Summary: Nate was left confused after Jenny kissed him at his birthday party. During Constance Ivy Week, Nate unceremoniously dumps Jenny during their college visit at Columbia. But as one door closes, another one opens. Someone she meets there however, has taken a liking to little Jenny Humphrey. Is Nate's protectiveness merely stemming from his brotherly duties? Or is it because he's marking his territory? N/J/OC

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Rise and shine, early birds. Gossip Girl here. Isn't the morning just lovely? The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting, there's a new tweet from our her highness, Queen J: She's visiting Columbia U for Ivy week today. Time flies by so fast, it feels only yesterday that she was only Little J the freshie from Brooklyn. Now, she's an Upper East Side senior hunting for her own Ivy. But I've got word that she's ditched every single college visitation at Constance. So does this surprising appearance mean that she's got her heart set on Columbia—or maybe someone studying at Columbia? Careful S, there's a new It Girl in town.

11:23 am, Columbia University: Contemporary Political Theory.

There's something about this professor that Nate never liked. It's been almost an hour already and he still couldn't understand what the lecture is all about. He took a quick look around the class, seems like everyone has no problems catching up. God, is he that stupid? Nate sighed, finally giving up on his pen fiddling activity for now. The problem with this professor is that he's too verbose. Not that he finds big words intimidating. It's just that as much as he tries to catch up, his mind just floats away, you know? He tends to think about the most random things during his class. And right now? There's a certain random thing his mind keeps randomly going back to: the birthday party.

His lips formed a small smile. After catching himself, it quickly turned into a huge scowl. Finally, he groaned. He should really try to pay attention in class, only he couldn't stop thinking about last week. Not that it bothers him. Roscoe was really just too boring today.


Nate's back had involuntarily shot up as Roscoe's voice thundered. He gradually returned to his original slouching—not to mention comfortable—position, breathing a quick sigh of relief. Roscoe's recitations are killers. And she spares no effort in putting an average student in its place. That's probably how she keeps the attention of the class: by being fucking terrifying enough for someone to desperately want to answer her question. Nate has never hated his name more than in this class. And he's pretty sure everyone feels the same way.

"Ouais, Madame Roscoe?" A reply came, not missing a bit.

Roscoe had been known to terrorizing non-Political Science majors in his class. So when a Corporate Finance major waltzed into his class as a free elective, Nate knew that this poor sap is going to get freaking torched. He felt half-sympathy and half-relief, initially. Roscoe, as predicted, had a habit of daily going after Alex.

"Can you explain to the class what Lenin meant when he criticized people's subservience to spontaneity?" Nate looked at Alex as he disinterestedly waited for an answer Roscoe's question. "Since you apparently know well enough to be listening to an iPod in my class."

Nate had to take back his earlier statement. Everyone is scared of Roscoe—except this Cajun. There are times when he could swear that Alex is deliberately trying to provoke the already agitated professor.

"Am so sorry, madame," Alex grinned sheepishly, clearly not. He spat out an answer, almost effortlessly, with a hint of victory in his voice.

If Roscoe was anywhere akin to livid, she didn't show it—at least not to Alex. "Archibald,"

This time, it was Nate's head that shot up. It took a second before it registered that it was his name that was called out. And unlike Alex, he really isn't confident that he can give out a correct answer—or any answer at all, really. "Sir,"

"Expound on Mr. Hamilton's answer," Internally, he panicked. He really wasn't listening to Alex, in truth. As best he tried to put on a brave face that says I-have-an-answer-give-me-a-minute, Alex had probably noticed.

"The demagoguery of the masses," He supplied oh-so-helpfully, whispering as softly as he could.

Sometimes, Nate had to wonder how Alex can always seem to pull out an intelligent answer—seeing as he would not so subtly goof off in class.

After what seemed like an excruciatingly long pause, the bell rang. Finally.

"Yo Archibald," An accented voice trailed behind him. "Wait up."

Nate turned to see Alex Hamilton leaving his friends to catch up with him. "Hamilton? What's up?"

"You came from St. Jude's, oui?"

"Yeah, sure." He treaded carefully. It's not that he didn't like Alex. He does, in fact, it's probably almost impossible not to like him, as long as he's not around your little sister, that is. Since Nate is an only child, he's all good with the Cajun. For some reason although, there was something constantly gnawing at him.

Oh yeah. Today is the last day of Ivy Week. Students from St. Jude's and Constance are supposedly coming here for a college visit. Nate suddenly stopped in his tracks. Constance.

He suddenly felt a light, yet throbbing pain on his right arm. The French boy had tried to punch him out of his reverie. "Archibald, you listening?"

"Yeah? Sorry, what was that?" At the back of his head, Nate was still half ignoring Alex. He was partially wondering if Jenny would come visit Columbia. She probably wouldn't, Nate reasoned. She's got a whole career set at the Waldorf's atelier.

"So I was saying—" A loud beeping sound interrupted Alex before he could finish—or start.

Nate quickly took out his phone. It could be from Serena, and lately she has been strangely suspicious of him. He shot Alex an apologetic look, "Sorry, man. It's my girlfriend. Can you give me a minute?"

"Mais oui," Alex sighed in mock-exasperation. "Who am I to get between the monsieur Archibald and his fille?"

Nate quickly forced a quick and apologetic grin at the boy before turning to take the call. It wasn't Serena. "Hey Nate!"

