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Chapter Twenty :

I looked between Tanya and Edward before Edward sighed and spoke

'Bella, this is Tanya. One of our cousins from Alaska' he told me, with special emphasis on the word cousin.

I had never met any of the Denali Coven before. I knew who they were and that they were also vegetarians but I had never met or spoken to them before. And apart from a couple of times, they were never really mentioned. Now I could see why.

The way Tanya was looking at Edward, and the way that she had just introduced herself led to suggest that maybe they weren't just 'cousins' after all.

Edward clearly hadn't wanted me to know who she was. It worried me.

'Bella, please, I'll handle it' Edward pleaded

'No. Edward. I'm staying right here' I said firmly, looking him in the eyes. He knew I was serious and that this was one thing I wouldn't change my mind.

He sighed again

'Tanya and her family heard that we'd moved to Seattle and decided that they'd would come and visit. The rest of her family are with Carlisle and Esme, Tanya thought she'd come and find me. She didn't realise I was with you again.' He said, his teeth gritted

'And I certainly didn't realise you had children Bella. You have been busy since Edward's gone. How does it feel, Edward? Having to look after someone else's children?'she asked, smirking at me

'They're my children Tanya, I am their biological father. And they are amazing, thank you very much' He snapped back at her.

Masen looked up from where he was playing with a button on Edward's shirt at the sharp sound of his voice.

'Daddy, what wrong?' he asked, a small frown appearing on his forehead

'Nothing, baby. Daddy's okay' Edward told him, kissing his head before turning back to Tanya

'Tanya. We'll be visiting the family soon, I'm sure that you'll still be there so we will see you then. For now, Bella and I have our own things to do, so please, just go back to the big house and we'll see you in a few days' Edward told her, before turning around and walking away. I followed after, pushing Lizzie in the stroller.

Apart from Masen asking the occasional question, the whole walk home was silent.

Edward and I didn't get a chance to talk properly until that evening. We had given both the kids dinner, a bath and then to bed and finally we were able to talk. Before Edward could say anything, I spoke

'Edward, please be honest with me. Was there ever anything between you and Tanya?' I asked him, wincing slightly – I wasn't sure I wanted to know the answer.

He hesitated. I felt my heart sink.

'She wanted there to be' he finally spoke after what seemed like a forever of silence.

'I thought about it. More than I should off, but nothing did. I'd see her thoughts and it wasn't for her lack of trying, but nothing happened. Bella, you were my first kiss, you were my first everything. You know that'

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding

'Thank you for being honest. I know that, but the way she looked at you, and spoke about you, it just seemed like there was more than what I thought'

'I know, but I promise there isn't. Tanya's always been bitter about the fact I turned her down – no one ever has. She's a succubus love, but it doesn't work on me – not when I can read her mind. She didn't like it when I met you – just because she was jealous, and that's the same now. She just wants to get you' he assured me

I nodded, then frowned

'I don't like it' I told him,

He frowned too

'Me neither, but that's just Tanya. We need to just ignore it. She gets tired eventually and lays off it for a few days. Her tricks don't work – I promise'

He kissed my forehead


He kissed my cheek


He kissed my nose


and finally he placed a kiss on my lips.

There was no more talking for the rest of the night.

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