I've stood on the edge for too long. On the edge of reason, the edge of love, the edge of sanity. Once upon a time I was not alone; there were five of us. However, that time has long since pass. Now I am the last; the final; the Omega; the end.

It was the combined strength of the five that allowed us to remain on the edge of all things. Then one by one, moment by moment our destruction drew nearer and nearer. One fell over the edge of sanity, another to mortality, the third to the limitations of oneself, a further one to the weapons we forged, until finally all that remained was me.

There are many things that call for my fall - my mother, my father, my lover, my daughter. Yet somehow I remain on the edge of it all. Maybe that is my fall. The edge that I succumb to is The Edge. That for the remainder of my eternity I am the edge. I am a witness to history; the victories and the failures. I am the last; the final; the Omega ... the end.

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