So it's been a long time since I updated this, life kind of distracted me from it. But I am planning to end it with Chapter 16 which will be put up soon.

"Rory, there's breakfast available in the dining room," Emily's voice came over the intercom the following morning.

"Does she normally wake you up like this?" asked Logan, laughing as Rory turned red with embarrassment.

"No," she said, annoyed.

"And there's some for Logan too if he wants to stop for something to eat," Emily added.

"No way," blushed Logan. "I can't go out there ... with them ..."

"So much for the sneak you out plan," sighed Rory. "That explained the wake up call. She wanted to catch us out ... without actually catching us out."

"Well in a couple of days we'll both be in New York with no parents or grandparents," pointed out Logan.

"I can't wait. What are we going to do?" she asked, pulling on the nearest jeans and a t shirt she just pulled out of the wardrobe.

"Well what choice do we have?" asked Logan. "They know I'm here and it's going to look rude if I just leave."

"So we have no choice," she sighed.

"It doesn't look like it."

"So ... time to face the music," said Logan.

"Good morning Rory, Logan," Emily greeted them as they entered the dining room, both not knowing where to look.

"Morning," they both mumbled back.

"I had the maid set you a place Logan," Emily informed them.

"Thank you," Logan said, sitting down.

"Juice?" asked Richard, holding out the jug.

"Yes please."

"Thank you so much for the party last night," said Rory, trying to make it less awkward.

"No problem. You deserve it," smiled Richard. "I'm glad you had a good night."

"And thank goodness that he didn't show up," Emily stated, everyone knowing immediately that 'he' meant Christopher.

"Actually he gave Francine a card and letter to give to me," Rory informed them.

"Letter?" asked Emily sharply. "What did it say?"

"That he was sorry ... he has an estranged wife and daughter who are both in France and he doesn't see them anymore and it made him think of me and want to make amends," Rory summarised.

"The nerve of that man," whispered Emily.

"It's okay Grandma," Rory replied. "I told him that if he wanted to say something then to write a letter which is what he did. He did nothing wrong. I just need to ... figure out what to do."

"And we'll support you, whatever you decide," Richard encouraged, looking between Rory and Emily.

"So do you two have plans for today?" asked Emily.

"I actually have to get back to New York this morning," explained Logan.

"So you'll be around for lunch," Emily looked at Rory hopefully. "There's a DAR get together at the country club."

"Actually I have plans," Rory replied, thinking of her lunch with Sookie.

"Really? Doing what?" asked Emily.

"Paris wants to have lunch before she goes back to Harvard," Rory improvised, knowing that Paris was already on her way back to school having spent the night in a hotel.

"Oh that's nice," smiled Richard.

"How's she enjoying Harvard?" asked Emily.

"I think it's going good. She's busy all the time so there's not a lot of time for her to enjoy the area but she likes her course."

"Does she have a preference between Harvard and Yale?" asked Richard out of interest.

"From what she said last night, she prefers Yale but she likes her classes at Harvard," Rory explained.

When everyone had finally finished eating Rory indicated to Logan by a nod towards the door that they could leave now.

"Thanks for breakfast," Logan thanked Richard and Emily. "Unfortunately I need to get going if I'm going to make my meeting," he apologised.

"Not a problem Logan. And of course you must go, we don't want to hold you up," Emily said.

"I'll be home for dinner," Rory said.

"Great, we'll have salmon," decided Emily.

"Sounds good."

"Well that was ..." started Logan as they entered the pool house again.

"Awkward?" supplied Rory. "Definitely."

"Well I really do have to get going," sighed Logan, wrapping his arms round her.

"Well I'll see you on Saturday, are you free to help me move in?" she asked.

"Of course, I've made sure my diary is free and you'll get to meet Finn."

"What about Colin?" asked Rory.

"He'll be out of town with his dad on business but you'll meet him soon."

"Text me later," Rory said.

"Of course. Have a good lunch with Sookie," he kissed her, grabbed his bag and left.

"I'm so glad you came," smiled Sookie when she opened the door and saw Rory in front of her.

"Thank you for inviting me," thanked Rory. "Logan couldn't come, he has meetings in New York, but he said to say thank you for the invite."

"Oh no problem, that just means more food for us. Did you have a good birthday?"

"It was good," nodded Rory, trying not to think of the letter Christopher had sent her.

"Your mom always loved birthdays. We went all out for the two you had here, even though you didn't really know what was going on."

"My grandparents have always thrown me parties but it's mostly their society friends a lot of the time," explained Rory.

"I bet they give you good presents though."

"Yes. They actually just bought me an apartment in New York so I move on Saturday."

"An apartment," gushed Sookie, thinking of how much than must have cost in New York.

"I think that they think if the spend lots of money on me then it might make up for ... things," trailed Rory.

After dinner Rory dialled Logan's number and told him all about her day in Stars Hollow.

"And I've been thinking ... about my dad."

"You don't need to rush into anything," said Logan.

"I know. I think I'm going to tell Francine to tell him I need time. I just ... don't think I can talk to him just yet but maybe one day soon."

"I'll support you in whatever you decide. No pressure."

"I think this is what I want," confirmed Rory.