Wild Pixie

Chapter One: The Worlds Meet

Time, space, there exist many timelines, and many versions of space. We call these alternate dimensions. Physical laws, abilities, even the existence of magic, can be different between them.

In one world there existed monsters, some of them possessing tremendous power, these monsters were friends, and companions to many. They were also used to aid humans in many occupations.

In another there existed powerful humans and a set of cursed springs.

-Four months ago Monster World.-

Granity was exploring an ancient ruin. All the while she was thinking about her lost companion Big Blue. It was a rumor; a rumor that stated that this ruin has something that was capable of splitting fused monsters apart, if that was true she would have her trusted companion back.

She walked through the complex for over an hour, until she found a room with what looked like a heavily modified shrine. The shrine was complex, and looked more modern than most. Most shrines consist of a round stone platform, four evenly spaced stone pillars, and a low stone alter with a button. This one contained something only found in these ancient ruins, computers. From her time working with Mu she had gained a rudimentary knowledge of their use, and the language that the computers use. She is shocked to discover that the computers are still functioning, and the separation program actually exists. She quickly loaded it up, and reads some of the research notes.

As she brushed her short green hair from her blue eyes, she saw that the procedure worked, so she loaded up the program with a delay. She quickly moved to the center of the raised platform, and with a last look at the rocky section of her left arm, she waited until the computers started. As the program started she was enveloped in a bright light, and when it faded two figures could be seen.

One looked a lot like Granity, but with pink bat like wings instead of rocky grey, what looked like a pink fur halter top with a heart shaped section showing skin of the top part of her breasts to under the collar bone by a few inches instead of one made of rock, no rock tiara, fur on her forearms and lower legs, a pink flesh tail with a triangle at the tip instead of her previous rocky one, and her horns that went up from her head and bent forward ninety degrees turned from rock to horn. Her blue eyes became grey, her hair red, and her lips had darkened from a cherry red to a dark nearly black red. Her height remained the same at approximately five foot six inches.

The second figure was over ten feet tall if he was an inch. He was a blue color, had white designs on his forearms and legs, and looked to be made of solid stone.

"Big Blue, answer me!" the Granity look alike yelled while trying to shake the rocky one awake.

His eyes slowly widened as he saw who was trying to shake him to pieces. "Pixie! How!" Big Blue responded.

"I found a way to separate us, I'm glad it worked," she replied with a smile. "Now let's get out of here."

Big Blue nodded, and went to wait by the door while Pixie walked to the computer console to turn everything off, and that's when things went wrong. The bank of computers, not maintained since the place was shut down, exploded knocking Pixie out and sending her flying onto the stone platform. The platform, getting nonsensical instructions from the remains of the computers activated, and with a multicolored lightshow, Pixie vanished.

-Jusenkyo seconds later-

The guide heard a loud splash, and ran toward the springs, upon arriving he could have swore he saw a faint glow coming from the spring of drowned girl, but upon seeing no body, and no customer decided that it must have been a rock that fell in. Unknown to him, somebody did fall in and drown, but certain types of beings, and residual energies, don't react well with Jusenkyo magic.

-Four months later-

Two figures were battling above the springs, and as in many timelines of this specified dimension a man went into one spring and came out a panda. He sucker punched his son that was in shock from seeing what happened to his father into a spring. The boy crawled out of the spring, and upon hearing the guide tell him it was the spring of drowned girl opened her Gi and screamed when he saw breasts.

`Oh give it a rest.`

Ranma instantly stopped screaming, and started looking around for the person who spoke to him. Upon seeing no one he ran to the guide and demanded an explanation. Upon receiving the standard Jusenkyo explanation and changing back he asked the guide, "I thought I heard a voice just before I stopped screaming who was it?"

The guide scratched the back of his head as he responded, "I no know, nobody ever hear voices from falling in spring."


"There it is again!" he shouted.

The guide started to edge away from the obviously deranged person.

`Oh give it a rest; it's obvious that he can't hear me. My name is Pixie, and it looks like you're stuck with me, and try thinking at me, it'll prevent people from thinking you're crazy.` Pixie said harshly.

`Like this?` Ranma responded mentally.

`Yes, I can hear you perfectly.`

"Boy, why are you wasting time talking? Guide, can you take us somewhere we can get supplies?" the now Human Genma said.

Amazon village close by, two day walk, but you no want go there," the guide responded.

"That will do, let's get going," Genma said. The trio set off, and walked until night fell. The guide stayed as far away from the obviously crazy boy as he could.

