I'll Be There

I apologise thoroughly for leaving anyone hanging nervously to my promise of "I'll update soon with a slight sequel to this!"

Real life got to me; this story was uploaded when I was twelve, hehe; I'm fifteen now and have endured my family dropping like flies around me, a computer/laptop swap in which I lost every f**king file I owned (as my niece spilt a pitcher of water all over my laptop) including the four or five chapters I'd planned for this (and yes, I was going to make this into a rather large story) and eight GCSE exams.

Enough excuses! If anyone is still clinging to the hope of I'll Be There being updated, here is the chapter I promised you!

Pro-derp; I'm British and so any British slang you find lingering in here, don't judge me too harshly please! :3 I've attempted to American-ise it but... my American slang is limited to Recess and Saved by the Bell. xD (Are they even American? omg I don't even know) Oh, and any Scottish dialect I have cautiously decided to use is going by other fanfictions and... yeah.

"I want you back," a little boy chanted to a glittering jewel. "Please come back, Rudolph..." he trailed off, eyes glistening with unshed tears. His eyes were red and bloodshot, bruised from constant rubbing, but surely you would be upset too?

"Tony!" the boy's mother called. "Dinner's ready!"

"'M not hungry, mom!" he shouted back, his voice cracked and hoarse from loud sobbing. A shirt, that once fit him perfectly, was now hanging off him, exposing pale shoulders and sunken in collarbones. His stomach growled in protest to his words but the boy ignored it, returning to his chanting. "Come back to me... Please?"

"I'm worried, Bob. He hasn't ate for three days. It's been a month since Rudolph..." the woman's words got stuck in her throat but she carried on. "Shouldn't he be okay now?" Dottie fretted, shredding a napkin in her hands. Cold anger flashed her husband's eyes; he'd experienced, first hand, just how badly his baby boy was bullied. Tony had gone to work with him again and Bob, hidden away by a truck, saw as the two boys pushed his boy to the ground and saw as they had the nerve to laugh as Tony got himself into a fluster...

"Dottie..." Bob sighed, folding his broadsheet newspaper and placing it onto the floral table. "Rudolph was his best friend, his first friend, and now that almost constant source of affection is gone. He's just turned nine and his best friend couldn't come to the party we had. Imagine how that would feel, knowing that you've just lost something so close to you? Surrounded by family but unable to enjoy the experience, because his friend is as good as dead to him?"

"I just... I can't just watch as my boy struggles like he does. I'll take him shopping tomorrow and arrange play dates with the other mothers."

"Just remember that he gets bullied at the school," Bob sighed again, sipping on his cup of cold tea. "Why does it have to happen to my boy?"

Tony growled angrily; he was tired and his shirt was too tight on him, his trousers too baggy and his socks were no where to be found! "Mom!" he hollered, stomping on the floor. "Where are my socks?"

"Down here, sweetie!" Dottie called back, sounding vaguely amused. This was the loudest her son had been for what seemed like a year, but was only around a month or two.

"Thanks, mom!" he yelled back, grabbing a small grey belt from his bedside drawers and looping them through his trousers. He pulled it to the tightest setting and made sure his trousers would most certainly not fall down on him, because that would be so disgustingly embarrassing! He began to blush at the thought.

Glumly, he grabbed a satchel from his little box at the bottom of his bed and Rudolph's ruby eyes flashed from the box; who dare harm his friend?

"It was their fault, mom!" Tony spat out, his nose blocked by the tissues Dottie was stuffing in there. "They hate me!"

"It doesn't matter if they hate you, Tony, their grandfather is your father's boss-" Dottie began, before a horrible smell hit her sensitive nose. She sniffed once, twice before opening her mouth to speak-

He slammed the box shut and hurriedly wiped his eyes. His mom was excited about going to one of the Scottish markets and who was he to deny her, her fun?

He grabbed his white sneakers with the cute, dark red stripes down the side and rushed down the wrought-iron stairs. He carefully leapt down the bottom three and grabbed the socks his father was handing to him. He pulled them on and stepped into his shoes. "Mom, I'm ready!"

Dottie grinned at Bob and grabbed Tony around the middle, throwing him over her shoulder. "Let's go then, little man!"

Tony sighed. He was bored. His mom had bought tonnes of groceries and she was still shopping! He began to look around the market and saw a stall selling video cassettes. He walked over cautiously, mindful of his skateboard and thinking of the money his mom had given him.

"'Iya, lad!" the stall owner greeted, enthusiastically.

"Hello, sir," Tony smiled shyly at him. "Do you have the video for Labyrinth?"

"O'course, boy!" the man boomed, chortling. "Tha' Bowie and Jennifer Connelly one?"

"That very one," Tony was clearly leeching off of the man's happiness, as he began to smile and his cornflower blue eyes began to sparkle. "And do you also have Interview of a Vampire?"

The old man found Labyrinth beneath the stall and placed it into a plastic bag.

"Lad, you know I cannae sell you that one..." the stall owner began.

"No, but you can sell it me." Dottie smiled charmingly at the man, placing her hand on Tony's shoulder.

"Hi, mom." Tony positively beamed.

