Motocrossed: Just in Case You Haven't Seen The Movie, It's AWESOME!! Disney put it out last year. Andrea Carson's twin brother Andrew Carson (hot actor Trevor O' Brien) is a moto racer. When they mess around n the track he screws up his leg. As you probably already figured out, she pretends to be him at the track,(cuts her hair) and in the meantime falls in love with the HOTTIE Dean Talon. (HOTTIE Riley Smith) In the end he's mad (finds out she's a girl lol) and it leaves us hanging. I continued from there.........

Motocrossed 2:Andi and Dean

Chapter 1/ Happy

"Oh my god Andrew!!! You HAVE to hear me out!! Ooooh!" "Calm down sis. What's

up?" "Ok, well you know how Dean came by for the 250 interview?" "Ya, so." "Well after we finished riding, I went to go hug him, and when I was just about to do so he kissed me!! Really fast and quick, but there was definently no taking back!!" "Wow did you kiss him back?" `No, unfortunatly Jason came out so I didn't have a chance. Anyway, we can make up for that tomorrow, because right before he left he asked me out!!" "Oh, I'm so happy for you sis! I'd ask you for details, but I think that's more of the girls department." "Yes you would think," she laughed

She stood up and headed down the hall to her room. "Oh hi Honey! I see you managed to get home ok. How was your day?" "Hey Mom, it was good. Kelly's boyfriend gave us a ride home." "Now Andrea, you know exactly how your father and I feel about you taking rides from older guys. Now, Dean is an exception. You're lucky that I finally convinced your father to let you date him! Now go do your homework, and don't let it happen again!" "Sorry Mom, gosh." Her mother turned and ran down the steps. "I wasn't gonna walk home," she mumbled to herself.

Two hours of Algebra, English, History, and Health later Andrea finally lay back. She was surprised in herself. Her homework was usually a lot quicker. She was a pretty good student. Exhausted, she thought about her Mom's earlier words. "Dean is the exception. Hmm I like that," she thought out loud. Still laughing she ran down the steps to the dining room, where her Mom was setting the table. "Hey Andi, dinner will be ready in around 5 minutes, so make sure all your homeworks done." "Ok. Oh and Mom?" "Yes Sweetheart?" "Thank you. Thank you so much for letting me ride. If it weren't for you I might not have even gotten excepted into the program." "Oh your welcome Honey. It was worth your father's grief. Anyways, it was kind of fun being in charge for a change." "Mom, you are in charge!! Do you think Dad does the dishes? Get a life," Andi laughed to herself as she left the room, leaving her Mom puzzled and smiling.