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AGAIN - Part 2

He's there—Natsume's there!

…Standing in front of me in an all-white clothing, smiling that stupid crooked smile that I have to hold my breathe or it'll go away…

I can't move… Oh my God… Is this real?

He went near, and finally he's in front of me. His red eyes looking at me and I have to slap myself several times to make sure that I'm awake, but then he pulled me into an embrace.

It's real. It's him—his scent, his warmth—he's alive! God he's alive!

"You bastard…" was all I can utter. He pulled me tighter and I submitted, burying myself into him even more… tears of joy are unstoppable, coming out of my eyes.

"I'm sorry…" he said sincerely, but he's like smiling.

"But you're dead—"

He cut me off, "Do you want me dead?" I shook my head, still buried on his chest, "No…" I told him, sobbing.

"Hush now… Stop crying… You're scaring me…" he said as he kissed my head. His breathe was warm against my skin.

"How can you say that, you moron? When it was you who scared me to hell!" I retorted. He laughed. "My God, I really thought you're dead! Good heavens!" I exclaimed. "You made fun of me! You made fun of me with all these pranks!" I pushed myself away from him and saw everyone laughing. My, my… the Porsche, the house, the breakfast, the sundae and even the pictorial! Because I can see that annoying girl and the staffs of Red Summer here! I forgot that he owns Red Summer! Oh! STUPID ME!

"…and this arrangement…" I muttered.

"Shh…" he touched my lips with his thumb, with the rest of his fingers cupping my chin, to make me look at him. Darn. When will I ever get over this fact that he's alive and damn, so gorgeous! "It's because you're so hard-headed… It could've been easier." he told me, smiling. Ugh! IDIOT!

"But… but… You're dead? I was there…"

"You see I'm not…" he rested his hands on my cheeks. He's right, he's not dead. He's here. He'd been here, and made fun of me…


"Hotaru shot you of a tranquilizer to calm you down and they took you away… Subaru was there, do you remember?" He started to explain… I nodded. "Me too… I thought I was dead, I thought I can never open my eyes and see you again… because everything was blank and nothing… All I can hear is your voice. I thought I lost my dreams of being with you… I'm sorry…

"But then they tried to make my heart beat again… and I don't know but Imai said that it did, I mean, my heart beat again though I'm not breathing… And then Tono had the moon flower's ashes that time and Tsubasa gave them Kaname's alice stone. It was the only one that can be used since my mom's alice stone was used by Luna, mine was used by you when you were fighting Dione but luckily, Tsubasa has a spare, and we used it… So don't ask him where he put that, okay?"

"Yeah! Don't ask me! I want to answer but your hubby wants it to be a secret—" Tsubasa said but was cut my Misaki who suddenly hit him on the back of his head. Everyone laughed, including us.

So it's Kaname's alice stone… So Natsume's the one he's talking about in my dreams—the one who will stay with me… "Thank you…" I whispered.

But with all of this? I want to be a music player so I can pause and breathe. One minute I was freaking out because I'm afraid to take a look at his dead body, and now…. I'm freaking out because I can't contain the happiness, knowing that he's alive!

"Mikan…" he called me softly. "Last night, I asked you to marry me… again..." he said, and my eyes widened. Oh God, it's not a dream! I mean… he was really there, he's the one who took me back to the house and that was his house.

The diamond ring on my finger flashed before me instead of my wedding ring. I gaped in amazement… DIAMOND… WOW… So this is what the salad-bar-lady means with that 'good luck to your engagement' statement that made me say 'what?' in response. Ok. Forget that. Because right now, I can only stare at my finger with both my hands rested on his shoulders, while his hands are both on my waist and looking at me… with those alluring red orbs…

"I still don't have an answer…" he told me, faking a cough and looking at me seriously this time.

"I was drunk…" I unconsciously answered with my eyes still fixed on my hand.

"Yes you were… I was supposed to have the answer earlier that night at the party but—"

"YOU WERE THERE!" I snapped at once. So that's why he knew that I was looking for Kaname's alice stone when I was drunk, and he knew that I was drunk!

"Uh-uh…" he nodded. "It's supposed to be our engagement party" he said, emphasizing the words to make feel the guilt even more.

"But they said that it's just a celebration…"

"It's supposed to be a SURPRISE…" Hotaru snapped from behind, and then rolled her eyes annoyingly at me.

"I… I'm… I'm sorry… I wasn't aware…" I told them. But they just laughed at me.

But Hotaru was laughing harder, and I can see Ruka amazed by the sight of her. Wow… "Again… It's supposed to be like that… Silly Mikan…" and then she gave me this bestfriend-smile and said, "You're forgiven… I'm sorry too…"

"I'm not going to wait here forever…" Natsume said.

"Are you saying that if I don't answer now, you're going to leave me and—"

"No." he cut me. "If you don't answer now, I will drag you to that altar and make you marry me." he warned me playfully. Drag? Can't he just carry me? Dragging will be harsh! Tsk… an absolute bastard… certified.

"Do you think that I'll make you do that?" I asked him even more playfully.

"Well, I'm not giving you any choice… So marry me." he said, leaning his forehead on me. I smiled at his arrogance. He's still Natsume, but way better than the Natsume that I married in this very place at the very same time on that 'first time'. I rolled my eyes, smiling crazily at him.

"Marry me…" he repeated. I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Marry me" he said again. I pulled him closer and kissed him. "Marry me." he repeated but with a chuckle this time. It made me chortle too.

"I can't believe this…" I laughed.

"Marry me…"

"You're so persistent…" I shook my head.

He laughed and repeated it again, "marry me…" he said, brushing his nose on mine, and even pulled me closer. I kissed him again.

"Marry me…"

"Would you let me breathe first?" I asked him.

"No, marry me…"

I threw my head back and laughed.

"Marry m—"

"Yes— now stop it and please don't drag me but take me there… and marry me…" I snapped just before he finishes those words that tickles me, all of me, to the highest level.

and everytime I look at you, it's like the first time

you are the best thing… that's ever been mine…

And he has this triumphal smile drawn on his lips as he kissed me again. Hmmmm… sweet.

I never thought that the 'kiss-the-bride' part can come first before the whole ceremony.

Duh. It happened. I thought the only man who can kiss me will be my husband-to-be but look at me. I really married the man—the very man—who took my first kiss and then later, my heart away…

hold on… make it last… hold on… never turn back…

"I love you Mikan…" he whispered softly…

do you believe it? We're gonna make it now…

and I can see it…



"I love you too… I love you so much, Natsume…" I replied, with all my heart into it…

…we're going under…

I can see it now 3









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