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Good Intentions
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Molly Weasley was sitting at the kitchen table in the Burrow, her lips pursed in an annoyed expression that reminded Bill uncannily of Professor McGonagall. He had just decided to tell her about Fleur Delacour, whom he had been dating for around six months now and had decided was the most wonderful woman in the world, but unfortunately his mother didn't seem to share that opinion.

"I don't like this Fleur girl," Molly sniffed into her tea. "She's too… too flighty."

"Oh, a bit like you then?" The words were out of Bill's mouth before he could stop him.

Molly's eyes flashed dangerously. "William Weasley, you do not talk to your mother like that!"

"Then maybe you could, you know, not talk to me like I'm still ten?" Bill suggested. When his mother got that look in her eyes, he knew that any chance of a civil conversation had just completely vanished. "I have to get to work."

He thought about his words as he strode out of the house to the apparition point nearby. Fleur really was quite a lot like his mother; she cooked well, she was scary when she was angry, she had been a Chaser on her house Quidditch team during her time at school. There were similarities there: minimal ones, but still similarities.

Yes, Fleur was quite like his mother – only less controlling. No matter how much she denied it, they all knew that this was true. If she wasn't then she wouldn't still be telling Bill how long his hair should be, Percy that he'd betrayed his whole family just because he had a higher-paid job than his father, and Fred and George to go back to school even though they plainly couldn't stand it.

Fleur was a lot like his mother – only she didn't stifle him, which his mother did to all of them. Bill knew that she meant well, but it was still annoying beyond belief. If she hadn't been so overprotective then Bill knew that he wouldn't have run off to Egypt, Charlie wouldn't have jumped at the chance to go to Romania and Percy wouldn't have been on the verge of disowning his entire family.

By the time he arrived at the apparition point, Bill Weasley had made up his mind. He knew that his mother had good intentions, but he wasn't going to let her control his life any longer.