Okay this is my first attempt at a Labyrinth fan fiction and I hope I have not confused all of you to death. I am going to be adding some new allies and enemies, and just trying to go a new way with an old twist. Or is it a new twist to an old way? Oh well. Please let me know what you think.


Disclaimer: I do not own the Labyrinth or any of the characters in it.

Sarah ran a hand through the dark chestnut looks and sighed as she looked around her room. The walls were bare -they had yet to be covered in the wall paper she had chosen- and the floors had bare wood. The kitchen had only a stove, microwave, and sink with a small counter top. The living area was to the left and had a small fireplace and large window. There were two bookshelves put haphazardly around with a desk for the computer in between. The large bay window over looked the streets. The door left of the computer opened to a small bedroom. The closet was small-and the bathroom even smaller- but it was now what she would be calling home.

Sarah pulled in a deep breath and smiled widely. It was absolutely perfect. At 24 she was done with college and was finally getting along with her life. She still called home -to talk with Toby- but things were always strained between her step-mom and her. And ever since Karen had added to the amount of stepsiblings Sarah was to have…well things were just easier away.

It wasn't that she didn't love her dad, but it was still difficult for her to see him with Karen. She had tried -lord knows that she had- but Karen just seemed to feel threatened by Sarah. Of course maybe it was because Sarah had grown into a mirror image of her mother, being a constant reminder of what she was not or maybe perhaps not. But she loved Toby and would do anything for him.

And so Sarah bit her tongue and smiled and pretended that it was all okay. Ever since she had come-she could think about it without pain anymore- through the Labyrinth she had found herself looking at tings different. Things that used to drive her crazy did not seem to be so important anymore. She could skip slight differences and just allow what was going to happen to happen. But the Labyrinth may have helped her grow up it did not cure her love for fairytales.

She was still as in love with Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella as she had been at age fifteen. She really doubted that she would ever fall out of love with them. Two whole boxes of her books were from or based on the Fairy tales that she loved. She had even held on to her copy of the labyrinth, just so she would not forget. She had promised Hoggel she would not and she knew she would never be able to forget those who had helped her defeat Jareth.

Except now, when she looked back on those thoughts and memories, it did not seem like defeat anymore. It almost seemed as if she was the one who lost. Where those thoughts or ideas had come from, she had no idea. But something in her memory of the Goblin Kings gaze, something was different. She knew hate and malice well -how often did she see it in Karen's eyes? - And his were somehow different.

They were angry -oh so angry- for her talent in breaching the Labyrinth and winning. But those last few moments, those moments when she struggled to say those damn words, they were sad. As if they knew something she did not. It was impossible for her to pick up what he was trying to tell her.

It was odd that every other female friend that she had ever known was so boy, club, and relationship crazy. She had only been in one series relationship. Even though it ended on terms that were good she still found no desire to be involved in another one.

So Sarah cracked a smile and set to setting her apartment up. She went at it with all the skill that she had acquired form moving to and from college. It was only a matter of how many hours' -instead of- days.

Sarah settled down into the floor, her back against the couch, and dug into the still hot Chinese with gusto. Her Dark hair was pulled into a half bun and was haphazardly arranged on her head. Her books were in place, her bedroom situated and her kitchen 3/4 done. If things were going the way they were supposed to then everything would be just fine.

Sarah desperately swung her hand out to stop the annoying ringing in her ear. The damn thing should just GO OFF. Sarah sighed at the bliss at the silence only to have it thrown back at her face as the telephone rang. Sarah groaned as she sleepily held it to her ear. She was anything but a morning person.

Sarah growled something into the phone -she wasn't sure what later- and was meet by the hyperactive voice of Toby softly singing happy birthday to her. Sarah peeled her eyelids open enough and was coherent enough to say thank you before she hung up on him.

Sarah made a mental note to call him later and rolled off the bed only to kick a hard box. Sarah yelped and hoped on one foot sooth the angered foot. Looking down Sarah almost fainted with what she saw. IN the corner of the room there was a small round ball of fluff. And it was barking slightly as it chased its tail. Someone had bought her a puppy.


Sarah fell into an exhausted slump on the couch and grinned as the puppy's wet tongue cleaned her chin. The puppy was absolutely adorable and she was slightly worried about only one thing. She still had no idea who had sent it. When she had called Toby to ask him about it he of course just been excited that she had received one.

The puppy appeared to be an Alaskan husky. It was beautiful with its molted colors and blue eyes. It was also very playful, which was why she was half unconvinced on the couch praying that the bath tub would fill itself up.

