NCIS, Tony/Tim, We good?

"We good?"

Tony waited until everyone else had left for the night and it was just himself and McGee left gathering their things to go home before risking the question. "Tim..." he'd said hesitantly, putting his hand on McGee's shoulder, eyes searching the other man's imploringly. "We good?"

McGee looked away, and Tony could just barely see an answer in Tim's eyes before they focused on his desk. It was a look of conflict that he saw. He understood it, he supposed, but at the same time, he didn't.

"It wasn't as if I planned it, Tim," he said softly.

It being falling in love with Jeanne, the woman he had gone undercover to get close to her arms dealer father.

When it had started, Tony had been acting. Pretending to he interested in Jeanne so he could do his job. But somewhere along the way, he'd begun to really like, and then, to really love the woman he knew already felt that way about him. She was beautiful, intelligent, funny, cultured... an inventive lover... and Tony was, after all, just a man. It was hard to fake desire, not while getting as close as the Director wanted him to get with Jeanne.

"I know, Tony," McGee said tersely. He still refused to look at Tony.

The worst had been keeping it a secret from Tim. They hadn't been together long - just starting to get past the flirtation stage, actually - when the Director had called Tony into her office and asked him to take on this undercover operation. But it had to be a secret, just in case. Tony supposed he should have questioned it. If Gibbs had been there, he would have questioned it for sure. But Tony wasn't Gibbs and he didn't know Jenny Shepperd well enough to realize there was more to this than she let on. So Tony went along with it, kept it a secret because she said so.

Even if it meant keeping it a secret from his new lover.

"Do you?" Tony asked, sadly.

At first, it didn't interfere in their relationship at all. Tony wasn't attached to Jeanne yet and he could still flirt with her and go back to Tim because he was just acting like he was interested in Jeanne and he was definitely interested in Tim. But as it progressed, there were nights when he simply couldn't leave her bed and go back to McGee. He had started feeling dirty, keeping his little secret. In retrospect, he was was dirty... tainted because he had allowed himself to be used for his boss's personal vendetta.

Then Jeanne had started getting more and more insistent about being a part of his life. Calling while he was at work, texting him, setting up lunch dates and the occasional afternoon delight. She wanted more of him, and her actions drew attention to what was going on, in the form of a very curious Ziva.

Upon hearing her grill Tony one day, Tim had assumed that Tony had invented a girlfriend to keep their growing relationship under wraps. Don't ask, don't tell, Rule Twelve... however you wanted to slice it, dating a coworker was one thing they'd both been conditioned by Gibbs not to do. At least not publicly.

And now, the truth was out.

Tony had gotten too close. The lines he'd drawn when he first started this charade had been blurred beyond distinction, and while he still cared for Tim and was still very much attracted to him, he also had very undeniable feelings for Jeanne.

Coming clean to both of them had been a huge weight lifted off his shoulders ... an subsequently placed on his heart. Jeanne had disappeared; he couldn't get a hold of her anywhere.

And McGee... Tim...

"No, Tony, not really. I thought we had something special," he accused, sounding really hurt. He looked up now, and Tony could see the pain etched on his face. "I like you a lot, Tony, but I won't be your fool." McGee grabbed his coat and didn't even bother to put it on before fleeing the bull pen.

Tony was utterly alone, and it was definitely not good.