Wild Pixie

Chapter 3: School Day Blues

AN: Ranma has learned from both Lenneth and the amazons so his ideas about hitting girls is near nonexistent, so don't expect him to take some of the crap from girls that he used to, also consider how often Lenneth allowed herself to be pushed around.

AN2: Akane has had an extra month, or more, of Kuno and the hoard, so her temper is most likely worse for it.

Lenneth woke the next day pleased at the progress her bodymate and student had made during the night. He had learned her next planned skill, and now only needed practice to make it truly his. Of course she had also benefited from the combination as her hand to hand skills were now far superior to what they had been, far superior in fact to most monsters.

Before she could finish waking Genma had grabbed her and threw her out the window and into the koi pond. The shock of landing in the cold water made her wake up fully, and she got out just in time to launch the attack she showed Ranma the night before, and so with a shout of, "Lightning!" she zapped him with several thousand volts, in a display of blue lightning.

`Nice shot Lenneth, but could you get some hot water so I can show how… little we care for being awakened this early, and this method, again?` Ranma sent across their link.

`Sure, give me a minute,` she responded while adopting a fairly nasty smirk, that made Genma fairly nervous, before heading inside. Upon entering she headed to the kitchen and with a nodded greeting turned on the hot water tap. Splashing herself with the water thus triggered the change, and caused Ranma to assume control. He turned the facet off before greeting Kasumi himself and leaving the room.

As he entered the yard he saw Genma waiting impatiently. "Are we going to do this this morning or not?" the fat man said peevishly.

"You know pops, I really don't like being thrown out of the window, especially this early in the mornin," Ranma growled out.

"Now boy…" Genma began nervously, because ever since Ranma trained with those woman who made him work their fields Ranma had been near uncontrollable, and he had acquired an uncanny knack for hitting him with the ki attacks that Genma had NOT taught Ranma, Genma's eyes widened as he remembered the newest technique Ranma had shown this morning, just as blue lightning hit him once again, but this time it was followed up by a thick blue disk-like energy projectile that Ranma called torpedo.

Genma grimaced at the pain the two attacks, far stronger than before the Amazon village, but he saw a weakness that had started developing since then, Ranma's hand to hand skills had marginally decreased due to his new reliance on ki attacks, not significantly, but it was a disturbing trend that the training he had given the boy had been wasted like that.

As Ranma started to walk back into the house Genma spoke up, "Boy, we need to talk about your new techniques." Genma sat sown on the ground and motioned Ranma to do the same. As soon as Ranma was seated he continued, "I understand you want to practice your new techniques, but you seem to be relying on them, and letting my martial arts training slip, so tomorrow I want you to seal those ki techniques for our morning spars. Remember, our style is based on adaptability and flexibility, you are starting to get predictable with your new techniques."

Ranma thought about it for a second, and recalled the trip back; he had not really sparred with his old man the entire trip instead, he mainly relied on the torpedo attack for a quick win.

"As much as I don't wanna admit it, your right, I've been slacking on the hand to hand with the new abilities I learned, but for today you need an object lesson... LIGHTNING!" and Ranma suited action to words and for a few seconds Genma skeleton appeared to be visible before Genma collapsed smoking.

`Your father was right about something?` Lenneth sent

`Had to happen at least once," he responded.

"Oh my," Kasumi said as she watched Ranma walk away from the smoking man, and put a sign out that said 'no smoking.'

"Kasumi, is the bath free?" Ranma asked.

"Yes, I believe so," she responded absentmindedly, glad that Ranma gave her the excuse to put the no smoking sign up, she never really liked that habit of her fathers.

Ranma retrieved his bathing supplies from his oversized backpack before moving toward the bathroom, just as he reached the door Akane stepped out. She, upon seeing the boy that had beat her, acquired an angry expression on her face, and she snapped out, "What do you want?"

"A bath now that you're out," Ranma responded casually.

"As if I would let a BOY like you…" The dark haired girl started.

"I have no clue as to what your problem is, as the only thing we did to you is defend ourselves from you, and you had been after us since we got here, what in the HELL did we do to deserve that?" Ranma asked angrily.

"You're a boy," Akane answered as if it was obvious.


"And what?" Akane asked confused.

What did we do to you," Ranma asked with narrowed eyes.

"You hit me…"

"After you attacked me, and I want to know why you did that," Ranma said, refusing to let the issue pass.

Akane was, momentarily, at a loss for words, but her instincts, engraved over the past months by Kuno and the hoard that he leads, which now includes almost every boy in the school, many who actually have no interest in her, but who just want the challenge to be over, caused her to strike out at Ranma with yell of, "It's becouse you're a pervert!"

Once again the backbone literally beat into him by Cologne, and figuratively by Lenneth showed, as he grabbed her wrist, and using her own momentum, threw her into the wall across from the bathroom.

