Author Fighters

Fang of Kiva!

Prologue! The Kiva reveals!

It was a calm evening in Los Angelos, at the Author Fighters HQ, most of the Author Fighters were either getting ready for bed or watching some late TV.

One of the few was Roscoso as he yawned slightly the only one right now watching TV.

"There is never nothing on," Ross muttered as he shut the TV off and stood up and headed to his bedroom.


In the streets of L.A, a young woman was being chased by something as she was running, before she was tackled by something and pinned to a wall.

"Where are you going?" A monstrous tone is heard as she see looking at her was a monster with Stain-Glass marks as it smirked, the woman screamed before two glass like fangs appeared above her and plunged into her draining her until she became a Glass husk as the monster let her drop to the ground and shatter as the Monster smirked.

"Now time for the next victim," He whispered grinning as he jumped onto a roof and headed off.


In an unknown room resting on a stand was a Violin that suddenly began playing by itself.


Back at the AF HQ, Ross was almost at his room when he somehow heard the Violin.

"Great..." Ross whispered as he headed to the Garage of the AF HQ, which held many veichles used by the AF, as he stopped at a corner of the Garage to find a Honda Shadow 750.

"Let's go Machine Kivaa," Ross whispered as he pushed the Bike outside and got on and quickly put on a helmet before driving off.


The Fangire smirked as he saw another alone human.

"Time for dessert," He said as he jumped down as the human saw him and widened his eyes in fear at the Fangire as the Fangire walked forward calmly.

"Now time for your life to be mine," The Fangire hissed as he charged at the human and tackled him to a wall just as a revving sound was heard.

The Fangire smirked as the Glass Fangs hovered over the human when suddenly a red blur tackled the Fangire away as it rolled across the ground growling as it saw the Red Motorbike as the Rider turned to the human.

"Get outta here!" He said and the Human quickly took the chance and ran as the Fangire growled at the Rider as he got off the bike and removed his helmet showing Ross who smirked.

"Bastard!" The Fangire hissed.

"Time for your reckoning Fangire..Kivat!" Ross called out as a Gold Blur flew in and slammed into the Fangire causing him to hit the ground.

"Yosha! Kivatte Ikuze!" Is heard as a Golden Bat with Big red eyes flew over to Ross who caught him and moved the bat to his left hand.

"Bite!" Kivat said as he bit Ross's hand causing Fangire Markings to appear on his face followed by chains wrapping around Ross's waist forming a Red belt.

"Henshin!" Ross said as he attached the bat to his belt as he was covered in chains which shattered to reveal he was wearing a strange armour.

Ross was clad in a full black bodysuit. The torso armor looked like a silver vest with a high collar and a blood red chestplate that mimicked muscles. His shoulder armor resembled folded bat wings that were held to the armor by thin chains. He wore red armored gloves and his wrists sported silver bracelets. His right leg was covered with a silver iron boot that reached his knee and was wrapped tightly with chains, as if to hold something back. The left leg was unarmored save for a silver bracelet around the ankle. His head was covered with a black helmet with the visor shaped like a pair of yellow bat wings edged in red. In-between the top points of the wings was a red ornament resembling a bat's head. The mouth guard was silver and framed by black fangs.

The Fangire growled in anger.

"Kiva!" He growled as he charged at Kiva who calmly stood their before tripping the Fangire over.

"Hmph," Kiva said as he grabbed the Fangire's foot and tossed him into a wall before he began giving the Fangire a barrage of Punches.

The Fangire kicked Kiva back and charged with his claws ready to slash but Kiva ducked and weaved around them before kicking the Fangire who was pushed back by the kick, Kiva quickly followed with two more kicks followed by a roundhouse kick with his right armoured leg sending the Fangire crashing to the ground.

"Hmm, let's end this," Kivat said form Kiva's belt as Kiva went to the right side of his belt and brought out a Clear whistle with a red part on it as he attached the whistle to Kivat.

"Wake Up!" Kivat whistled as he detached from Kiva's belt as a whistle is heard as a cresent Moon appeared in the sky, as Kiva raised his right leg Kivat flew around the chained boot which shattered revealing a pair of red bat wings as Kiva jumped up high till the Moon was behind him.

"Darkness Moon Break!" Kiva called out as he hit the Fangire with a powerful drop kick causing the Fangire to slam into a wall and freeze up as a Mark that looked like a bat appeared behind the Fangire.


In a simple building suddenly a head poked out revealing a purple dragon's head as it roared a viel of somekind removed itself revealing a Huge dragon with a Castle on its back as it flew away.


With Kiva the Three green eyes on his right leg flashed as the Fangire shattered leaving a floating orb as the chains reappeared on Kiva's right boot.

Just then a roar is heard as Kiva sees the Dragon as it landed and roared as it approached the orbs.

"Chew your food," Kivat said as the Dragon chomped on the orb and swallowed it with a small burp before it took back off again with a roar as Kiva watched it leave....just as a music was starting to play...

Baku baku Beatin 'heart kattobashite Kick it up
Baki baki Burnin 'heart kimi koso One & Only

Kiva is seen with chains floating around him with the Moon shining behind him.

Before driving down a street on the Machine Kivaa.

Kimi ga sekai ni sonzai shiteru
Imi o shiritakunai?
Baku baku Beatin 'heart (Beatin' Beatin ')
Baki baki Burnin 'heart (Come up Y'all)

Ross is seen in a room holding a Violin as Kivat flew into view

The scene then changed to Ross with the Author Fighters.

Soko ni kakuretete mo
Nani mo hajimannai
Tozasareteta doa (door) o sono ashi de kowase

Ross then has Kivat bite his hand as he transformed into Kiva.

Me ni mieru fuan o kazoete
Tomaranai de (Just kick it up) unmei no Rule yabutteku

Kiva is seen sitting on a throne of some kind behind him three figures one looked like a young boy around 14 to 15, next to him was a man who looked around 20 wearing a rather formal clothing, and the last who looked older was dressed like a butler.

Kiva is then seen rearing back a Punch.

Me ni mienai tsunagari shinjite ugokidasou (Just do it)
You got to change Breakin 'the chain
Tobashiteke ashita e
Don't be afraid (The) world is your stage? Go!

Kivat was now flying around Kiva's leg shattering the chains as Kiva jumped high from on top of the Dragon and performed a powerful Drop Kick.

Baku baku Beatin 'heart kattobashite Kick it up
Baki baki Burnin 'heart kimi koso One & Only

(Sorry about the opening but I had to put it in...^^; anyway that was the prologue)