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A/N This takes somewhere after Act 22 in the manga. If you haven't read the manga then all you really have to know is that Akihiko suggested to Misaki that he wanted to tell Takahiro about their relationship and that Misaki said he will think about it.

Pairing: Romantica

Chapter One - Unexpected Interruption

Takahashi Misaki, age twenty-one is currently attending his last year in Mitsuhashi University. Due to certain circumstances he ending up living as a free loader with his brother's best friend from High School, Akihiko Usami aka Usagi-san. During their time together the two had become...close.

Misaki was finishing up on the washing up as he unconsciously watched Akihiko rereading through his new manuscript for his BL novel. Misaki winced, who knows what naughty fantasies are written on those god forsaken pages. Damm pervert was always writing him doing...unspeakable things.


The younger male looked up from the soapy water, "What?"

Akihiko looked up from his work and removed his reading glasses, "Would you come over and read this sex scene for me to make sure it sounds alright?" he smirked, waving the pages towards the brunette.

Misaki's face grew bright red and he nearly choked on this air, "ABSOLUTELY NO WAY! YOU PERVERT!"


"Good thing you actually have your work done, for once" Misaki said as he placed a cup of tea on the table for Akihiko, "Aikawa-san will be happy" he chirped, sipping his own tea "So, when is the deadline?"

"Three days ago" he replied bluntly.

Misaki's eye twitched This guy...really is something

Akihiko smiled as he patted an empty space next to him indicating for Misaki to sit down next to him, which he reluctantly did so. The older man pulled out his box of cigarettes from his jacket pocket and pulled out one of the 'death sticks' and lit it. Misaki watched from the corner of his eye and frowned, "Usagi-san, you should really think about cutting down on those things"

He smirked, "Are you worried about me?" he asked smugly.

"No way!" he spat.

"Is that so?"

Misaki let out a sigh and he set his cup of tea on the table. Now was the perfect time to tell Akihiko. He clenched his fists around the fabric of his trousers anxiously "Ano, Usagi-san?"

Akihiko breathed out smoke "What?" His eyes gazed over at the brunette.

He looked away from Akihiko's eye contact "I've been thinking, a-about what you said, you know...about telling Nii-chan about, about us" he said nervously, "and since he's coming up by himself for a visit I think" he paused for a moment "I think now would be a good opportunity to tell him" He could practically feel his face going red with complete embarrassment

"Is that so?" Akihiko took the cigarette out of his mouth and put it out in the panda shaped ashtray on the table, "I think you made the right decision, Misaki"

Misaki laughed nervously, "You think so?"

Akihiko nodded. "Well then, if that's the case" he scooted closers to Misaki "then I should take full advantage of this moment...Takahiro might decide to take you away from me" He leaned in and placed his lips against Misakis unexpected ones.

Misaki pushed Akihiko away from him "Don't-don't joke about that, baka!" he said with a serious face.

Akihiko hummed indicating that he understood as he leaned in for another kiss, pushing Misaki flat on his back with him hovering above him in one swift motion. He slipped his tongue into Misakis' mouth and began to play with his lovers tongue. Misaki patted Akihikos' shoulder, "No, U-Usagi-san" he protested, "W-we can't, Nii-chan is coming over today what if walks in...didn't you give him a key last time he was here?"

"He said he won't be coming over till later" He kissed Misaki's neck, "so we have nothing to worry about" Akihiko ran his hand up the Ukes shirt causing Misaki to shiver under his touch as his lips we once again attacked. It had been a while since Akihiko last touched him like this since he was busy with work and Misaki was studying for his final exams.

Misaki held back a moan, his body was hungry for Akihiko's touch (not that he'll ever admit to that!)

Their lips were once again locked as Akihiko's hand reached down to unbutton Misaki's pants, "No wait" Misaki protested, breaking the kiss "Usagi-san, we can't!"

Akihiko smiled smugly, "That's not what your body is telling me"

Misaki blushed, "S-shut up!"

"Misaki" he whispered as he leaned in the younger male's ear, his voice low and piercing "I love you" Those three words resonated throughout Misaki's body, striking him like lighting, making him unable to argue back. Akihiko smirked in victory and his large hands traveled downwards into Misaki's pants and began to fondle his lover's harding manhood.

"Ahh...Usa...Usagi--san..." Misaki moaned and his lips were once again attacked by his lover. His lips automatically parted and Akihko's tongue slipped into his mouth and began to stoke his tongue with his own.

Suddenly the front door swung open and in steeped a tall male figure. The absolute worst person in the untie world to have walked in at that moment and it just had to be him. "Usagi! I'm he-...EH?!"

The two immediately parted, but it was two late he had seen them. This could not be happening! At that very moment Misaki just wanted to find a hole and die and he instantly began to panic, however his mind went blank and all he coud say was..."N-N-N-Nii-chan!?"

Akihiko blinked a few times, "Oh Takahiro, your earlier then I expected"

Needless to say that the two had some serious explaining to do!

To be continued...

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