Ranma, remembered the manners also beat into him, put up the occupied sign and proceeded to bathe.

The fathers, who had noticed the confrontation, had different responses. The mustached one gathered his stunned daughter in his arms and started crying that his guest wouldn't stop hurting his baby, and started to actually rethink the engagement, not sure if he wanted a son-in-law that would hurt his daughter so casually. The fat one had other ideas. He noticed that Nabiki was coming to take her bath, and with a flash of what he called brilliance removed the occupied sign and slipped it to where it hangs when not in use. He then pulled his friend, and incidentally Akane, to the corner so he can watch the result.

Nabiki, who is not normally all that awake in the morning, failed to notice the fact that Ranma's clothes were already in the hamper, nor did she really notice anything different in the furo, until she opened the door, dressed in her birthday suit, and a male voice yelled out, slightly panicked and outraged, "Hey! Whatcha doing?"

The male voice caused her to take stock of the bathroom. Bathing supplies check, furo filled check, embarrassed male figure already in tub che… What a minute! Her thoughts derailed and woke her up quite well. She took a minute to appreciate the view before realizing that she was also naked, and quickly moved back to the changing area. She then angrily shouted, "You really should put the occupied sign up," as she got dressed.

"I did Ranma's response floated out.

That got Nabiki's attention, and cooled her temper slightly. "It wasn't up," she answered coldly.

"Your sister must've removed it then as revenge for me not letting her hit me, again," Ranma's irritated response came back.

The girl's eyes narrowed, because this probably meant that Ranma hit her sister, again, but the words, while they make sense didn't sit right with her. As she finished getting dressed a thought occurred to her, her sister wouldn't do it, she thinks anything relating to the male gender and sex is perverted, her father seemed to be losing enthusiasm for the engagement after Ranma had beaten up Akane the day before, but there is one person who, assuming Ranma isn't lying, would, and could do it easily. She thought of how Ranma acted since he got there and have yet to notice him lying, but she had caught Genma lying a few times before, during, and after dinner. Her mind made up at the most likely person to blame she walked out, rehung the sign, and looked around. Sure enough, she easily noticed the tip of a handkerchief covered head poking from around the corner. "Genma, take down the occupied sign again, and you will regret it," the girl with the pageboy hair snapped out before heading to the kitchen to warn her sister of Genma's plan.

Soun, who was tending his daughter looked at Genma in surprise, and noticed the smug expression on his face. "Why did you do that Saotome?" he yelled going into a small scale demon head, with his head only being three times as large, but with the same snakelike tongue, and smoke from nostrils and mouth.

"I figured that if your daughters and my son got a look at what they would be getting if they married, they would hurry it along," Genma explained hastily.

Akane, who had regained her senses when her father yelled let her anger loose, and she bolted upwards with a cry of, "Pervert!" and took a swing at the elder Saotome. Unfortunately, she was attacking another world class martial artist, while her own skills were above average, even possibly at the top ten percent of martial artists in Japan, combined with the fact that she was still slightly woozy , made the results a foregone conclusion. Genma was easily, even from his sitting position able to evade it by going into a roll.

It is a well known fact that angry people have a hard time with controlling themselves, Newtonian physics also say that once in motion something stays in motion unless enacted by an equal or greater force, so her uncontrolled full powered swing unfortunately demonstrated the properties of momentum and carried her into a twist causing her to hit her father right in the face, dispelling the mini demon head, and sending him into a nearby wall. Akane never noticed as she took off after the fat man who had decided, like usual, that discretion was the better part of valor. During his run, he had a flash of insight, that perhaps his son had a point about the youngest Tendo.

Meanwhile Ranma had finished his bath, and noticed that Soun was knocked out, picked him up and brought him to his room. He then made his way to the kitchen, only to find the two older Tendo sisters talking in it. "Mornin' Kasumi, Nabiki. You might want to check on your father someone knocked him out, I put him in his bed so he can rest," he said

"Oh my, I hope he'll be all right. I'll check on him right now, can you watch the food Nabiki?" Kasumi said, right before she left the room before her sister could answer the question.

Ranma saw Nabiki glance uncertainly at the food, so he said, "I'll take care of it."

Nabiki looked greatfully at Ranma and decided to let him know who really moved the sign. "Ranma, the one who removed the sign this morning was your father, so we had better call out when we want to take a bath, so this doesn't happen again."

Ranma nodded as Kasumi came in, and took over the cooking duities with a small thank you.

"The food will be ready soon, why don't you two get your stuff for school ready while I set the table?" Kasumi suggested.

"School?" Ranma asked cringing.

`Go along with it, I at least want, and need, information about this world, and you need some education as well if what little I've seen of this city is correct,` the pixie sent.

