This is Helga's diary. If you have any ideas for entries then tell me in your review. Although I do have plenty of my own ideas!

Helga is writing in this diary after Arnold has developed a crush on Lila, but before the movie. I may write about things that happened in the first few seasons though, so it would be like Helga is put older memories into her diary.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Dear Diary,

I am so depressed. Arnold is in love with Lila. It isn't fair that she is perfect in every way. A lot like my beloved Arnold is I suppose she has more in common with him than I do.

I have decided to write a diamante, to outline the differences between Arnold and me.


moral, honest

serving, loving, deserving

caring, open, daring, shut

trying, shoving, lying

passionate, loud


This isn't a very good poem, diary, but my other ones will be better. I don't really like the layout of diamantes.

I look forward to writing further entries in you. I plan to fill you in on what my daily life is like and other poems telling of my emotions.

I wish you could talk back, but you can't. You're the only one I can tell my true feelings to.

Love Helga.

Okay, this poem I really hate. Then again I never seen a diamante that I like. I promise I won't write anymore of those. Not all my chapters will include poems; some will be purely recounts of events in Helga's life. The reason this chapter was so short is because it is the introduction (this is why it isn't a recount). All my other chapters will be longer, and about specific events. If you would like me to write a recount of an episode of Hey Arnold from Helga's point of view, tell me in your review. Some of the entries will be about episodes (if so I'll include that and which one in the top A/N) and some will be based on things that I made up.

I know that this chapter is slow, but things will really heat up in the next one. I'm putting Arnold's List on hold, maybe permanently. I didn't get many reviews in the last couple of chapters, so I get the feeling that not many people are interested.

Hope you like this, and I swear it will get better. I don't think that anyone has done something like this before, but if they have I am sorry.