

Jasper tensed his cock muscle to reduce the imminent squirt from his penis.

Alice's body started to tense, her grasp on jaspers shoulders grew tighter, clawing into him. He saw her teeth grind together, holding in her scream as she began to orgasm. As Alice came, Jasper finally relaxed and aimed to finish off what he started, pumping his cock inside of her hot, wet centre. He banged her so hard that the slapping between his balls and her ass was getting louder and louder.

Finally, the pressure inside jaspers cock-rocket grew too much and it released the swarm of testicle-hostages inside her already hot and juicy girl-section. The couple embraced each other, sweating from the session in the bathroom.

"That was amazing! Who would have thought that tight toilet sex in an airplane could have been so much fun!" Alice exclaimed in a whisper.

"Well ma'am, I aim to please," Jasper responded, smiling. "Now we better get out of here before we get found out."

After wiping his dick off with some toilet paper, Jasper put his head to the door to listen if anyone was outside, or was listening.

"Are you ok?" he whispered to Alice as she cleaned herself up.

"Yes," she whispered back. "All good, go...if you can."

Jasper slowly opened the door, peeking out to survey the scene. He saw a stewardess walking his way, so he quickly closed and re-locked the door. He put his ear to the door again to listen for her footsteps walking away. As he heard her pass the door, Jasper checked the all clear once again.

This time there was nothing in his way. Seeing all was good, he quietly slid out from the toilet and started walking back to his seat. As he sat down, he looked across the aisle to a middle-aged man, who looked over jaspers way at the same time. He simply smiled and winked at Jasper and gave him thumbs up.

Jasper smiled, and put his finger to his lips, shushing him quietly.

A few minutes later, Alice appeared from the toilet, smiling from ear to ear and skipping a little as she went. As she sat down, Jasper glanced at the man across the aisle again. The two men shared a little smile with mutual understanding. Then, the two lovebirds snuggled closely together as they covered themselves with the blanket again.

Without too much fuss, they fell asleep, waking up to a sunrise on their side of the plane. Jasper and Alice enjoyed the in flight breakfast of cereal and muffins along with orange juice. Surprisingly, it filled jasper up quite well.

The pilot came over the speaker system.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be touching down in Sydney in approximately forty-five minutes."

Alice almost jumped out of her skin at the thought of being in Australia soon.

The pilot came across a final time instructing the passengers to buckle up, store their luggage in the overhead compartment, ensure their trays were in an upright position and prepare for descent.

Once it had hit the tarmac, the plane taxied its way to the terminal.

After a long and rather interesting trip, the doors finally opened to a brisk day with plenty of sunshine to greet the American couple.

"Wow!" Alice said in an excited whisper. She skipped across the foot bridge into the shoot leading off the main building.

"So what have we got to do first?" Jasper asked.

"After security, we need to go through the duty free area first and get something for your dad and sis."

Jasper looked surprised that Alice seemed to have it all planned out so well.

"Then we will go get out bags and meet your sister."

"Aright, sounds good to me."

They had a browse through the shops in the duty free section before heading over to the conveyor belt to pick up their bags. They waited nervously for their baggage. Soon, they had their stash and where on their way out. Rosalie had agreed to meet them outside in the main foyer.

As they headed through the gates, Jasper saw the pretty blond girl sitting on a bench. "Rosalie!"

The Blonde turned her head. "Jasper?"

Rosalie jumped up and ran over to greet Jasper with a huge embrace.

"Oh I missed you," Rosalie said.

"I miss you too, Rose, and what's with the accent?"

The pair laughed. As Alice stood quietly, Rosalie looked her over. "You're as gorgeous as Jasper described you girl, come here!"

Rosalie gave Alice the same rousing hug Jasper had received.

"Good lord, let's go," Rosalie said. "I've kind of parked in the wrong spot outside, so hopefully we'll be right."

Jasper glanced at Alice with a concerned smile.

As they approached a '67 Camaro, Rosalie reached for the remote inside her jeans. The door popped and unlocked as the siren gave an approving chirp.

"Wow Rose, you didn't mention you had this!"

"I only got it a few days ago."

As they loaded up the trunk and jumped in, Rosalie asked, "So...how was your flight?"

Alice and Jasper looked at each other with wide shit-eating smiles.

"It was a good flight, nothing really exciting about it, just your simple flight across a lot of water," Jasper said coyly.

"That's good, well no doubt dad will ask you all about it when we get home."

Jasper and Alice gasped and their eyes widened at the thought.

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