"Oh hey, Jenny!" Suddenly, Nate's could feel his hands sweating profusely. Coldly. Wait. Is he nervous? "Why are you calling?"

No, he's not nervous. More of, cautious. Nate treasures his relationship with Jenny, but right now, it's on thin ice. He really doesn't know how to handle Jenny's feelings for him right now. Especially when Serena's paranoia about Jenny might actually be more than just that.

"Nothing. Just wanted to tell you that I'm stopping by today." She chirped. That settles it, Jenny's coming. "Text me your break, kay?"

"Wait—Jenny!" And she hung up. Nate sighed.

He just noticed. It's actually been awhile since the last time they've spoken to each other. At that time, they were inside an elevator, on the way to Blair's place. And there wasn't much conversation—nor was there any non-awkward contact before that. Nate fought the urge to groan.

He really, really does not want to deal with Jenny right now.

2:37 PM, Columbia University. Low Steps.

"Hey, it's Nate." Jenny couldn't help but role her eyes. "I can't get to you right now, but leave a message!"

This is just humiliating—not to mention, annoying. It's her nth time calling now. And the last. She dropped her phone not so lightly at the floor. She's been sitting on the granite steps in the middle of Columbia U for almost half an hour now.

She feels like an abandoned fish just out of the water. It's like the first day of freshman year at Constance all over again. Alone at the met steps, looking for Dan who's taken forever to arrive. Only, worse. She's getting ditched by Nate Archibald. Jenny kicked her phone in frustration. And had immediately chased after it as it fell down the steps to pick it up.

Ugh. Great. Jenny ducked to get a better view, her phone got lost in this sea of people. Of all the days to lose her phone, it just had to be today. The day when she doesn't know where she is, or if her friend is actually coming to show her around.

She felt someone tugging at her sleeve. Finally! Nate didn't abandon her after all. Jenny quickly turned around, all smiles. "Nate!"

Her face fell suddenly. It's not Nate. She should have known. Inhaling deeply, Jenny hastily tried to be cordial. "Yes? Can I help you?"

"Looking for this, chere?" A guy was holding her blackberry. He was cute, Jenny mused. And tall too, probably around 6'3, considering how he's a head taller than she was. Tall. Blonde. And ridiculously handsome. Kind of like Nate. Nate.

"Yeah. Thanks." Ignoring the sudden and blossoming anger inside her, she turned her attention to the boy who found her blackberry. Jenny smiled sheepishly at him, quickly taking her phone. "It's a good thing you found it, I didn't know what I was gonna do. I'm not from around here, you see."

"I know how you feel," He gave her a knowing look, smiling nicely at her. "So what's a belle fille like you doing here? Transferring?"

Belle fille? Isn't that cute, another European. Jenny shook quickly shook her head. "No, I'm just here for a college orientation."

His face, as if it couldn't anymore, brightened at Jenny's admission. His face was suddenly plastered with a huge smile. "So you're from Constance?"

"Um. Yeah." Jenny quirked her eyebrows in confusion.

"Isn't this convenient?" He said, still beaming at her. "I've been looking for you."

Jenny was taken aback. As charmingly cute and handsome as they come, she could never understand Europeans. Ever. She's heard ridiculous some pick up lines, here and there, but is there something she's not getting here? "Excuse me?"

"Sorry for being rude, chere." The boy, after probably noticing Jenny's discomfort around him, lowered his intensity. He held out his hand, offering a handshake. "I'm Alex. I'm one of the student volunteers for the orientation."

That sheds light on that I guess.

"Oh. Hi, I'm Jenny." She said, suddenly feeling defeated. Jenny could settle for this, somehow. At least someone came looking for her at all. "Sorry for the trouble."

He waved her off, with a cute, throaty chuckle. "No worries. But I think we should head back."

"Sure," She replied weakly. It doesn't look like Nate is showing up, anyway. Giving one last—and hopeful—glance at the steps, Jenny begrudgingly went to follow the volunteer.

During the long walk back to the auditorium, she and Alex got to talking. It surprised her how much you can learn about a guy during a fifteen minute walk and an hour long orientation seminar.

Apparently, his name is Alexander Hamilton VI and a direct descendant of one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. That wasn't really shouldn't come as a shock, in retrospect, considering whom he was named after. And he's a member of AMP, the accredited musician's organization of Columbia University, playing the Saxophone.

Oh. And that he asked her out to lunch after the seminar.

Which, surprisingly, she eagerly said yes to. Of course, it probably helped that Alex was really, really funny. Half the time of the orientation was spent laughing at his stories, most of which, Jenny knew, probably weren't true.

In the beginning, the speaker would constantly clear his throat. Subtly gesturing for Alex and Jenny to pay attention. After awhile, it turned to more obvious, yet still subtle remarks here and then. Then, probably tired of all the subtlety, the speaker blatantly called them out.

"Would Mr. Alexander Hamilton please keep it down with our guest? Thank you."

"Would Mr. Alexander Hamilton and company kindly leave the auditorium so as not to disturb the orientation seminar, thank you."


Jenny—and the rest of the visitors—laughed heartily until Alex had been forcefully escorted out of the auditorium. Meeting this little clown was actually worth getting ditched by Nate.

There are dates you can't wait to keep, and there dates you both know you won't keep. So what happened, N? Looks like Little J got lost between your signals and found herself in foreign territory. Careful N, she might end up with a foreigner instead. We all know what happened last time.


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