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Author's Note: These are just a collection of short drabbles about how the characters in The Ugly Truth struggle in vain to prove each other wrong in the topic of L.O.V.E. I'll write more Mike-Abby one shots, of course! :) I know you love them as well as I do.

Men And Women
"Love and war are the same thing, and stratagems and policy are as allowable in the one as in the other." -Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

The office roused up with the booming cackle of people quarreling, papers rustling, telephones ringing. These were the same routines the news establishment of Sacramento went through each day. But none had thought that among these things they ll be grown used to say-

"Here they go again," Larry said behind a newspaper, whistling a tune.

"Ah, Lovers spat. What is it this time, dear?" Georgia said as nonchalantly beside her husband, stirring coffee, one for her and her husband.

"You know." He shrugged, peaking like a sullen father from his papers. He didn t answer for a moment and chuckled, dismissing the subject lightly and said, "I ve actually never seen those two agree on something."

"If you haven't caught them kissing." She said matter-of-factly without look at him.

"Caught?" He eyed his wife. "Or were you simply spying them?"

"Tell me, aren t you curious how those two actually-" Georgia paused at the grin at her husband face, shuddering at the familiar way it resembled Mike s when he knew something she, or rather, women couldn t get. But it seeing it on her husband face, the pleasing effect from Mike didn t go along the same with him. It seems her husband was getting the contagious so-called manly instinct for her own comfort.

"Well, husband?"

"Well, wife?" He said too sweetly that she almost choked on her coffee.

Georgia tensely put the cup away and looked at her husband. The expression on his face couldn t be mistaken, and quite difficult was it to keep hers innocent. "Well, aren t you-"

"Just let Mike and Abby fight like parrots for as long as they want. I'll not have my wife thinking of other people's kisses." Larry jerked her against his side and leaned close to her ear. "If you have so much of a free time dallying with affairs that's not of your own. Why not hear what I have in mind?"

"Smart-ass." She turned, a saucy smile on her face as she whispered, "Why don t you show me instead?"

She'll let the matter drop, because, after all, there were times when a man was too willing to be undone by a woman.

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