You all know the story of Peter Pan, right? A flying boy who never grew up, and who one day took the Darling siblings to an adventure beyond the stars.

Well, what most of you don't know is that, before Neverland, before the pixie dust, Peter was once a normal child just like them. However, he was quite a dreamer; he believed that everything that he read in fairy tale books was real, and that one day, a fairy would come to him and make him stop growing altogether.

Oh, how right he was.

Now, my friends, let's start all of this from the beginning, so you might be able to know how all of this was tied together.

It all began long ago, at London; the same town in which the famous story involving the Darlings began, but in a different neighborhood. At a house like any other, lived a writer of children's books, named Robert, along with his wife Peony and their 7-year-old son, Peter. One night, Robert was finishing his latest story, as Peter walked into the room to take a look.


Robert turned to see his son, clad in green footie pajamas, staring at him with those large brown eyes he got from Peony. "Oh, Petey, there you are." The black-haired man chuckled, picking his son up and placing him on his lap, "I am almost done with my Tinkerbell story."

Peter then tugged on his father's sleeve. "Is it good, daddy?" he asked.

"Oh yes." Robert answered, "It's about a little fairy named Prilla, who arrives at Pixie Hollow and is very different from the others, to the point where she doesn't know what her talent is. However, Tinkerbell tries her best to help her figure it out."



"Where is Pixie Hollow located?"

Robert then laughed and Peter on his arms, as the two went together to Peter's bedroom. When they got there, Robert placed his son at the small bed, sitting right beside it as he did so. "Well, Petey, Pixie Hollow is a magical land, faraway from here." he pointed towards the open window, more specifically, to one of the two stars that were shining the most.

Peter's eyes shone as he crawled to the other edge of the bed and stared at the star that was at the right. His small arm then raised and stretched, as it trying to reach for it and grasp it.

"Okay, Petey. Now it's time for you to sleep." Robert said, placing Peter back onto the edge of the bed that was close to the wall, and covering his son's body with the bedsheets. He then kissed the boy's forehead and stood up, leaving the room. "Good night."

Watching his father walk away, Peter closed his eyes and fell asleep… only to wake up a few seconds later and run towards the window. Resting his head on his hands, he continued staring at the beloved star. "How would it be like to meet a fairy face-to-face?" he asked himself.

He then placed his hands together and closed his eyes shut, making a wish to the two stars.

I wish I could meet Tinkerbell…