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Can't Fight This Feeling Part Fourteen – The Beginning

Me and Kurt were sitting at our dining table, finishing off the bottle of wine we had had with dinner. Miranda, our surrogate, had just left. She really was a God send to me and Kurt. We had always wanted to have kids, but actually doing it was still kind of worrying for us. But Miranda was a pro. This was the third baby that she'd had for a couple that couldn't have kids. To be honest, I wasn't so sure of how this sort of thing worked. But me and Kurt had been married going on three years now, and had been together for about ten, and we were both desperate to start a family of our own.

So, we got in touch with Rachel Berry (we were still in touch with most of the old Glee Club from back in Lima. Not that Rachel was still living there, she was in New York) and she told us all about what her Dads had to do to get her. She said that, to this day, she wasn't sure which one of her Dads was like, actually her Dad, but she said that she liked it that way, as if kind of felt like she was related to both of them.

That was what me and Kurt wanted. Although, Kurt did say that he hoped like hell that our kid didn't turn out like Rachel just because it was going to have two Dads and everything. I felt kind of bad for agreeing with him. At first, we thought about adopting, but neither of us really liked the idea of not properly being related to our own child, even if it was only one of us. We wanted this baby to be ours.

It was a miracle when we found Miranda. She was willing to do the whole turkey-baster thing because she had done it all before. The last time she did it was for another gay couple, and she started doing this whole thing when she got pregnant but couldn't look after the baby, so she gave it to a couple that couldn't have children, kind of like Juno I guess. It was kind of a weird job to do, I thought. Y'know, giving up a kid after having to go through the whole pregnancy and childbirth thing. But she said that there wasn't anything in the world that was better than seeing the look on those parents faces when she gives them their baby for the first time. She was so nice. And really funny too. I hope our kid inherits that.

We only had one more month to wait before we got our baby. We both wanted to know straight away what the sex of the baby was; me mainly out of curiosity and Kurt just because he wanted to know what colour to decorated the nursery. We were having a girl. Kurt was over the moon, but I would have been happy either way. I was just glad that we were finally going to start a family. Both me and Kurt really wanted to have a big family, seeing as we're only children and everything. Kurt said that he had always wished for brothers and sisters, especially when he didn't have any friends and was feeling really lonely. I wanted our little girl to be happy, and I wanted what was best for her. Kurt defiantly only wanted the best for our daughter. He'd already gone out a bought a whole bunch of expensive designer baby clothes that she'd probably out-grow in like, a second but he really didn't care.

Everything was set and everything was planned. Kurt was a real perfectionist. But there was still one thing that we hadn't really discussed. We had no idea what our daughter was going to be called. To be honest, I couldn't really think of any names that sounded good, especially one that sounded good with the surname Hudson-Hummel. I was going to suggest Drizzle – that still sounded like such a cool and poetic name to me – but it didn't really feel right. That was always what I called Quinn's baby, back when I thought it was mine (I was so stupid to believe that it was mine but... yeah), so it felt kind of weird to call me and Kurt's daughter that. It had to be something special. I just couldn't think of anything special enough.

"Have you thought of any names yet?" I asked.

Kurt looked down at his wine glass, and I could see a little blush spreading across his cheeks. After all these years, he still looked exactly the same. Like, seriously, all he'd done in the past ten years was get a little taller. Not that I was complaining or anything. He was still the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

"Actually, I have thought of... one name," he said, kind of nervously. Not even his voice had changed in ten years. He could still hit all them high notes, and I still didn't really know how.

"Well then, let's hear it," I said with a smile.

He still looked a little anxious, before he finally said "I was thinking of, erm... Kathryn. It was... it was my mother's name."

In all this time we'd been together, this was the first time I'd ever heard Kurt's Mom's name. I'd never heard him say it, or even Mr. Hummel say it. She was always just... Kurt's Mom. Kathryn... that was such a pretty name.

"I like it," I said, smiling and taking hold of his hand. "Kathryn Hudson-Hummel."

He grinned and squeezed my hand, looking kind of like he was going to cry, but in a good way. Like tears of joy.

"Kathryn Hudson-Hummel," he repeated. "That sounds perfect."

Kathryn was born on Valentine's Day at about three in the morning, and neither me nor Kurt has had a full night's sleep since. Damn, that girl can scream. But I don't care because I love her so much. She's the cutest, most beautiful little thing in the world. Kurt thinks she looks like me, but I think she looks almost exactly like Kurt. When I held her for the first time it was so amazing that I couldn't help but cry. Kurt was standing there with me, looking down at our Kathryn with tears pouring down his cheeks. Miranda was lying on the hospital bed, grinning drowsily at both of us. All three of us, I should say.

I couldn't believe it. We were actually a family. Me, my Kurt and our Kathryn. Sure, there were tough times, like all the 1am feedings or that time she got chicken pox and ended up giving me chicken pox. But it was all totally worth it. And this was just the beginning.

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