Sarah allowed a brief smile to touch her lips as she watched the moon hang over head. She had fallen even more in love with the night as the centuries past. Luckily for her, her darling husband needed to operate on little sleep.

Things could get rather interesting around the dark corners of the castle. Especially once they had started a family.

Jareth complained more than once that the Goblins were easier to handle than his brood. Sarah remarked candidly that they got from HIS side of the family.

Was it only twenty years ago that she had given birth to the son that Jareth had always wanted? Growing up to the mirror image of his father, in more than looks, he attracted the ladies like bees to honey. It seemed that he followed in his father's footsteps more than she would have wanted. He carried the full power of the Labyrinth behind him. Jaren seemed to also take on a sense of mischief that belonged solely to his mother.

Two years later to her surprise she had given birth to a screaming baby girl. Her hair had been as dark as her mother's but her eyes -once again- belonged to her father. She had followed in her mother's footpaths, something that had surprised Sarah -but relieved Jareth- and found more joy in Kryla than anything else. It seemed she was going to take over the leading of the Pack's eventually. Violet was as shy as her name and preferred peace and quite.

Something that her family rarely gave her.

Kryla was Demon and Ton's only daughter. She had six brother's -all as large as their father- but she alone had inherited her mother's spirit. Luckily for her she took more after her fathers size than her mother's. Not that size had ever slowed Demon down any.

Linka and Derian had been married soon after Jareth and Sarah exchanged vows. Linka had given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. They where identical in everything but gender. Light silky blond hair and the pale violet eyes that held far to much knowledge. Dragons had chosen both, much to everyone's surprise. Jade was older than his twin sister Juliet (fondly called Jules) by only two minuets.

When little Lyrian had been born, it had surprised everyone. He seemed to take a fond interest in anything that had bugs, leaves, or slithered. He was going to fit in quite nicely with the wildlife that lived in the Enchanted Forrest.

Sarah moved off the balcony and took her seat at the long table that served the families once they all decided to eat together.

Jareth stood and looked at the healthy smiling faces and grinned. " Glad that you all could make it. I had heard that there had been a slight problem of snakes entering the suitcases," A ten-year-old Lyrian grinned un-apolagetically " And I had wondered if you were going to make it old friend."

Derian snorted. " It was nothing that the new hatchlings could not handle. They simple delighted in catching the small snakes and eating them."

Linka laughed. " Trust me, the situation was under control."

Sarah grinned. " Then what are we waiting for? Shall we?" She said turning to her husband. Jareth grinned and offered her his hand.

Juliet watched Jareth and Sarah; her mother and father all take the dance floor. She considered bullying her brother into dancing, but he had taken Violets hand and was trying to coax the blushing girl onto the floor.

"Care to dance?" a gentle tenor questioned. Turning Juliet met the gaze of Jaren, and frowned.

" The last time I said yes to a dance offer from you, I wound up with three spiders in my hair. If so much as a single trick is played on me this time, Goblin Prince, so help me, I will take you out into the garden and beat you. I am still capable of that!" Juliet informed him hotly.

" Is that a yes?" Jaren questioned, looking at her with an expression that could mirror his fathers.

Juliet grumbled something under her breath and allowed him to lead her to the dance floor.

Jade looked down at the shy Princess and smiled. " I think your brother has a thing for my sister."

Violet looked up at him in a show of daring. " I think my brother is in over his head." Then she ducked her dark head and refused to look back up.

Jareth pulled Sarah into the hall and smiled down at her upturned face. " Have you been happy this past hundred years love?"

Sarah grinned and ran her finger over his jaw. " Jareth, I have the man I love, the pack I adore, the children I dreamed of. What more could I want?"

" Are you sure some part of you still does not long for its Prince Charming?"

" JARETH! I thought we went over this fifty or so years ago."

Jareth shrugged. " Sometimes I need to be told something twice."

Sarah giggled at that. " You don't have to tell me. You, my dear, have selective hearing."

Jareth grinned down at her."Point?"

Sarah rolled her eyes. " I am quite happy with the villain." Sarah raised her head in invitation. Never one to be told twice Jareth took full -and satisfying- use of the invitation.

Somewhere in the distance and single wolf howled.

And for the time, the Labyrinth was in content.