Ranma sighed, he had learned quickly that Lenneth was a fair bit wiser than him, so he said before either Nabiki, or Kasumi could say anything, "I need supplies, I haven't been to school in several years."

"Oh, your father had already asked for us to find a book bag for you, its loaded up next to the door," Kasumi said of handedly.

As Ranma grumbled about interfering fathers as he moved out of the kitchen, Nabiki was thinking about how Ranma went from cringing about school to a depressed acceptance. Lenneth, she thought of as a possible explanation for the attitude shift. She then departed the kitchen as well to finish getting ready for school by calling her assistants to tell them of the new factor in the school and to, perhaps, use the fact that Ranma had defeated her sister multiple times to stop the morning fights. The fights had always produced an income, but Akane's attitude resulting from the fights, had gotten worse this past month, as she saw from how she handled Ranma's arrival.

Kasumi on the other hand was considering what Nabiki had told her of Genma's plans, and found the circumstances unpleasant as if Ranma was the dishonorable sort could use the situation to… Kasumi shook her head dispelling the thought, mostly, as she finished cooking, and grabbed a pinch of what she calls her 'revenge spice.' She then loaded up a tray with the dishes, and went to the family room where both families were gathered to eat. As she dished out the food she added the extra spice to the sometimes panda's miso soup.

The two Saotome's ate quickly, as they stole from each other's dishes… at least the solid parts of it. Genma was more careful than Ranma, simply because the, from his point of view, fictitious Lenneth had proven to be… less than amused at the morning food thefts.

The little time involved for the morning meal passed quickly, and it was soon time to leave. Nabiki paused at the door, she normally would let her sister take Ranma to school, but considering how they had been arguing lately she yelled out, "Hurry up Ranma, I'll show you the way to school."

Ranma sighed as he approached with Akane on his heels and with a pair of thermoses in his hands. Lenneth thought it might be best to inform the administration about his condition and get her name registered next to his own.

Akane on the other hand was going with them to prevent the pigtailed boy from doing anything perverted to her sister. She, due to her pride conveniently forgot that he had soundly defeated her every time they fought.

On the path to the school the two girls found themselves on the street as the pigtailed boy waled on the fences with as much ease as they walked on the road.

"Why are you up there?" Akane asked hotly.

"Balance training," Ranma answered simply.

"Well get down its embarrassing!" Akane shouted.

"No," the black haired boy said dismissively.

"ARG!" the blue haired boy screamed before she punched the fence, bending it and causing Ranma to have to jump off before he fell off the now mangled fence.

Ranma just glared at her before moving down to the next undamaged part, and just as he was about to leap…


A soaked Lenneth took her place as an old woman washing the sidewalk got him/her with a ladle full of water. Lenneth glared at the old woman and ground out, "Watch where you're splashing."

"Sorry dear, my eye sight is going in my old age," she responded.

The former Pixie merely sighed and set off in the direction she assumed school laid on the ground.

Both Akane, and Akane after a second to remember the curse, hurried to ketch up.

"So, why are you going to school as a girl Ranma? Stop being a pervert," Akane said angrily.

Lenneth didn't bother dignifying the comment with a reply as she studiously ignored the angry girl.

"DON'T IGNORE ME!" said angry girl screamed as she took a swing at the red haired one.

Lenneth quickly moved back and pointed her index finger at Akane and calmly said, "Lightning," and letting loose what looked like a cluster of small blue lightning bolts which created a shocking experience for the target, in this case a now slightly charred and smoking Akane.

Lowering her hand the deity named redhead tuned away and continued on her way, leaving the two sisters behind.

Nabiki sighed, and helped her twitching sister up, and noticing that she was in no shape to deal with her admirers today dragged her into the nearby clinic which was only a block away. She quickly explained to the doctor who was holding a skeleton that Akane had encountered some high voltage after attacking the wrong person. Leaving the confused doctor behind she found a silver lining in this mornings mess, and congratulated herself on taking bets for the next fights a day early, virtually nobody put money on her not showing, so she made a almost clean sweep, AND she can use the fact that when a boy DID defeat her she hated the boy more as a possible way to stop the morning fights, hopefully if the fights stop she could work on getting Akane a more balanced view on boys, and cut down on hospital expenses incurred if she keeps attacking Ranma/Lenneth.

When she got to school she paused, the landscape looked like a warzone. Craters littered the landscape, with boys scattered as if they were ground zero to small explosions, some boys were charred, a boy in blue holding a stick of charcoal that might have been a bokken was in the second category, and some looked like they had been physically beaten up, in short it looked like someone had completely decimated the hoard, and unlike her sister she knew that many of the attackers wouldn't be part of the attacking group again until their bones healed.

