Ok so I wanna run a couple of Things by my incredible readers? Just so you know



battle between Harry and Neville. Now with Nevilles increased confidence I want him and Harry to battle. now I've written two version Of the battle. One with Harry's current roster (rufflet, oshawott, Mienfoo, Snivy, Aipom, Swadloon) . Where Harry's babies (Oshawott and Rufflet) get their first true win. And A double Evo of swadloon and whirlipede

Compared to another battle with Harry's strong arm, of Charizard Snorlax, Raichu, Vensaur, Lucario, and Mamoswine.

Now personally I lile the double evo plan but I'm not sure.

Next is the harem

Now I've continued toying with this idea and I need some help. so far I have these ideas.

Ginny, represents Harrys dark type, both are tainted by Voldemort, And Harry will struggle controlling the animalistic dark side.

Luna represents Harrys Normal type, the side of Harry that would like nothing more then to walk away from the wizarding world and live the rest of his life in peace.

and finally the part I'm struggling

Fluer delcaour, are you guys ok with Fluer. What I want her to represent is the fire and flying. Fire Harry's passion, the baser urges, his love of quiditch and battling. And his flying type will represent his adventurous side, doing things because as much as he says trouble finds him. A part tiny part likes his adventures (non lethal adventures)

with that being said do you mind Fluer being part of Harry harem?