They made camp near a river, and as per their usual routine Ranma went for water. Forgetting his curse for a second he submerged his hand into the water with a canteen. By the light of the full moon he saw his now her cursed form for the first time, it was nearly as tall as her male form, had red hair, seemingly had lips of a dark nearly black red, grey eyes, and sharp inch and a half long red nails on her fingers. While her male face was one that, in general, had the look of natural good humor, her current face looked like someone whom crossing would be a bad idea. After shaking her head she finished filling the canteens, and the pot. She brought them back to the camp, and put the pot on the fire to cook the last of their rice.

`Amazing, a full body transformation, and all due to falling in a pool of water,` Pixie sent softly.

`You wouldn't think so if it happened to you,` Ranma responded angrily.

`Technically it is,' Pixie pointed out.

Ranma simply grumbled under his breath as he served the rice.

Pixie was both slightly amused, and alarmed at the food stealing competition between father and son, when she asked about it her alarm grew as she heard that this is the way it has almost always been. Genki had pretty much removed her hatred of the human race, but she was considering bringing it back specifically for Genma.

After the meager meal was finished the three bedded down for the night, and as Ranma fell asleep, she dreamed.

Ranma found himself male, and in an empty plane which stretched as far as the eye could see.

A voice sounded out from behind him, "So, we finally meet 'face to face.'"

Ranma spun around and saw a good looking woman that looked a lot like his cursed form except with quite a few extra parts such as wings, a tail, horns, and fur.

"Who are you?" Ranma asked

"Pixie, who else has been speaking to you for nearly the whole damn day?"

Ranma blinked at that and asked, "How?"

"I don't know, but I have been in you ever since you fell in that pool of water."

"No, I mean why don't I look like you? With the horns and stuff, the guide said that I assume the form of what drowned in the spring. I have some of your features, but not others," Ranma asked.

"I don't know, perhaps something interfered with the curse?" Pixie responded shrugging.

"So what exactly are you? You're definitely not human," Ranma asked.

Pixie looked at Ranma in shock, how could he not know? Granted, pixies are not the most Populous monsters, but they are certainly not the rarest.

"I'm a pixie, a type of monster, but how could you not know this?" the winged woman asked.

"Monsters? Monsters don't exist, well except for the human type."

"I'm going to try something," Pixie said before concentrating, and sending images of the monsters she had met. She accidentally sent her entire battle with Genki and friends along with the images.

"I don't know of any of the creatures you showed me, but could you teach me to do those cool techniques you did?" Ranma asked excitedly.

Pixie couldn't believe her ears, not seeing a pixie is one thing, not seeing ANY monsters must mean that where she is now they don't exist. Then she thought about the request for teaching him, and decided to give it a try, especially since her survival, such as it was, is entirely dependent on his. The rest of the night in the dreamscape was filled with instruction of a technique, one that he seemed to master just before the strain of maintaining the dreamscape became too much, and they both drifted off to more normal dreams.

The next day started with Genma trying to kick his son awake, and with a lucky shot he succeeded, sending her into a nearby tree.

"It is too early in the morning for this crap, pops," Ranma said. she then decided to try her new technique out on her father, so she started concentrating her energy into her hands and, with a motion of her hand threw a thick disk like energy projectile at her father with a cry of, "Torpedo!" Immediately after she did that she fell to her knees exhausted, and watched the shot hit her father in the stomach .

`Nice shot, but you're going to have to work on your stamina otherwise you won't be able to use it when it's needed,` Pixie sent.

'Thank you sensei, I will try` Ranma replied.

"Boy! Where did you learn…" Genma started to rant while holding his stomach, but when he saw the condition his son was in stopped, and merely said, "I'm disappointed you kept that from me, and that a single use of it rendered you into this state. I'll need to work on your ki, so that you won't pass out using it in a fight. Now where and when did you learn it?"

"Last night, dream sensei," Ranma replied without thinking, still trying to catch his breath.

`Gee, thanks for the credit,` Pixie sent wryly, but the humor behind it was also transmitted.

"A dream sensei huh? Anyway, new exercise before bed every night, create a ball of ki using the same method you used for the attack, and hold them as long as possible without launching it, now pack up, we need to get to the village the guide told us about tomorrow, he left when you were sleeping saying he would meet us there." Genma said as he put on his pack. Ranma on the other hand worked slower than normal, simply because she used most of her energy for that one attack. As soon as she was packed Genma set off at a fair clip with his son turned daughter struggling to keep up. It got easier as the day progressed as her ki continued to replenish. By the time they arrived at the village she was moving almost normally, but starved. The two were also soaked from a sudden rain shower. They entered the village and saw the guide talking to an extremely old, extremely short woman on a stick. They also saw a table of food, and rushed towards it.