She had decided to name the medium sized bundle of fur Tristan. This way she could call him Trist or Ton depending on her moods for the day. She had always loved giving her dog short versions of there names and she had always loved husky's with there almost wolf like appearances. She had always loved wolves, there voices on the wind, there swift grace, they way they moved in for the kill.

It seemed gory but it was also in another way, a way of life. They way they lived. The only way open to them.

Sarah chuckled as she felt the puppy nestle his wet nose into her neck as it slowly fell asleep. Sarah felt her own eyes lids grow heavy and the warm little body on her stomach allowed her to drift to sleep. Unfortunately it was anything but peaceful.

Sarah shuddered as the force of the blow rocked her arm. She felt her legs tighten around the barrel of the horse she sat astride of. Looking over she met the Ruby red eyes of her enemy.

The wolves racing around her legs as she raced through the forest howled. Sarah felt a call falling from her lips in answer…they demanded vengeance for the one they had stolen.

Sarah stumbled into a pair of warm arms…her vision blurry from he wound she had been dealt…and the only thing she could make out where the eyes. Eyes that were so sad and worn such as she could faintly here the sounds of one demanding that she stay…but where would she have gone?

Jareth stood before her…yet again offering her the crystal that would give her the dreams that she dreamed. But this time it was different…it was almost something that loved…and when laughter echoed from her lips it was a rose he handed her.

Sarah woke with a yelp. The puppy slid from the couch and looked up at her with very sad, very blue eyes. Something about those eyes seemed familiar to her…but she could not put her finger on it.

Sarah shuddered and look to wall half expecting a fire to be there. Sarah blinked and wondered what she was thinking. Apartments did not have cozy fire in which you could stare at thinking about your problems. Sarah blinked again. She had never had a fireplace to stare at. It was time for a large cup of hot chocolate. With lots of whipcream.


Jareth glared at the room in front of him…and was sourly tempted to kick a few goblins around…if they had been around. He of course only allowed them into his castle when the need be. Which unfortunately was every some poor mortal was sick and tired of having a brother or sister, so about the time that a mortal said those damn words, his castle was over run with those slobbering idiots.

But there was a slight side story that caused the whole damn thing to be needed. A reason that for the past two thousand years he had managed to forget. But the past ten years he had had it thrown in his face. And for the past ten year…no goblins in his castle.

Now the goblins were stupid, small, furry and stunk like hell. But they were loyal and they were extremely hard to kill. A whole army of them was pretty damn dangerous…there was a reason his kind feared him…and there was a reason why they chose him as there king.

Jareth was under no illusions as to what he was. There had only been a handful of Fae that had been as strong as he was…and before he was at his full power he was pass any and all. The Elfin courts feared him, his own people feared him, and so he was hiding behind his Labyrinth, a testament to his power. No Fae had been able to control the wild thing. It was not a case of control…but of forming a partnership. He was not stupid enough to try to control it…so over the years that had become…friends.

And then that Mage had put that damn curse on him. It was before he had reached a point where he was strongest…and to keep him from marrying for power or greed…she had cursed him and his Labyrinth. The beautiful place he had once called home…became a dangerous and daring place. He became what he was.

And then, rest her soul, his mother had intervened. Instead of never being able to marry…he could only marry the woman who beat his Labyrinth. Now this broke something in Jareth because only a mortal woman could wish herself into his Labyrinth…which mocked him all the more.

For Jareth had been in love. Her name was Anika…and she was a spite fire of an Elf. Her soul belonged to what was called 'Monqu', which in her language meant people of the wolf. When he was locked away out of her reached, she had slowly died. Even the ties to her pack had not allowed her to stay in this world.

And so Jareth had been locked away and subject never to love. The ring that he had made for the owner of his heart, the one Anika had worn, was locked away in the darkest part of his Labyrinth. And then she came.

Sarah with her dark hair and blue eyes, who was so much like the women he loved so deeply…he had attempted to stop her…he would make no pretenses other wise…and at the very end had seen something that had given him hope. But at the last moment…when the last seconds of fire were in her eyes…he broke.

He had sworn to love no other…but that mortal had run into his heart as easily as she had defeated the Labyrinth that none should have been able to defeat. How he had hated her for that…for taking away the place he had held for one therefor winning against odds she never should have beat…and for taking her heart with her.

Thunder crackled outside against the castle.


Sarah woke drenched in sweat. Her breathing was coming in labored gasps and she knew without a doubt that the images in her mind were seared into her soul. Sarah shuddered and all but screamed bloody murder when something brushed against her hand. Looking down Sarah did scream.

On her left ring finger was a ring. It was the shape of an owl, the wings over lapping to her knuckle, and it glittered at her like it would take flight any second. Somewhere in the back of Sarah's mind…a wolf howled.