She shook her head as the likely cause of this popped into her head and walked past the moaning and unconscious boys and into the school just as the ambulances arrived. Part of her thoughts centering around the fact that Lenneth and Ranma were actually holding back on her sister, and the rest of her thoughts had yen signs, a pretty girl who can fight like that? She could make a bundle in street fights, and with pictures, although she might have to share so as not to piss of a person who can do what she did to the mob outside.

Later that day, during lunch, she walked over to where Lenneth was eating her lunch, alone. Sitting next to her while unpacking her own she was surprised to see the red head looking at her suspiciously, but not saying anything. For the first time it occurred to her that her reputation around the school might have gotten told to the cursed individual, and even if she wasn't the type to listen to hearsay, the fact that almost EVERYONE probably told Lenneth the same thing, 'don't trust Nabiki'… well it doesn't look all that good for getting the red haired girls cooperation.

"What?" Nabiki asked innocently.

"What do you want?" Lenneth asked suspiciously.

"What makes you think I want anything besides getting to know my potential fiancée's other half better?" was the response.

"Your reputation precedes you, and I've seen enough proof to convince me to look for cameras at the dojo, and pretty much anywhere else. Also that you can't be trusted," the former monster answered roughly.

Outwardly Nabiki was calm, but inwardly she was cursing. She had forgotten that while it would mostly be hearsay there is enough evidence floating around to make it real she opened her mouth to respond and try to salvage something out of the situation when…

An annoyingly familiar voice shouted, "Hark my flame haired Valkarie come into my…"

Before he could finish he was interrupted by a shout of "TORPEDO!" and sent flying back into the land of dreams after getting struck but the blue disk of ki. Lenneth while recovering from the drain of that attack turned to Nabiki and asked, "How many pictures of me did you ALREADY sell to him?" She then packed up her empty bento and left before Nabiki could respond.

Nabiki frowned at the amount of damage already done to any sort of possible relationship between Ranma/Lenneth and herself. In order to reverse it she needed someone willing to truthfully vouch for her intentions, and she had nobody.

"Nabiki," speak of the devil or in this case subordinate, as a black haired, brown eyed girl of average height approached her position.

"Yes Rei?" she answered.

"We have had requests for pictures of the new girl, Lenneth, but she has proven fairly elusive, and we have gotten word that she'll be using the teacher locker room, and we don't dare use cameras in there anyway. So, what do we do boss?" the black haired girl asked.

"Decline, until further notice, she is already extremely suspicious of us, if we push it she might push back," Nabiki replied just as the bell signifying the end of lunch sounded. The day passed with Lenneth making sure Ranma paid attention during class, Ranma grumbling in her head, and in another classroom Nabiki was making plans. This proceeded until the bell for the last period sounded, and Nabiki had to concentrate on a test, and Lenneth had gym, or more precisely Ranma did. He had, fortunately explained the curse and multiple personality bit to the class during his introduction.


"Today class we have a new student, Please come in and introduce yourselves," the teacher said.

Lenneth walked in and said after she stopped near the teachers desk and faced the class, "My name is Lenneth."

"I understand you have a… condition or two that the administration thinks needs to be shown to the class," the teacher said curiously.

Lenneth reached into her bag and produced two thermoses, one of hot water one of cold. Taking a cup of the hot water she poured it on her head changing control over to Ranma as she did. "My name is Ranma, and I have a curse that changes me to female with cold water, I had gotten splashed on the way to school today, and Lenneth… is I guess you can say, a different personality, almost a different person who is in control when the curse is activated by cold water." He then poured a cup of cold water on himself to bring Lenneth back out.

The class exploded with a bunch of accusations of perverseness, lewd questions about which way feels better, her sizes, HIS ahem size, and requests for dates for one form or another, all of which Lenneth ignored as the teacher recovered from his shock and tried to get the class back under control.

*End Flashback*

Ranma walked out of the teacher's locker room, and to the field where the class was setting up for a game of soccer. Ranma started playing, but was quickly told to find another physical activity to do as his presence made the teams completely unbalanced and made the game no fair for either side, so he worked through his katas for the period, and a few girls decided to pester their class Nabiki's subordinate for pictures of Ranma, bare-chested if possible, the subordinate, remembering that Lenneth was off limits told them that she'd ask Nabiki. Akane, who had returned past noon that day, noticed what the other girls were talking about and started to decry Ranma as a pervert and cheat because he couldn't beat her any other way. The girls, seeing the obvious skill, speed, and presumably strength, along with the twenty to thirty foot jumps, discounted her ramblings as jealousy and her developing androphobia.

The period ended for the class and Ranma was out of the school happy that it was over. his mood endured until, halfway home it started to rain causing Lenneth to glare at the sky for a second before tugging back to the dojo.