Ranma was brought up short by about half the distance when Pixie mentally 'shouted,' `Ranma stop! They must have had a reason for putting the food out, and it's not a good idea to eat food that they might have plans for, especially since we are outnumbered over fifty to one.`

Ranma, after talking with Pixie for over twenty four hours had realized that she had more wisdom than she did, so instead of filling her belly with the delicious looking feast decided to move toward the guide, and old woman to get a better view of a fight taking place on a large suspended log.

"So this is the one you told me about, tell me boy, are you still hearing the voice?" the old woman asked.

Ranma nodded slowly as he asked, "How did you know?"

"The guide told me about his two most recent customers, as long as you don't cause trouble you are immune to the kiss laws due to the touch of insanity the spring gave you, since you seem mostly harmless," the old woman said kindly.

`Insanity?` Ranma thought to Pixie.

`Go along with it for now, besides in general, hearing voices that nobody else can is often considered a sign of the condition, but not in your case since you know the cause. I would ask about what happens if your father causes the trouble though,` She responded.

"Err, thanks, but what happens if pops causes the problem?" Ranma asked jerking a finger at the aforementioned panda.

The old woman sighed as she responded, "well child he will have to face the consequences of his eating the first prize, and he will probably be forced to work off the crime…"

A loud crash of a bonbori hitting the prize table, scattering the food, and knocking the panda eating at it on his backside. A purple haired girl stalked up to Ranma and said via the guide, "Why your panda eat my prize?"

"You mean my Jusenkyo cursed father?" Ranma responded after a brief discussion with Pixie.

"Panda, you I kill," the girl screamed in Chinese, and attacked the panda.

`I know I'm gonna regret this,` Ranma sent to Pixie.

A mental sigh drifted to Ranma as she figured out what she was about to do. She sent some advice before she did what she planned, `Try to lower the power of the attack, perhaps that will prevent you from collapsing.`

Ranma managed to the attack at half power, and launched it at his father with a cry of "Torpedo!" The attack struck Genma on his head this time, knocking him out. A squad of Amazons quickly took him to a cage, and locked him in.

Ranma was still standing, a bit shakily after that attack, but it was obvious to any observer that she was in no condition to fight.

"Thank you child, that could have turned out badly if your father had won. Why don't you join us at the feast, and then we can decide your father's punishment," the old woman said.

Just then Ranma's stomach growled loud enough to be heard from a distance of three feet. The old woman chuckled and said, "It appears we have an answer, so come sit, and eat."

During the meal the discussion of Genma's punishment was floating around, The Purple haired girl whom was named Shampoo, was of the opinion that a quick death was best. Most of the elders thought forcing him to plant crops for a month would be best. The old woman whose name was found to be Cologne made an offer to Ranma, "Since you are probably going to be stuck here until your father's punishment is complete, how about I help you condition your body so that you don't pass out after only a couple of the attacks you used on your father?"

`What do you think Pixie?` Ranma asked.

`We do need to work on that issue, considering the energy drain I don't dare teach you another attack until you can handle this one. She probably wants to figure out how it's done so her people could duplicate it, but other than that it sounds like a plan, unless you want to abandon your father here. Oh, and be polite,` Pixie replied, and gave an odd suggestion on how to word the response.

Ranma thought about it for a second then replied, `Tempting, but no he's the only family I have.`

"Thank you for the offer, but I'm going to have to accept. At present that move is useless except as a desperation strike," Ranma said, to Cologne in a tone of deepest regret despite the smile on her face.

Cologne was disappointed, she was looking forward to training someone with such obvious potential, but why was she smiling like that? She smiled as the words, and not the tone penetrated. Oh yes, this is going to be fun, she thought as she began to plan out the training for the boy turned girl.

The elders looked shocked that Cologne would offer to train an outsider, especially an outsider that was slightly disturbed as the guide had indicated, but held their piece until after the champions feast, and the boy, who had changed back before the feast, was shown where he could pitch his tent.

The elders confronted Cologne with one question, "Why are you training that disturbed boy?"

"Simple, because I'm curious about his potential, but don't worry I will not teach him any secret techniques, just ways of strengthening him to the point that he can use what he knows without harm. Besides, unbalanced or not he's powerful, and can be either an ally or enemy depending on how we treat him, imagine, a pure ki blast at his age," Cologne answered. She then noticed a blue glow coming from Ranma's tent. "Excuse me, I have to check on my student." She then hopped off to the tent.

When she arrived she saw Ranma holding a ball of ki that composed the torpedo attack steady in his hands with sweat pouring down his face as he tried to maintain them. Over the next two minutes they started to fade and eventually vanish.

"And what was that about?" Cologne asked, but in reality she had a suspicion as to the answer.

"Pops recommended that I do this every night to increase my ki," he answered.

"Not a bad suggestion, but you should rest. Tomorrow the hard work begins," Cologne said as she hopped away on her cane.

End Chapter One