Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Enter Mikoto

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A large bald man was sitting behind a bar glaring down upon am 15 year-old kid. The bald man was wearing a white T-shirt belittled with barbecue and alcohol stains. His jeans had many holes in them that were poorly stitched up. His grey mustache indicated that he was at least 50-something years old. They were both locked in on each other's eyes. The man's brown eyes never left the kid's green eyes, the opposite was also true.

The kid was wearing a black T-shirt with a giant red question mark in the middle of it. His jet-black hair was short, but long enough to just barely cover his ears. His brown pants were clean and free of any stains. He had a cocky surefire smile on his face, it was the face of a man who was confident he would win.

The bald man spoke first, "I walk on four legs in the morning, two in the day, and three at night! What am I?" It was an old riddle.

The kid smiled. "You are a man. You are baby at first so you crawl on all fours, then you are an adult and you walk on two, and finally you are an old man so you walk on two legs and you have a cane! Three legs! Next!"

"Two sons and two fathers goes fishing and they only catch three fish is this enough to feed them all if they all want one fish a piece?" said the man.

"Yup! The two sons are a little kid and his dad. The two fathers are the grandpa and the dad again. The dad's the grandpa's son. So he is both a father and a son!" shouted the kid loudly answering the riddle with a extreme pride.

Men from the tables turned around and looked at the kid. The bald man calmed them down and several of them twisted around returning to their own conversations.

"Listen, Mikoto, I know how excited you can get, but you need to calm down, these riddles aren't that big of a deal," said the bald man.

"What are you talking about!" shouted Mikoto as he stood up and rubbed the old man's head with his knuckles. "Riddles are tough. They require knowledge and expertise among other things. Only thing a pirate needs is a gun or sword and they are set! Besides these pirates aren't worth anything, we are in the East Blue remember? They are all washed-up old sea dogs or wannabes who still don't have their sea legs." Xavier grunted and groaned. He was just asking for trouble.

One of the nearby pirates stood up and walked over to Mikoto. He was wearing a long gray trench coat and brown boots. His had a hook for his left hand. "I hear you are bad mouthing us pirates. Saying we are easy then riddles, eh? Well, guess what kid, I got a sword here that says different!" The pirate pulled out a 4-foot long sword. He was wielding it with his right hand alone, since it was obvious that his left hand was worthless. "Take back what you said about us here pirates, before I carve you up like a turkey!"

Xavier stood up first, "Listen, you don't want to do that! You don't know what you are getting into." He glanced over at Mikoto who just put his glass down on the table. "The kid's a little weird and he possibly suffered from some brain damage, so just go off now, save yourself the trouble. Don't bother him...please. Take the drink in your hand out with you, free of charge!"

"See what I mean, Xavier," said Mikoto as he stood up from his seat and brushed Xavier to the side, "it always comes down to a sword or a gun." He brushed some dirt off of his pants. "I on the other hand fight with a bit more of an original style."

The door blew open as the pirate was blasted through the door. Several pirates rushed outside into the day. All of them screaming. The one pirate that lay on the ground lifted his head up and stared at the emerald eyes of Mikoto. "You ain't normal! You are a monster!" The man's head fell back down onto the ground with a loud thud as he passed out.

Mikoto took a sip of the lemonade Xavier handed to him. "Yeah, tell that to someone who cares!"`

Xavier smiled. "I warned him."

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Secondly! I want to point out that A) this is my first story so story-wise, grammar-wise, and especially in terms of writing battles it gets better later on B) I do make a few changes to the One Piece world (like introducing new races and new powers) and finally C) the first few chapters are short, but they become 2000 word chapters pretty fast.