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Chapter One.

"Bella" Edward's voice was low and husky "Are you absolutely sure that you want to do this?"
I nodded "Edward, I have never been more sure of anything in my life" I said slightly breathless
"I want this, I want you. I love you. You won't hurt me"
"We can do this" he muttered more to himself than me, before capturing my lips in a passionate kiss.

I lost my virginity that night.

I woke up sweating this morning- no different than usual. I had been having that nightmare every night for the past three years. You may find that stupid, you may say that having a nightmare which was about making love to the love of my life would be a good dream, not a nightmare, but, that's what it was to me. Because, a day after I made love to Edward- exactly three years ago today the love of my life, left me. It made me want to laugh actually, to see what I had always known anyway, that I wasn't good enough for him come back and slap me in the face. Every kiss, every touch, every word he ever said to me was a lie. Some days I actually wondered why I was still here, why I hadn't given up a long time ago….

"Momma" that's why. I heard the small cry from my son's bedroom and I remembered why I hadn't given up.

I put on a robe and walked barefoot into Masen's bedroom.

"Hey Buddy, what'cha doing up so early?" I said ruffling his hair

"No sleep momma. Hungry" He said, whilst lifting his arms for me to pick him up. I did so, and carried him downstairs, sitting him in his highchair.

I cut up some fruit for him- small enough for him to handle on his own and put some juice in his Sippy.

"What do today momma?" Masen asked me as I was fixing my own breakfast

"I don't know sweetie, how about we go see granddad?"

"Jake too?" Masen asked. He loved Jacob.

"I can call him, see if he'll be there too"

Masen smiled that goddamn crooked smile- who knew it was hereditary? - And got back to his breakfast.

Charlie had been pretty supportive during these last few years, but he had been mad at first. His barely legal daughter finding out she was pregnant with the father no where to be seen. But, he was supportive. He got me the pregnancy test, he sat with me when I cried after finding out it was positive, and despite all the talk of the town he came with me to every doctor's appointment. And when Masen was born he spoiled his grandson rotten, although he did complain a lot that "the kid looks too much like his father" and trying to explain why Masen had green eyes when neither Edward or myself did was pretty funny. As far as Charlie knew Edward had wore topaz colored contacts.

It was getting easier to mention and think about Edward over the years. I mean did I still love him? Yes. And it was still hard to get through the days without him here, especially with Masen's comments. A few weeks ago he asked me why I had a daddy and he didn't. I told him his daddy had to go away. I changed topic when he asked when he was coming back.

Masen got me through the days though. Usually, he went to a nursery whist I went to college. I picked him up at 4.00pm and we went home and spent time together, like we did on the weekends. Weekends were usually spent visiting Charlie.

"Finished momma" Masen pulled me away from my thoughts.

"Let's get ready little man" I picked him up again and carried him upstairs.

I changed his diaper, after he refused to use the potty. He didn't like that. And got him some clothes and when he ran back to play in his room I got ready myself.

"Masen" I called, he came running into the living room. I went to pick him up. "Walk momma" he said before walking in front of me towards the door. I opened it and walked out to my car. When I was pregnant I decided that my truck was unsafe for a newborn, so I sold it. I didn't get much for it though. I bought a new car, it was an Audi Coupe. To be honest, I really was just slapping myself in the face even more.

I got Masen in his car seat then walked round to the front. I started to drive to Charlie's, and I turned my stereo on, it was a Debussy CD. Like I said, slapping myself in the face even more.

"Momma?" Masen said from the back

"Yeah, baby?"

"What song? I like it"

I sighed. Of course he did, of course. Edward Cullen's son just had to like classical music.

"It's called Clair De Lune"

"Clair Lune. Pretty"

I pulled up at Charlie's, and saw the rabbit in the driveway.

I got out, got Masen out and his bag and carried him into the house on my hip.

"Hey dad" I called out

"Bells honey how're ya?" Charlie called out

"I'm good dad, you?"

"I'm good, where's my grandson?"

"Grandpa" Masen called before struggling to be let down, I put him on his feet steadying him, before letting him run off to see his grandpa.

I hung up my jacket, put Masen's bag down and took of my shoes, before walking into the living room.

"Hey Bells" Jacob said

"Hey Jake, how are you?"

"I'm good"

"How's Nessie?"

"She's fine, she wanted to come today, but, she couldn't" I knew all about Jacob's werewolf secret now, and he had imprinted on a girl from La Push called Nessie.

Masen was sat on Charlie's lap, telling him something when Charlie looked over at me. He had a weird look in his eyes.

"Dad, what is it?" I wondered

Charlie looked uncomfortable

"It's nothing Bells, its fine"

"No it's not; now tell me what it is"

"Masen, how about you come with me and play some soccer in the backyard?" Jacob asked Masen. Jake was in on it too.

Masen nodded and Jacob picked him up and headed out side.

"Bella, I need to tell you something, but, please tell me you won't do anything stupid" Charlie said, not meeting my eyes

"I promise, what is it?"

He took a deep breath "I saw Edward today"

My heart thudded, stopped and then picked up again double time

"What?" I choked out

"Edward. I saw him today, he was buying stuff at the Thriftway, and he saw me and asked me how you were. I told him you didn't live here anymore and I didn't want him to see you. But, he asked me to tell you he was back in Forks for a while and if you had time he's got a lot of things he needs to explain. He looks different too, he got rid of those contacts."


"His eyes, they were green, maybe he didn't' need the contacts anymore"

I stood up, grabbed my keys and put my shoes on.

"Dad can you watch Masen for a while, his bags in the hallway"

"Bella, you aren't going over there are you?"

"I have too" was the last thing I said before I opened the door and ran out to my car.

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