Before and After

Annie is in her room doing English coursework, what Mr Matthews give to her for being late. Her phone vibrates. Naomi has sent her a text message.

'Annie I really need to talk to you, like right now please meet me at the beach club'

Annie sits back on her bed wondering what it is Naomi is looking to talk to her about. Annie jumps out of fear as Dixon walks into her room.

'Hi what's up? I really I need your laptop, loads of coursework to do'

'Does Mr Matthew's have anything to do with the coursework?'

'Yes, wait a minute is that...he gave it to you to huh?'

'Yes, yes he did! Anyways I have to go to meet Naomi at the beach club. So when you're finished with my laptop just put it on my desk'

Annie walks out of her house and starts walking in the direction of the beach club.

At the beach club Naomi is waiting impatiently on Annie. Her arms are shaking and her legs wobbling with fear.


Naomi jumps at the sound of Annie's voice. She quickly turns around and faces her.

'Annie, you took your time'

'Sorry, I had to walk since me and jasper split up'

'Ok what ever, Annie I need to tell you something'

'Yeah ok fire away! I'm all yours'

Naomi walks over to a table and sits down. Annie follows her curiously.

'Annie, on prom night I did something...well something unforgivable.'

Annie is confused and takers a seat beside Naomi.

'What? What did you do that was so unforgivable?'

'Well after I thought you slept with Liam, I took Jens car and went for a drive. Every time I thought of you and Liam my foot would put more pressure on the clutch. I looked away for just one second and....I........well...'

'Naomi, you did what? Naomi what did you do! '


Thoughts come flooding into Annie's head. She did not kill jaspers uncle. That she is not going to jail. But what about Naomi her friend, She might go to jail.

'Naomi...I know what you are going through.'


'Because after I called the cops at your party I went for a drive and I was drinking. Like you I took my eyes of the wheel and I hit something. Jasper's uncle, who you hit shortly before I did.'

Naomi bursts into tears. Annie sits and watches her, not knowing what to say.

'You see Annie know we can be together forever'

A voice said, coming from behind Annie. It was japer.

'Annie your best friend killed my uncle, who you thought you killed. Sadly Naomi has to face the music.'

'What are you talking about you freak?'

Naomi stands up to jasper.

'Well you are a murder, and you could be dangerous to other people'

Annie jumps up out of her seat.

'Jasper what have you done?'

Police sirens coming from behind the beach club get louder and louder.

'You called the cops?'

'I had to.'

Annie turns to Naomi.

'Listen...Naomi listens! We are going to get out of here right now ok come on.'

'Annie you don't want to do that!'

Annie and Naomi start running across the sand. Tears still streaming down Naomi's face, they keep running, anywhere for now.