That night, the Second Star to the Right did not shine.

Excluding the pirates, who were too busy partying like always, everyone in Neverland was mourning Cassidy's passing. At the beach, Lost Boys, indians, mermaids, pixies from Pixie Hollow, all of them gathered to bid their last farewells to the beloved pan girl who was pratically the island's princess and true ruler. After all, everytime she came back from an adventure, Neverland was full of cheer and happiness, but now all of that was gone.

Peter, in front of all the others, was particularly upset about this sudden passing. He approached the makeshift coffin the pixies made for Cassidy and stared at her face for the last time. She looked perfectly serene, like a beautiful angel who came down from Heaven, which would her new home from that day onwards.

"I'll never forget you, Cass." he whispered, wiping a tear that he just shedded, "None of us will."

He then walked back towards the crowd and looked around, watching everyone's reactions. Cubby was still bawling as loud as ever, but stopped when an annoyed Slightly, put a rock in his mouth to shut him up. Tinkerbell, with the feather now strapped to her back, was being comforted by two of her friends from Pixie Hollow, Rosetta and Iridessa. Tigerlily, the princess of the Piccaninny tribe, was sitting down with her legs crossed and also crying, but remaining silent just like the other indians. The mermaids were just sobbing and comforting each other, but Peter could pretty much hear, from where he was, that Shellsea told other mermaid that Cassidy was like a sister to her.

After some time, Peter, aided by the pixies, pushed Cassidy's coffin onto the water, as it floated away for a while until it sinked down into the ocean. As it sunk, everyone, including Peter, bid their last farewells, and began leaving back to their residences; the mermaids swam back to the Mermaid Lagoon, the indians marched away to their tribe, and all the fairies except Tinkerbell flew away to Pixie Hollow, as Tinkerbell herself left with the Lost Boys back to the Hangman's Tree.

Later, at dusk, only Peter was left, looking up at the night sky. Only a few stars were shining, and the moon was full, resembling a large white pearl. Peter ran a hand down his sweater, as his eyes reflected the ever beautiful moonlight in them.

"How am I ever gonna get back home?" he asked himself sadly as he laid down on the sand and fell into the arms of Morpheus, the god of sleep.

The next day, Peter was awakened by a familiar tinkling bell sound. After sitting up and yawning, he noticed Tinkerbell hovering in front of him with her hands resting on her curvy pixie hips. "What's wrong, Tink?" the redhead asked tiredly.

Tinkerbell just pointed towards the forest before flying into it, with Peter following. They reached the Hangman's Tree, but when entering, the first thing they came across was all the Lost Boys fighting chaotically for some weird reason; they were hitting each other with their makeshift weapons, biting each other, pulling each other's hair, and yelling things that weren't quite easy to understand.

Finally, Peter got what was going on: because of Cassidy's death, the Lost Boys had to choose a new leader, but they all wanted to get the spot. Annoyed by all of that, he shouted at the top of his lungs, "BOYS! QUIT IT!"

Instantly, the boys stopped fighting and stood in front of him and Tinkerbell, as if nothing happened. "Tink here was Cassidy's sidekick, thus the second-in-command." the redhead told them, "So she gets to choose who will be the new leader."

Tinkerbell nodded in agreedment, taking a look at everyone else in the room and sitting down on the bed thoughtfully. After a minute or two, a smile crossed the blonde pixie's face as she floated up with her arms spread wide.

"You finally decided it?" Nibs asked in expectation.

"Who's gonna be the new leader?" the Twins wondered in unison.

All Tinkerbell did was fly around the room before stopping next to Peter and gesturing joyfully towards him. Peter himself was dumbfounded at this. "Wait a sec… Me?" He asked in disbelief, his lower lip trembling at the thought of being a leader, "Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! I-I-I was never a good leader! I don't have the potential to it…"

Once again, he started to walk away, but this time Tinkerbell pulled him back and turned him to face her, holding the feather towards him with a pleading look on her eyes. It turned out that the feather was a sign of leadership, hence why Cassidy wore it in first place. She tinkled for a while, explaining to Peter the reason for settling him as the leader and why he needed to wear that feather.

"I understand that she was close to me…" Peter answered, still unsure, "She risked her life to save me from the pirates… And she called me her 'dearest friend' when she died…"

He remembered all the moments he and Cassidy went through together; the flight above London, the tour through Neverland, the slumbertime cuddle, the conflict with the pirates. These were all memories that he would keep in his heart forever. Peter narrowed his eyebrows and frowned, turning towards Tinkerbell and holding his hand towards her. "Gimme that feather, will ya?"

The pixie spun in midair gleefully before giving Peter the feather and watching as he tucked it onto his nightcap. "I'm gonna get my revenge." the redhead said, "Hook will be so doomed next time we see each other."

Tinkerbell then tinkled some more, explaining certain things to Peter. "What do you mean? Practice what?" he asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"Uh, Peter… Cassidy wasn't like any other girl in the mainland." Slightly explained, "She could do a lot of things; there was almost nothing that she couldn't do. No one can ever compare to her, but you can practice just for the sake of being like her."

Peter tapped his chin for a while before turning towards Tinkerbell with a smile. "Okay then. Tink, let's get it started!"

With that, Peter went through a slow and precise metamorphosis, both physically and phsychologically. The next day, Tinkerbell told him the basics of flying and the four mandatory things for doing so: faith, trust, happy thoughts, and most of all, pixie dust. Cassidy was already born in Neverland and grew up with the pixies, so she already knew how to fly. But a normal human like Peter would have to spend some time in Pixie Hollow if he wanted to gain the ability to fly for good.

At first, Peter could barely lift off, but with time, the more he was coated in pixie dust, the higher he could fly, and the more experience and knowledge of the island he got. In no time, he was able to fly around the skies of Neverland like a hawk, with a huge smile of glee stamped onto his face, while Tinkerbell simply struggled to catch up with him.

Sometime after he got the hang of flying, he noticed his physique was changing: he was becoming more well-built and slender, a little taller, and his ears were now pointy and elven-ish. It was just that his body was getting more used to the magic of Neverland, thus he was becoming more of a pan himself.

In fact, Tinkerbell was particularly enjoying these changes, so that day she decided to show him a tunic she made for him out of giant leaves, because in her opinion, that sweater he wore definitely did not suit the natural aspect of Neverland. So the two flew back to the Hangman's Tree to have him try on the outfit, but…

"It's too baggy."

Indeed, the leaf tunic she made for him was a little too baggy on him, still not natural enough. Noticing that, Tinkerbell tapped her chin for a while before getting an idea; she grabbed a pair of scissors she made back when she still lived in Pixie Hollow and began cutting the bottom of the tunic with it.

At first, Peter was confused, but just then he knew what she meant with that. "Good one, Tink!" he exclaimed, "Carry on! It's gonna turn out great!"

Later, at night, Tinkerbell noticed that Peter wasn't at the hammock or at the bed with the other Lost Boys. She flew out of the tree and flew around for a while until she finally found him sitting at the edge of a cliff, staring at the moon, which was now crescent, smiling widely at him. Tinkerbell just sat on his shoulder, also smiling, as Peter turned towards her confidently.

"Tink… I feel much better now." he whispered, patting her with his finger, as she fell asleep next to him.

What neither of them noticed was that, behind them, at the distance, there was a Scarlet Macaw with a peg leg watching them suspiciously. The bird then flew away into the ocean, with some news to tell its owner…