"Do you also have the Wizard of Oz and Return to Oz?" Dottie asked, beginning to click through the videos on display. She removed some of them and shuffled through the movies beneath. "Aha!" she sounded out, removing the two movies she wanted and one of the Godfather films.

"Is tha' all, ma'am?" the old man asked, smiling toothily.

"Not yet! Tony, I wanted you to pick out five movies of your choice." Dottie commanded, noticing the badly-hidden sign behind the old man's head. 10 for 7.50 on videos, it read.

He looked at her curiously but complied; maybe mom was going to get him that Video player he wanted? Or they were having one of their weekends, where they pigged out of sweets and chocolate and soda?

He chose Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Bambi, the Lion King and the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Dottie handed them carefully to the man, who placed them into the bulging bag.

"Would you like meh to double bag this fer you?" Without waiting for Dottie's reply, the man had put the smaller bag into a larger one. "That'll be seven fifty, ma'am."

"Thank you, sir!" Tony piped up, pushing his mom out of the way and handing the man the twenty pound note his mom had given him in the car.

"Welcome, lad, you're welcome."

Dottie pulled her son away, shaking her head but smiling. She wordlessly took the heavy bag out of his hands and handed him another twenty pound note. "I want you to go buy yourself some sweets, maybe a few books and maybe some new clothes while I finish up shopping, okay?"

Tony grinned and hurried off; Dottie turned around and began striding towards the old man again. "Do you sell any televisions or video players?"

"Yes, ma'am; I 'ave a television and stand in my van currently and they're both in excellent condition, polished an' as new as they came. The television is quite large too; is it fer your son? I don't have a video player, but I believe that my son has a friend selling one for forty pounds..."

"Could you ask if the friend could lower the price to thirty? How much would the television and stand be? It's for my son, yes; he's recently lost someone very close to him and I'm trying to cheer him up..."

"Course, ma'am; I'll even cover the ten if you buy the television and stand off er'me fer fifty!" the old man smiled; it was nice to see a young mother try do her best by her son but even the old man could tell she was trying to spoil him; family death, perhaps?

"I couldn't possibly-"

The old man just waved his hand and smiled yet again. "That'll be eighty pounds."

Dottie just gaped at him and handed him the money.

"And the video player can be delivered to-"

"Right here, I'll call my friend!" The man winked and Dottie scurried away, her face flushing. People in Scotland were so nice!

Tony giggled to himself. His mom was perfect, really. She was trying so hard to fit in with the locals and they were amused by her attempts but also flattered. She was definitely perfect.

The boy sighed, looking away from the scene his mother was making, the sun beating down on the small market square. He pulled his cap forward so that the sun stayed out of his eyes and his glasses fell off of the boy's gaunt face, cracking on the ground beneath him. "Take tha', you vampire-freak!" the girl screeched, bringing her Mary Jane's down onto his back and sending him crashing to the floor- so the light didn't reflect off of them.

A nearby lorry had been set into reverse and the loud bleeps were filling the square, making the place seem... alive. The people were bustling along, trying to get their organic goods and then move onto the seedier parts of the area, to buy cheap tobacco, cheap cigarettes... The area smelt of warm bread and petrol, the chirp of birds in the trees in the background.

Tony smiled lopsidedly, before shifting to look at the large fountain. His eyes were drawn to the move-in lorry; the old house near the square had finally been bought and the family was moving their things in. Two men took in a large Grandfather clock.

"Ruddy, Anna, be a dear and bring your bags in!" Tony heard faintly; surely his ears were deceiving him? That whimsical voice, soft but stern, couldn't possibly be...

A boy walked out; he had pale skin, freckles and dark eyes. His hair was neatly combed and gel had been used to it's full extent, creating a neat, slicked back quiff. He was wearing the most bizarre shirt; it was bright red in colour, covered in patterns that were not appealing to the eye.

"Move your face towards me..." Tony chanted, rocking on the balls of his feet. The boy did to grab another suitcase. "Rudolph... Rudolph!" Tony screeched.

The boy looked at him, surprise wrote over his face. Tony began to grin, waving. "It's me, Rudolph, it's Tony!"

The boy frowned and his sister, her hair in two blonde plaits and wearing a pink dress, skipped out of the drive. She grabbed his Rudolph's arm and glared at him in disgust.

Tony's eyes began to well but he furiously wiped them. "Rudolph, Anna!" he yelled again, voice breaking and shoulders quivering. It was his friends! It was, it was! Wasn't it?

Rudolph looked ready to shout angrily and Tony's heart threatened to shatter. No, no... this was Rudolph, his best friend, he wouldn't...

Tony shut his eyes, began to count to ten and whistled. It was a soft tune, long and smooth and solemn and sad and melancholy and it was Rudolph, wasn't it? It was his friend, it was Rudolph...

Tony didn't open his eyes when he heard the bags hit the floor, but he did open his eyes when he was wrapped tightly in Rudolph's arms and the tears began to fall from his eyes and his glasses needed readjusting and oh God, Rudolph was here! Rudolph was here, Rudolph, Rudolph I've "Missed you so much!"

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