Harry watched the moon, all his pokemon sitting beside him. New York in the distance, Harry let out a sigh of contentment "This summer has been great, who would`ve thought I would`ve see the sites of America" Harry muttered, he munched onto the cheese burger "I wonder when Dumbledore will come and get me?" Harry questioned.

The summer was almost done , and with it the end the greatest summer Harry ever had. Gringotts had graciously allowed Harry to transfer wizarding money into muggle money, and set up hotels for him to stay. So basically Harry spent his summer training his pokemon, and site seeing around the world, he had grown out of the skin bones boy he was.

He now had a bit of weight on him, giving him a much more healthy appearance. He turned towards his pokemon, Staraptor, Aipom, Riolu, Bulbasaur, Raichu, and the egg McGonagall gave him months prior.

"I wonder when this will hatch" Harry commented. The egg had reasently started to glow before fading back to its usual colour. Lead Harry to belive it would hatch soon. He had been getting letters from his friends all through the summer.

Hermione and her family had stayed in her town, so she spent the summer reading about pokemon. And how to care for certain pokemon, the Weasley`s summer started normally enough. But then MR Weasley won a draw for one hundred galleons.

Harry`s orginal plan when learning about this was to get Dobby to take him Egypt, bu then thought better and continued his trip through America. Hary knew he would have to return to Diagon Ally soon.

Harry watched the moon "The Weasley`s are going to be staying in Diagon Ally for the week before school, what do you guy`s think of going home?" He asked out loud. His pokemon all agreed happily "So homeward bound" He said jumping to his feet "Lets go Dobby" Harry pulled out the four ball`s and returned them quickly.

Dobby grabbed onto Harry`s arm, and the three disappeared, they reappeared in front of the Leaky Culdron. Hary walked to the door, when he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. Harry turned and grinned at Dumbledore.

"You`ve been doing been taking risks Harry" He commented.

Harry`s smile dropped a little "I`m sorry I needed this summer" Harry told him.

Dumbledore`s eyes twinkled brightly "Yes I know, why do you think I did not stop you"

Harry`s smile retook his face, he hugged the old wizard quickly "Thank you Profesor" He said.

Dumbledore looked down "You`re welcome, just please no more risks"

Harry nodded virgerously "Yes professor no more risk`s" Harry opened the door and walked in, Dumbledore smiled fondly. The next day Harry woke up early, rubbing his eyes tiredly. His eyes traveled to the foot of his bed.

All his pokemon sitting patiently "Ok guys I`m up" Harry groaned. He slid out of bed, and stumbled to the bathroom. The shower started, Harry`s pokemon began to pace room. Waiting for Harry to get out of the shower, the shower stopped.

Harry and his pokemon sat in the back of the Leakey Culdron "Ok Bulbasaur use Energy Ball, Staraptor knock it back with close combat, Aipom use focus punch to knock it towards Raichu, Raichu use Iron Tail to send it fly towards Riolu" Harry called out. Harry watched with a smile as his pokemon nocked the glowing green ball towards each other, the inner lightning flashing wildly.

Harry felt the egg begin to heat up in his, his eyes went down immidatly. The egg shrunk into a small body with, a head with a long nose. The light faded reavealing a small pokemon, with a blue green upper body, and a cream underbelly. It had four cream spots on its back.

"Cyndaquil" He cried happily hugging Harry tightly. Harry aimed his pokedex at the tiny pokemon.


The Fire Mouse Pokemon

Cyndaquil protects itself by flaring up the flames on its back. The flames are vigorous if the Pokémon is angry. However, if it is tired, the flames sputter fitfully with incomplete combustion.

Harry`s pokemon turned towards him, Cyndaquil held in his arms. They all ran straight forward and began to crowd the two.


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